Gunslinger Day 1

“Shirtless? Of course I’m shirtless.” Bryce Johnson yanked the muscle shirt over his head, catching it on his ear. “What legitimate undercover Texas Ranger mows a lawn trying to get a woman’s attention wearing a shirt?”

“I bet you have your glasses on, too.” There was a familiar sound from his partner, Jesse Ryder, as he held the phone to his chest and laughed. “And…um…don’t forget your Sig is showing.”

Bryce scrambled behind his back. He gave up and went inside to drop his weapon, shirt and glasses. He didn’t need to see up close to mow the lawn anyway. The briskness of the AC helped cool his frustration. A little.

“You know…” Jesse continued laughing. “If just taking your shirt off doesn’t work, you could try a speedo and a giant sombrero.”

“Har har har.”

A little about BRYCE JOHNSON

Bryce was such a wonderful guy to write. He made an appearance in BULLETPROOF BADGE, helping his fellow Ranger, Garrison Travis. In SHOTGUN JUSTICE, he went on special assignment to prepare him for his own story. He's Company F's resident authority on Texas organized crime, a bit of a computer nerd who's wanted to be a Texas Ranger most of his life. But this guy actually knows how to ride a horse and has an interesting background that readers are enjoying.

Bryce also wears glasses that aren't pictured on the cover. And throughout the story...he's sunburned. I have always wanted to begin a story with a hunky hero mowing the lawn, dripping sweat, cooling off with a water hose. Seriously...total fantasy on my part. That rarely happens around here because you do get sunburned. But still, a girl can have her fantasies.

On a road trip while writing this book, one song (you'll find it in the book) got stuck in my head and looped through my speakers. I listened to it over and over, but thought of Bryce's story the entire time. Then it was a challenge to work it in and Bryce's history finally showed itself to me. Things like that are the cool part of being a writer.

And I have to give credit to a friend and fellow writer for the "speedo and giant sombrero" line. Christine Crocker was at a short workshop I gave about brainstorming where the line was created. I jumped at claiming it (if she didn't) and it was on paper that afternoon.

Road trips are important to me. I hope to find something about the town's setting that I can bring into the book. The KOFFEE KUP was a special find. Best Pie in Texas...seriously !  Tim and I had four slices... We bought some to bring home, but it didn't make it. And that was AFTER a full chicken-fried steak with the fixings.

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