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Introducing C. Marie Bowen

After a car accident, Courtney Veau has a “near death” experience, and returns to her past-life in the post-Civil War west. When she wakes in a present-day hospital, Courtney realizes she’s returned to her own hollow existence. Heartbroken, she knows she left behind not only a family she loves, but life with the man who shares her soul, a man she’ll love forever, Merril Shilo.

A carriage accident nearly takes beautiful Nichole Harris’s life, stealing her memories completely. Plagued by amnesia, she is confused by flashes of memory that are out of time with the world around her, and seem to belong to someone else. Only Nichole's own strong emotions remain to guide her—and as others try to take control of her life, she fights a desperate battle to survive. Merril Shilo is someone she should know, and though her memories fail her, she is stunned by her passion for him—and the remembered agony of a broken heart.

Merril Shilo is the love of Courtney’s life—no matter when that life might be. The memories and emotions of her life as ranch heiress Nichole Harris consume Courtney’s mind—and her heart. Courtney soon finds her desire for Merril threatens her sanity, as he beckons from a past she can no longer reach. Can she find the PASSAGE back to the soul-mate she left behind?

   The long shadows faded into twilight. She'd found what she came for—proof this house existed. There was no longer a reason to stay; and yet, just the possibility she might hear his voice again kept her waiting one more day.
   Outside the window, night took final possession of the day. A few porch lights came on down the block. Headlights swung around the corner as a car turned onto the street and illuminated the pavement. The headlights winked off and a car door slammed.
   Behind her, the room took on a familiar chill. She turned from the window and pressed her back against the heavy drapes as the echo of heavy boots pounded up the back stairs. She gasped when he raced into the room, vaguely luminescent in the darkness. He was dressed in denim trousers and cotton shirt, with a silk scarf tied loosely around his neck. Where's his hat? Had he lost it in the race up the stairs? That wide-brimmed cowboy hat was such a part of him he seemed naked without it. His hair had come loose from its binding, and he shoved it out of his face with a familiar motion. She stood close enough to read the emotion play across his face, a mixture of fear and bewilderment. His breath was labored, and his anxiety tangible as he stopped and looked right at her. Her mouth fell open in surprise and her heart tightened in her chest. Does he see me?
    He took a hesitant step toward her. “Nichole?” His voice filled with horror, he whispered her name from another life.
    “Yes! Merril, it's me.” Courtney stepped toward the specter.
    His head turned. His attention called away from her open arms. “Oh, sweet Jesus.” Merril fell to his knees and reached for something no longer there. “Nicki, please don't go. Stay with me.”
 I'm here.” Her heart ached for him and for herself, but her plea went unheard.
    Sobs shook his wide shoulders.
    Her heart clenched to witness his despair. She longed to comfort him, to assure him she was there, but could not. In defeat, she sank to her knees beside the grieving apparition.
    “Nicki, don't leave me. Look at me—” His hushed voice, choked and broken.
    “I'm right here, my love,” she whispered, but the room grew warm and Merril Shilo faded back into the past. Courtney hung her head in the darkness and fought back tears.
    One question was answered, at least for now.

I’m delighted to introduce my friend, C Marie.
She is an award winning writer of paranormal adventures laced with suspense and romance. She grew up in Denver, Colorado, and now resides north of Fort Worth, Texas. She is a PRO member of RWA, Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Sub-chapter of RWA, and NTRWA.

CLOVER: How often to you get lost in a story?
C. MARIE: All the time.  Sometimes, it is one of my own stories while I am writing. I also enjoy getting lost in a new book that I just can't put down.  I'm also a big fan of cinema, so I see a lot of movies – even if I've already read the book. 

CLOVER: Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
C. MARIE: I like Fairy Tales, but Action Adventure is more my style. I enjoyed Harry Potter (book and movie), the Divergent series, and now the movie.  I never miss Game of Thrones, even though I've read the books. It is the same with Outlander. Those are two of my favorite authors—GRRM and Diana Gabaldon. I also get lost in all of Robin Hobb's stories. 
CLOVER:  You are a girl after my own heart. Outlander, yes. Who’s your favorite villain?
C. MARIE: Any villain played by Alan Rickman--from Prof. Snapes, in Harry Potter, to  Hans Gruber, in Die Hard.  Outside of Mr. Rickman's acting talents, I would choose the recent Maleficent remake.  Maleficent is a villain that is both good and bad. They did a great job with that show.

CLOVER: You had me at Alan Rickman. What do you love most about interacting with your fans?
C. MARIE:  I love to find out which character “spoke” to the reader while they were lost in one of my stories.  In Passage, there are several very diverse characters. Sometimes, a reader will attach themselves to a one of the secondary characters.  I love that.  Of course, I want them to relate and love all my characters, especially the Hero and heroine. But it is also fantastic when a reader will surprise me with insight into a secondary characters. I. Just. Love. It.

