New Release! Get Lost in Medieval England with King's Knight!

Hello all! Regan here. I invite you to step into Medieval England at a time when knights and their ladies lived in troubled times. My new release, King's Knight, is set in England in the late 11th century. It was a difficult time for a knight who had given his loyalty to the king but his heart to a woman the king would never approve as a bride for a future earl.

It's the latest in my award-winning Medieval Warriors series… King’s Knight, just released this week.

Set in 1091, it’s the story of Sir Alexander of Talisand and Merewyn of York, a story for every woman who ever believed she was unworthy of her dream...

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Dubbed the Black Wolf for his raven hair, his fierceness in battle and his way with women, Sir Alexander of Talisand attacked life as he did the king’s enemies. But acclaim on the battlefield and his lusty escapades did not satisfy. King William Rufus would bind him to Normandy through marriage to one of its noblewomen, but the only woman Alexander wanted was a commoner he had saved from a terrible fate.


The shame of being the child of a Norman’s rape dogged Merewyn’s steps from her youth. Determined never to be a victim of a man’s lust like her mother, in Wales she donned the garb of an archer and developed extraordinary skill with a bow. Despite her fair beauty, men now keep their distance. No longer in need of protection from other men, can Merewyn protect herself from Alexander when he holds her heart yet can never be hers?
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An excerpt:

“Stay,” she whispered. With that one word, she knowingly sealed her fate. One day she might lose him to Lady Adèle or some other woman at the king’s command, but tonight he could be hers. And she would have the memory to treasure forever.
“Merewyn, do you know what you are saying?”
She turned from him, needing the distance to speak the words she must. The maidservant had lit a candle and Merewyn stared into the flame as she spoke, feeling the heat of his presence behind her. “There has never been another for me, Alex. I had thought with the years passing and you becoming a knight, my feelings for you would change. But they have not.”
Turning to face him, she looked into his seductive gray eyes and spoke with the conviction of one who has finally decided. “Whatever happens after this, no matter where your oath to the king leads you or where I go as a consequence, we will always have this night. I will give myself to only you and I will remember this night forever.”
“Aye, Merewyn,” he said coming closer and putting his hands on her arms, the heat of them robbing her of breath. “You will have your night of love and I vow ’twill not be the last.”

Praise for the Medieval Warriors series:

“This series captures the medieval era perfectly, creating the true sensation of traveling back in time to experience epic, riveting love stories that ignite the imagination. Beautifully written, perfectly paced and action-packed... What more can you ask?”

—  The Book Review

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  1. Hello everyone... thanks for joining me on Get Lost in a Story today!

  2. Another great looking cover and a fantastic story to get lost into...
    Karen Over-Gal

  3. Loved this story and the cover is gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway! ~Aleen Davis

    1. So glad you loved the story... and thanks for commenting!

  4. I loved the King's Knight it was a sensational story, lots of action till the last page!! And an amazing cover!

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  5. Loved having it show up in my kindle- looking forward to reading it this weekend!

  6. The winners are: for the poster: Marie Gallant. For the two paperbacks: Aleen Davis and Karen Overbey-Gallegos. Congratulations!