Thursday, July 23, 2015

Live in New York

We found Lizbeth Selvig
And Nan Dixon

Addison Fox
Bronwen Evans

Carla Cassidy
Carol Ericson

Caro Carson ~ Angi ~ Crla Cassidy
Caro Carson's RITA flag and Reading Duck

Caro Carson

Delores Fossen

Diane Gaston
Jan & Frances Housden

Frances Housden & Angi

HelenKay Dimon
Heidi Hormel & Jan

Missing Friend, Janie Crouch

Found long-time friends: Emily Roxanne Rustand & Jan

Lena Diaz & Angi
Lena was a finalist in the Book Seller's Best Award

Lena Diaz

Angi with Lena's tablecloth

Linda Castillo --Her latest hit #20 on the NYTimes Bestseller list 

Lisa Childs

Lori Wilde

Nancy Robards Thompson & Jan

Nancy Robards Thompson & Angi

Nan's Book
Angi & Olivia Gates

Patience Griffin

RaeAnne Thayne

Renee Ryan

Robin Covington & Jan
Jan catches up with Robin Covington


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Tammy Yenalavitch said...

Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures. So many authors I would love to meet. Maybe one day!

bn100 said...

fun pics

Quilt Lady said...

Great pics, looks like a lot of fun. I would pay off bills and maybe get a new car if I won the lottery. Entering under the name of Virginia

Colleen C. said...

Thanks for sharing! :)

Patience Griffin said...

I have hat hair! (It was hot so I started stripping off the non-essentials. The hat went first.) But it was fun to see y'all out taking pictures!

Dawn Morse said...

Lottery. log cabin out in middle 100 acres ...this all looks like fun

Charlotte Litton said...

Love seeing all the pictures. With the money I'd pay off bills, remodel my house, and buy myself whatever I wanted at the time.

Amy2read said...

Love all the pictures :) and if i won the lottery I would go back to college, get an apartment just for me, open up a bookstore/cafe, pay off any bills my family or i have and buy alot of books lol

Sharlene said...

I was at RWA & felt like I met so many people. And ran out of time to meet the rest! All of the authors are so nice!

jmcgaugh said...

If I won the lottery, I'd take and extended trip around the world.

Ada said...

If I ever win the lottery, I would renovate a room to make my own library, buy more book shelves for the many more books I would buy! Thanks for sharing all the pictures, RWA looks like so much fun, wish I could have gone.

Rebecca J said...

Been reading so many posts on Facebook and twitter about this event the last few days, looks and sounds like everyone is having fun. :) If I won the lotto, I would buy a house, have a beautiful holiday and invest the rest!

Anita H said...

Thanks for sharing all the fun pics! If I won the lottery, I'd go on a European vacation, buy a new house and car and save the leftovers!

Jo-Anne Boyko said...

I can't win a lottery because I never buy tickets. But if I was gifted one and actually won, I would split the money between my 4 adult kids.

Missy Clifton said...

I don't play, but if I did I'd pay off the house, cars and bills in general.

Angi Morgan said...

We'd love to meet you, too !

Angi Morgan said...

Thanks BN

Angi Morgan said...

I think I'd do the same !!
No bills and no car payment !

Angi Morgan said...

Very glad to do so.

Angi Morgan said...

You look terrific !

Angi Morgan said...

Dawn... I like the Cabin idea

Angi Morgan said...

Paying off the house...definitely on my list

Angi Morgan said...

Amy, girlfriend, it all sounds nice....especially the buying lots of books

Angi Morgan said...

Sorry I missed meeting you Sharlene...
Or if we did...My head's still spinning

Angi Morgan said...

awe...sounds like my kind of trip

Angi Morgan said...

What does your dream library look like?

Angi Morgan said...

Very practical !
And lots of fun

Angi Morgan said...


Angi Morgan said...

But it's fun to dream
(I never buy one either)

Angi Morgan said...

You do have to play to win...
Hope you entered the #LiveInNY giveaway though !