Beware of sexy dragons in Siren's Song…

Siren's Song  
Cynthia Diamond

Between being hunted by vampires and her inability to control her siren’s powers, all Adelle
Constance wants is to be left alone. She runs from her home, hoping to lay low in the small Washington town of Whitmore. She didn’t count on meeting Jack, a cranky nine-hundred year old dragon who, despite her protests, vows to protect her. She also didn’t count on him being so deliciously attractive in that grumbling way.

Jack has no desire for a mate, especially after being dumped by the love of his life. Yet somehow he’s suckered into protecting a beautiful siren who can make things explode just by raising her voice. Reluctantly he takes the alluring Adelle under his wing, finding her quirky charms irresistible. And when angry vampires come to take her back, the dragon finds he’s not giving her up without a fight.

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Starting her adult life as a theater nerd, Cynthia earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Costume
Design and worked as a designer for many years. But her first love since childhood was telling stories. After some encouragement from a couple of authors, she decided to go down the rabbit hole and write romance.
When not telling tales about hot dragons and werewolves with tight behinds, Cynthia is an SCA geek and an amateur artist. She loves costume dramas, horror films, zombies, steampunk, pirates, historical costumes, RPG games, Indiana Jones, bright colors, and LUSH.
Cynthia resides in sunny San Diego, California with her husband Max, two cats of varying intelligence, and a ton of goldfish.

An Excerpt from Siren's Song

Jack walked away about twenty paces then turned and held his arms out. “Okay, hit me,” he said.
Adelle’s eyes almost popped right out of her skull. “What?”
“Come on. Hit me with everything you got. I can take it.”
“Are you out of your damn mind? I’ll kill you!”
“How am I going to assess what you got if you don’t show me what you got? I’ve been hit by a full blood siren both barrels before so what harm can a half blood do? I need to see what your raw talent is. Besides, you’re a tiny girl. “Jack gave her a cocky smile and Adelle felt her blood boil. “You’re not going to kill me.”
Adelle folded her arms tight across her chest as her cheeks heated up. With a long deep breath, she pushed the anger back down into her gut. “You are insane.”
“And you’re a wimp for just standing there, balking.” His mouth curled into an arrogant smile. That stupid grin only poked her ire more.
“I am not going to unleash the beast on you.”
Keep Calm Adelle; he’s just trying to rile you up on purpose. Unfortunately, Jack just kept on smiling which started to put a sizable crack in her calm.
“Chicken,” Jack said.
Adelle took another deep breath, the teasing seeping under her skin. Who the hell was he to judge her courage? “I’m serious. Don’t make me,” Adelle said through clenched teeth.
“You are really cute when you’re angry.”
“Stop pissing me off! It’s only making it worse!”
“Your nose scrunches up in the most adorable way and you turn a delightful shade of pink-”
It was when he started clucking like a chicken that she lost her temper.
Adelle let out a scream that bent the treetops backwards and sent birds skyward into a panic flight. A wave of shimmering blue energy ripped through the air, bashed Jack right in the chest, and sent him sailing backwards. She would never forget his expression when the force hit him. It was a delightful cross between utter shock and complete regret. After knocking down three young trees, Jack dropped fifty feet away, leaving a deep groove in the dirt where he landed.
Wide eyed, Adelle held her breath; afraid that maybe she had killed the poor guy. When Jack’s legs twitched out from the hole he laid in, she inhaled in relief, the irritation returning.
Serves the arrogant ass right.
Adelle strolled over to where Jack was half buried and looked down at him. Lazily, she cocked her head to the side.
“I warned you,” she said.
After a high pitched groan, Jack spit up some soil and coughed. He wiggled like a turtle on his back before Adelle offered a hand to help him to his feet. His pride wasn’t so bruised that he didn’t accept it.
“Holy shit, you pack a punch,” Jack said.
“Well, you were right. I didn’t kill you.”
He tightened his gaze at her. “You were holding back, weren’t you?”
Adelle bit her lower lip and blushed, raising her gaze to the sky.
Jack’s gaped at her. “Holy crap. You were.”
“Maybe just a little bit.”

Jack dusted off his jeans and rubbed his lower back, letting out a painful sounding grunt. Adelle was certain he would have one hell of a road rash on his magnificent ass after that crash landing.

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