Going Out on a Limb -- THE BOOK!

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Today I’m excited to talk about the actual story of “Going Out on a Limb.” When Erin Nicholas approached me to ask if I’d participate in the launch of her Kindle Worlds collection, I was honored and excited. I would get to take a character from one of my novels and put him or her right into the heart of Sapphire Falls during the annual summer festival that’s so familiar to readers of that series.

I knew the middle book in my series “Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys” would be a perfect place to find a hero. The story of “The Bride Wore Red Boots” revolves around what to do with eight veterans who were living in a group situation while they healed
from injuries received during their tours in the Middle East. One of my favorite minor characters was Jason Brewster, one of the group’s king practical jokers.

But I knew Jason—Jace—was not really the snarky joker he pretended to be in Red Boots. All he needed was something to take the place of what he’d lost due to traumatic brain injury. And so “Going Out on a Limb” came to be.

Although he was once a skilled airplane mechanic, now some of his forgetfulness issues make that occupation impossible for him to perform. Jace gets set up with a local carpenter in Sapphire Falls and arrives, ready to intern for the summer. He’s also still been counseled to continue with therapy—so he continues to heal.  The therapist who’s been chosen for him is a very beautiful young psychiatrist named Miri Reynolds. Unfortunately, Jace never makes it to her office before he meets her at the summer festival. The flying sparks are anything but appropriate for a doctor/patient relationship.

There are horses, familiar Sapphire Falls names, missing kids, and misunderstandings in this story. There’s also Sapphire Falls itself—a place where people tend to fall in love fast and forever. Although there’s a lot more to the story than falling in love, there’s nothing that’s more important! And during the festival, the very first place that casts a spell on lovers is the Ferris Wheel.

Read an excerpt from Jace and Miri’s first ride:
 The Ferris wheel car climbed to the top of its circle and flowed over the front, sending Jace’s stomach into the weightless thrill all carnival ride passengers sought. Not that he needed more thrills with Miri pressed beside him, squeezing his wrist in mild anxiety. She was beautiful when she laughed, and she sent his insides into plenty of acrobatics all on her own. The dusk was beautiful, too, with lights glowing all around the town square and Frank Sinatra’s voice floating through the night. “Come Fly With Me.”
“I guess this song’s appropriate,” he said as the words wafted from the speakers in the trees next to the wheel. 
“It’s another thing,” Miri said. “Frank Sinatra is almost the voice of Sapphire Falls—you can always hear him in the square.”
“What? No Stephen Tyler or Axl Rose?” He slipped an arm around her shoulders, snuggling her a little closer. 
She gave a genuine snort. “Bite your tongue. This is Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley country. Even Frank stretches it a little.”
She smelled deliciously of apples and berries. Conversation flew away with Sinatra as they coasted over the top again, and Miri laid her head on his shoulder.
“I actually feel safe on a ride with you,” she said. “Unlike with my niece who rocks the car like a maniac.”
“A little afraid of rides are we?”
There was something very sexy about a psychiatrist who had her own set of fears. She made him feel . . . normal.
“Only a very little.”
He shrugged to make her lift her head and, with fingers on her chin, turned her face toward him. Sweet sugar met his lips when he covered her mouth with his. Her tongue, hot and willing, collided unhesitatingly with his, and moments later he discovered how highly talented she was at invasion and conquest.
They kissed greedily in a barely controlled rush that overtook his senses and made him forget to care that people waiting in line for the ride would see them as they passed the bottom. Heat dove for his groin as the wheel lifted them up and over again. When the roller coaster sensation hit, a tiny moan from Miri vibrated through their kiss. His body’s response was quick and male, and so cliché, causing him to deepen the kiss and draw more contented mews and barely audible sounds from Miri.
She pulled away for a breath, her eyes glassy and desirous. She came back to him and caught his bottom lip lightly with her teeth. He groaned and held her cheeks, stroking with his thumbs from her temples to her ears, turning her head so he could angle closer, capture her tongue and taste her over and over.
They broke apart for good when they stopped at the top of the wheel.
“Does this count as fitting in?” he asked, breathless and uncomfortably hard. “Or is it literally some spell that was cast on this ride?”
“It’s just chemistry,” she said, and swallowed.
It wasn’t, he thought. There was definitely more than biology at work.
“I’d like to know what chemical ingredients you chose.”
“Don’t put all the blame on me. What you added was pretty…explosive.” She laid her head once again on his shoulder.
“Well, if it’s just chemistry, I can handle it,” he said.
“Because having a spell cast on you would be too scary?”
“Darn right. Chemical experiments can be controlled.”
“So are you still willing to try the fireworks tomorrow night? Test this theory that you can control the experiment?”
“He set his lips against her ear. “Just bring your lab coat in case something boils over.”

 I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone who’s read Erin Nicholas’s Sapphire Falls series that Jace and Miri are the next pair to fall under the little town’s spell. But how they fall is not a straight or predictable path. I hope you’ll come by tomorrow with your fingers ready to one-click the buy links—so you can read all about the 12 new Sapphire Falls stories and then find out exactly what happens to Jace and Miri!

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  1. My first kiss was when I was really little... the neighbor's grandson laid one on me in the kitchen, LOL.

  2. school

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. I had my first kiss in 1st grade. It was a peck on the lips at school.

  4. I had my first memorable kiss in third grade. It was with a neighborhood boy. I thought I'd marry him! Sadly, he moved away.....

  5. My first kiss was a boy in my 4th grade class.

  6. My first was a quick peck way back in grade school.

  7. First kiss was at home in the kitchen with a potential boyfriend . I was in college OMG. talk about a late bloomer !