Gunslinger Day 2

“I was trimming a dead limb and the saw got stuck.”

“Lucky I was around.”

“I have some iced tea. Can I get you some?”

“That would be great.”

“Okay.” She rubbed her palms together and stepped to the porch. She tried to turn her back on Bryce and walk like a normal person through her kitchen door.

It didn’t happen. She hesitated, waiting for him to lean the ladder on the tree. He just watched her act like an unsteady idiot. Bryce was practically a stranger. She’d only met him a couple of times in town.
“I hope you like it sweetened. That’s all I have.”

“Sure. I’ll get this down.”

“Thanks so much. It’s stuck up there pretty good.” Oh my gosh. She was babbling, trying to wait him out. If he’d just look away, she could dart into the kitchen.

A little about Kylie Scott
Before she was on DANCING WITH THE STARS this past spring, Paige VanZant was the persona and looks that I modeled my heroine after. It's hard for me to post a picture of a heroine. Normally, they're more vague and because of that end up being more relatable (at least for me).

Kylie Scott is a former teen model who fell for the wrong guy. Quickly married. Quickly divorced. Readers will discover why in the prologue. She had to quickly learn how to take care of herself and that's where Paige's inspiration came into the story.

I love Kylie as a unique character who wants to protect the people who she cares about. She's certainly not helpless and definitely thinks out of the box.

Billie the Kid plays a central roll in Hico.  They're very proud of their history and legend. The statue on the right is the first thing Kylie sees when she rolls into town. The second is the Koffee Kup restaurant. When Bryce is undercover, he's amazed that the free-roaming roosters and chickens aren't eaten by the cats on Pecan Street.

The little things about this town made it come to life for me. Hope it does the same for readers.

Catch photos from Hico and the other 
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Do you like to read about heroines who can defend themselves or need to be rescued?


  1. I'm more into heroines who can defend themselves...but I don't mind an occasional rescue either.

  2. I do like heriones that can defend themselves and you have had a couple like that in your books. Love these GLIAS !

  3. I like heroines that can defend themselves most of the time, but let's be honest... every woman wants their man to be their hero. Bl

    1. True Julie.
      So I think a combination....

  4. I love a heroine that can stand up for herself, but is not afraid to ask for help when she needs it...