Michelle Major and A Baby and a Bethrothal

Get Lost in a Story Readers, it’s such a treat to visit and to bring with me a special guest. Award-winning, bestselling author Michelle Major. Her books not only make you smile, they yank at your heart strings until your hooked all the way in and ready for the next one. Please welcome, Michelle Major back to Get Lost in a Story.

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Katie Garrity is proud of her work at her Life is Sweet bakery, but it's high time she showed the town of Crimson that she's more than just "The Cupcake Lady." She wants to be "Mrs." and "Mommy" so badly she can't stand it! But in the small mountain town, the pickings are slim…until the one who got away returns. 

As a forest ranger, Noah loves protecting the places and people he loves—he just can't commit to forever. Katie has been his best friend since high school, but when did she turn into such a lovely woman? And is that desire he feels? Still, Crimson holds too many memories, and Katie wants things Noah can't give. But after one explosive night, it just may be too late. Only nine months will tell…

Get Lost in a Story, it's time to learn more about Michelle Major! 

DONNELL:  Michelle, I’m still smiling after reading the excerpt to this wonderful book. Katie is such a sympathetic heroine, and who can’t relate to an awful first date, or wondering if you’ll ever meet “the one” or have a family.  Katie and Noah were secondary characters in one of your books. Which one, and did you know immediately when you created them that they’d have their own story?

MICHELLE: Aww, thanks Donnell! I could tell you some awful first date stories…yikes! Noah was introduced in the first Crimson book (A Kiss on Crimson Ranch) and Katie arrived in the 2nd in the series (A Second Chance on Crimson Ranch). I think part of writing a series is figuring out how to develop readers’ interest in supporting characters and how everyone fits into the world you’re creating. I knew Katie and Noah would get their own story but it took them hanging out for a few books for me to create what I thought was the perfect set up for the two of them. 

DONNELL:  When you create these secondary characters, does that interfere with your muse or the current story you’re writing? How do you keep them in the background until you’re ready for them?

MICHELLE: Writing the Crimson, Colorado, series has become like revisiting my friends each time I begin a new story. If I had a gazillion pages and endless hours, I'd love to draw all of the bit players and previous couples into each book. It's fun to discover what everyone's been up to since we last saw them. But I think the key is pulling in the secondary characters that further the current story and making the most of their moments on the page. The central romance is the reason for the book, so sometimes I have to limit who we see outside the hero and heroine. Other times, a secondary character who I might introduce in one book can become the inspiration for a future story. In fact, one of my upcoming Crimson books introduces readers to the town's hottie sheriff, Cole Bennett. I'm working on ideas for his story now and can't wait to bring him fully to life!

DONNELL:  oooh me either J  I loved Katie’s response to the gluten-intolerant date. You write a lot of food into your stories. Are you a foody?

MICHELLE: Well, I like food a lot. Especially baked goods, although I don’t bake too often because I have very little willpower when it comes to sugar. But I love to post new recipes on Pinterest and my daughter likes to cook and bake so it’s something we do together. I’m about to embark on a kitchen remodel and the stove I have in the current kitchen seems to have two settings – off and burn. So it’s not that motivating for me right now. I hope to be re-inspired once things change. J

DONNELL:  Here’s something I’m dying to know. You’re writing for Montlake and for Harlequin. You’re creating a lot of characters. Do you ever get them mixed up, which character belongs in which book and goes with which publisher?

MICHELLE: Actually, no, although maybe I’m jinxing myself now. The two series are different lengths (one is category and one is single title) and they have different tones and settings. When I’m writing characters, they become such fully-formed individuals in my mind with unique voices that I don’t mix them up. Eye color is another story. I have trouble keeping eye color straight.

DONNELL:  Which author(s) did you read growing up, and who inspires you?

MICHELLE: Probably my favorite series growing up was Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. I think that was my first official book binge. There is a passage in the third of the series, when Anne and Gilbert Blythe finally admit they’re in love, and I swear those few subtle pages hooked me on romance forever. Historical romance has always been my escape but I read lots of genres and I’m inspired by any one working to create amazing stories.

DONNELL:  Is category romance your passion for the foreseeable future?  – and here’s something else I’d love to see.  Will we ever see one of your books on the Hallmark channel?

MICHELLE: I love writing the category-length book but am also grateful to balance those shorter stories with the single-titles I write for Montlake. It’s fun to mix it up and I’m about to start my first novella so I’m excited to try that out, too. I write a lot these days (4-5 books a year – a lot for me anyway) but the more I write, the more ideas I have.

DONNELL: What comes next for Michelle Major?

MICHELLE:  I’m honored to be part of the 20th anniversary of the Harlequin miniseries, The Fortunes of Texas. My contribution, Fortune’s Special Delivery, comes out in April. My first British hero and I loved writing him. I also have another 2 Crimson books coming out this year and one more for Montlake in October. Otherwise, it’s more writing with an occasional dog walk thrown in to keep my fur babies happy!

Michelle, thank you. You are rockin' with your career.  Now it’s your turn to ask  readers a question. (and Readers, you’re in luck. Time for a giveaway from Michelle Major!)

MICHELLE'S QUESTION FOR READERS:  My kids have spring break at the end of the month and we’re heading to Ohio to visit my grandma, who recently turned 94. But I’m yearning for a trip to the beach – preferably a tiny island with white sand and blue water. Where is your ideal vacation spot right now? Two people who comment will win a copy of A Baby and A Betrothal (print or ebook – winner’s choice).

To find Michelle and learn more about the rest of her fabulous books, follow this link: http://www.michellemajor.com/


  1. If given a choice I will always pick the beach. There is something rather relaxing about the ocean.


  2. Oh yes, the beach. But I would bring plenty of sunblock! Thanks for being our guest, Michelle!

  3. My grandparents' home was my ideal vacation location... but they passed away years ago... right now, I would love to go on a cruise... enjoy the sights and food. greenshamrock AT cox DOT net :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I can recommend Dauphin Island, AL... lovely beaches.

  5. Hi Michelle

    WOW you are busy and I do love the sound of this book and the sound of that holiday on an island I live in Australia so at the moment I am looking forward to cooler weather :) but I have been on a couple of cruises and some of the Islands I have visited are just like you described Mystery Island is gorgeous :)

    Have Fun

  6. I enjoyed Michelle's interview and think a forest ranger is such an interesting occupation. Although I've visited some lovely beaches, the quiet of a cabin in the woods can't be beat! Thanks!

  7. any beach

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  8. Definitely a beach for me too ... anywhere to relax and enjoy some good books! :)

  9. We did Hershey, PA one Spring Break. Lots of fun. This year we are going to Boston and Salem. My daughter loves ghost tours. Really love your books too Michelle. yenastone at aol dot com

  10. My ideal vacation spot will always be my homeland which is the Caribbean