First Friday With the Crew!

Happy March! I'm so excited to be here today! St. Patrick's Day is my second favorite holiday (behind Christmas). Yes, I love green beer, but I also love Ireland- the music, scenery, the accent. Plus, there's Irish heritage in my family background. So, for our March 1st Friday, I told the crew:

You've captured a leprechaun. For you to release him, he has to grant you 3 wishes. What would your 3 wishes be?
Alexa Bourne:
Hmmmm, this is harder than I thought! My 3 wishes? I'd want the "good for the world" things- peace, all people treated fairly and given the basics in life- food, shelter, clothing, love- and no more global warming.
But I am human so I'm also going to add what I'd want for myself. A house in the Highlands of Scotland, one more conversation with my dad, and enough money to travel and explore the world.
Angi Morgan:
If I caught a leprechaun’s pot of gold…  Wow…this is rather hard. I could go the altruistic route and say, peace, prosperity and health for everyone. But when it comes to leprechauns I always go back to the Disney movie, Darby O’Gill and the Little People. If you’ve never seen it…definitely worth your time. It’s Sean Connery’s first film and he sings! Anyway, wishes whether from genies or leprechauns always seem to backfire. So…I’d wish for:

  1. the personal drive to get healthy and stay fit without being a muscle monster
  2. enough money where I felt comfortable paying electric bills for those who couldn't
  3. and, let's face it, I'm a writer... I need a personal assistant, a typewriter that can hear my thoughts, and ten extra hours in a day.

Think those will backfire?
Nan Dixon:
3 wishes?
1.  My first wish would be for a safe, easy delivery for my 2nd grandchild due in April

2. Second wish --  I want to spend time with the daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law.  Unfortunately, she lives Massachusetts and I live in Minnesota but there has to be a way

3.  Then my third wish would be for me - a great book launch on the August release of Through a Magnolia Filter.  (It does have a St. Patrick's Day tie in.)

Clover Autrey:

My 3 wishes would be:



and the Wisdom to know what to do with them. 
E.E. Burke:

Three wishes? What? Does this leprechaun think he's a genie? He owes me a pot of GOLD! Pay up! And while he's at it, he can give me superpowers to be able to write fast without mistakes, and get a highly toned, foxy body just fro sitting on my duff. He does perform miracles, right?
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

(Burke is Irish, you know. That means extra luck on St. Paddy's Day)
Avril Tremayne:

I want to put on my Miss Universe cap and say world peace – but let's face it, that's a given, so I'm giving three selfish ones:

  1. To be transported to 18th century Cornwall, and steal Ross Poldark from Demelza.
  2. To ride a dragon - or a broom! Either one would be very, very cool.
  3. To become an IT wizard and understand every trick of all the computers and computer programs in the world.

Jillian Stone
Three Hot Irishmen, please! 

I have three wishes for my leprechaun: George Clooney, Bradley Cooper and Colin Farrell. Three Hot Irishmen. And if he grants my three wishes, Guinness, all around. Cheers! 

 Regan Walker:


Yes, I, too, have some Irish blood running through my veins and lots of redheads in my family. And, like most of them, I believe there is a God even though I cannot see him and I believe there is love when I feel it not. As for my 3 wishes, I would want for leaders to be wise, for people to know truth and for all dogs to go to Heaven, where, I assume there is plenty of dark chocolate. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Lara Lacombe

My three wishes?  Hmmm... I'm just going to go with the personal, selfish reasons, since those are more fun :)

1) The ability to eat chocolate (or really, anything) without it adversely affecting my health and weight.
2) Sleep.  I have a 9 month old baby.  'Nuff said.
3) A few extra hours in the day.  So much to do, so little time! :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  Hope you find your pot of gold!


  1. Hi All

    I do love everyone's wishes world peace would be awesome maybe someday for me I would want
    1. Enough money to live comfortably and take at least one cruise a year
    2. A permanent housekeeper I do not like housework (I have way too many books to read )
    3. Renovations to the house making it more comfortable for me and the family more room for when the grandkids are over :)

    Have Fun

    1. I love the housekeeper... I need one to let me write and READ !

  2. I am with you on the housework, Helen!

  3. To have more money than I could spend. Health for me and my family and mu body when I was 26 again!

    1. I'm feeling a lot like that about money at the moment! And yes, how I would love my 26-year old body back, even though I wasn't crazy about it at the time!

    2. Wow... to have the knees of when I was 26... OH WAIT, I mean 16 BEFORE I messed them up with sports.

  4. Enough money for OH and I to be able to give up our jobs and spend time doing what we enjoy and set our kids up for uni and their early adulthood so they're not in debt for 30 years.

    A minister in charge of Education in the UK who understands that children are not robots who learn at the same rate, takes into account the fact that childhood should be about exploring and enjoyment and who works with rather than against teachers.

    Everyone who lets their dogs cr@p in public, parks inconsiderately, retweets racist/homophobic/sexist or other unpleasant material (or when I'm particularly intolerant anything that could be easily verified by a quick look at Snopes) to be struck by sudden, intense and abundant 'stomach issues' until they learn to be a better human being.

  5. JILL, I have to say that you made it very simple...I "wish" I'd come up with that answer !