What are you working on next?
C. MARIE:  I am working on the final edit for Prophecy, Soul of the Witch – Book 2.  I hope to have it available this summer. 

Courtney Veau's search through time to find her soul-mate, Merril, has unleased a chilling evil.

Also, characters from Soul of the Witch, Book 2: Prophecy, also appear in three short stories that are are included in recent anthologies.

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 C Marie will gift an ebook of Passage via Smashwords to one commenter or one of the anthologies if preferred. 


Connie Bowen said...

Good Morning, Clover. Thank you for having me as a guest at Get Lost in a Story.

Angi Morgan said...

Welcome to GLIAS Connie. So glad you're here ! Best of luck with the releases.

Connie Bowen said...

Thank you, Angi. I'm excited to finally hold this story in my hands. It has been bouncing around inside my head for years.

Liette Bougie said...

Hello Clover and Connie,
Love the interview. Connie, I'm almost done reading "Passage" and boy, do I love it. I'm looking forward to both 1) help you again with the French passages in your books, if any and 2) get lost in book 2 of Passage. :) Congrats again, mon amie.

Connie Bowen said...

Hello Liette! I am thrilled you're enjoying Passage. I have book 2, Prophecy, on my second screen as we speak, working on edits. I certainly appreciate your help with Hunter's French, and now with Alyse. You shall be hearing from me soon! Thank you for stopping by.

Clover Autrey said...

Hi Connie. This was a fun interview. Glad to have you here.

Clover Autrey said...

Morning on this wet day here in Central Texas.

Connie Bowen said...

Thank you for inviting me, Clover. I hope you get a chance to read Passage -- time permitting. I know how busy you are.

Colleen C. said...

Oh boy... Passage sounds really good! Is book two a continuation of Courtney's story or is it about different characters? Thanks for sharing! greenshamrock at cox dot net

Connie Bowen said...

Hi Colleen!

Prophecy picks up right where Passage leaves off, however the focus of the story moves from Courtney/Nichole to Amy and the consequences of her using magic to save a life. The story, as a whole, will be a trilogy. I'm working hard to get both book 2 and book 3 published this year! There will be plenty of Nichole and Merril in book 2 and 3, as they move further into their relationship. There will be new characters and new romances as well.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Great question.

bn100 said...

fun interview

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Connie Bowen said...

Thanks for stopping by!

C.A. Jamison said...

Hi Connie, Talking about your books and Clover's, makes me want to put on my PJs and lock myself in a room with a bowl of fruit, chocolate, and your novels for about three days. My husband might complain, but that's my kind of holiday.

Nichole Harris/ Passage- It so easy to slip into her life and become her. She speaks to me through her modern outlook of the old western times. And Hunter from Cowboy Kisses, maybe it's his quiet demure, the scar on his not so perfect face, but that man does more than speak to me. He should be listed in the # He's awesome section.

Connie Bowen said...

Hello C.A.!

Hunter has quite a few fans. However, he is completely flabbergasted about it. He has always known his face terrifies the weak of heart, although those who know him knows he is a big softie inside, and his horse Roulette has him wrapped around her hoof. LOL

Hunter does not make an appearance in Passage, although he will play a significant role in Prophecy. Passage has Merril Shilo, a man never able to settle down, and Jason Harris, a man who finds himself over his head and filled with regret at the choices he is forced to make. Their imperfections are on the inside, as they are both very handsome men.

I'm glad you enjoyed Hunter's Gamble (in Cowboy Kisses) and Passage. Thanks for stopping by!

Ashley Jamison said...
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Ashley Jamison said...

Passage sounds very interesting. After reading just this little bit, I have to know if she will reunite with her love. Is this going to be a trilogy?

Connie Bowen said...

Hi Ashley,

Yes, is a trilogy - Passage / Prophecy / Paradox. As I type this to you on one monitor, I am hard at work editing Prophecy on the other, so I can send it to my publisher ASAP. My goal is to have the whole story out before the end of the year. *Happy sigh of a busy girl*

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Connie Bowen said...

Tricksy Ashley! LOL I knew what you meant because I get them mixed up ALL THE TIME.

C.A. Jamison said...

Me Too! I always blame it on autocorrect. Dang autocorrect. It can't spell. LOL

Sandi said...

Passage is an awesome book with great characters. Book 2 is on my must read list when it comes out.

Connie Bowen said...

Hi Sandi!

My edits are about half way done, then the CP's get to tear it up. Recheck, back-edit, then on to the publisher. I'm still hopeful for this summer for book 2. I'm glad you enjoyed Passage!

Connie Bowen said...

The winner of the e-book PASSAGE is Colleen C. Congratulations Colleen!

I will be contacting you at your email address with prize information. ~Connie