Gunslinger Day 3

“What’s wrong with here?” Her fingers drew circles on his abs.

“Kylie.” He shook his head, then caught the look in her eyes. It was back, the fright that he’d seen when her shirt came off.

“I like it right here,” she whispered trying to sink to her knees.

He slid his hands to her elbows, stopping her. “I’m not treating our first time together like we’re teenagers looking for a fast thrill in a game room. We’re not only too old for that, we deserve better.”

Dusting her hands like she was done, she hurried away. “Fine. This is all I have, Bryce. All I can do.”

He touched her shoulder and she stopped. Did she want him to change her mind? Show her how much he cared about her? “If it were me… If our positions were reversed, and I was the one with scars. What would you do right now, Kylie? Would you let me run away? Continue to be afraid?”

She covered her face. “I am afraid.”

He could barely hear her. He asked just as quietly, “Of me?”

“Strangely enough, no. But yes, maybe of you most of all.”

“I don’t understand.”

Kylie faced him, cupping his cheeks, using a thumb to entice his lips—whether that was her intention or not.

“You’ve been looking for Sissy. I’ve seen that desire before from the men who admired her beauty. I’m afraid that you’ll be—”

“Be what?”

“Congratulations on writing one of the most emotionally intimate and sexy love scenes that I’ve ever read!” ACW

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"This is the third book in the Texas Rangers: Elite Troop series, and this was by far my favorite book so far. This book is a great mix of romance, suspense, heat, action and adventure.” Kathryn L, Amazon Review

“All in all this is a very strong addition to the Texas Ranger miniseries. I find Bryce and Kylie incredibly appealing and enjoyable.” ACW
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