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PAMELA’S Southern accent infuses both her speaking and writing voices. Her drawl is undeniable, as is her passion for all things outdoors. She considers the laptop the greatest invention; it allows her to write on the deck, in the garden, and while traveling with her husband in their motorhome. Pamela loves being a storyteller who can give even the most star-crossed lovers their Happily Ever After.
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I’m celebrating a new release this month with a book that’s a little different from the ones you know me for.

As you know, for the past few years, I’ve been writing for Harlequin SuperRomance, with the last five books making up the Taylor’s Grove, Kentucky series.  But today I’m here posting about something different, something special, something very close to my heart—my new release from Kensington Books, GAINING VISIBILITY!

The new book is a deviation from the regular romances I’ve been writing.  Yeah, it has a romance (a yummy romance, actually), but Gaining Visibility is women’s fiction—the story of a woman’s emotional journey … and what a journey it is!

The heroine, Julia Berkwith, is a 48-year-old breast cancer survivor whose husband left her during her bout with the disease.  The story takes place two years after Julia’s bi-lateral mastectomy.  She’s now cancer-free and, sporting newly reconstructed breasts, heads to Italy to hike the famed Cinque Terre in celebration of her victory over the disease.

Did I mention a sexy, Italian artist seems determined to make her vacation one to remember?  Thirty-something Vitale DeLuca can be most convincing when he sets his sights on something he desires.

So, why would this book be close to my heart?

This year, I’m celebrating nine years as a breast cancer survivor.  I started writing Gaining Visibility a few months after my own bi-lateral mastectomy, and during my reconstruction phase.  You can read the full Story Behind the Story in a section at the end of the book or at the Books-A-Million Chapters Blog here: BAM.  But I will tell you that the book is a tribute to all of my Sisters in Pink.

 “Cross How Stella Got Her Groove Back with Under the Tuscan Sun, and you've got Gaining Visibility, a novel that is at times beautiful, at times heartbreaking, and ultimately uplifting.” –Wendy Webb

Julia Berkwith’s daughter has moved to Alaska, her beloved mother-in-law is in a nursing home, and her ex-husband is in Hawaii—with a younger woman. In her late forties, Julia is now used to being invisible. But even if she has to do it alone, she’s determined to celebrate her victory over breast cancer by hiking Italy’s Cinque Terre. And while she’s there, she can scout out treasures for her interior design business back in Kentucky.
Invigorated by the beauty of the Italian countryside, Julia seems unstoppable, until she’s injured by a rock—one that happens to belong to thirty-something stone mason Vitale DeLuca. Reluctantly, Julia accepts Vitale’s insistent offer of lodging while she recovers. But in his home, amid his exquisite sculptures, Julia sees beyond his charm and looks to something special: a talent she must bring to the world’s attention. And once she does, she plans to step aside to leave him in the spotlight. But Vitale has seen something in Julia too, something she is no longer able to recognize in herself. And he is determined to find a way to show it to her.
Poignant and uplifting, Gaining Visibility is an exhilarating story of one woman’s realization that even the deepest scars have a beauty of their own—and that it’s time to take her place in the sun once more.

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As part of my personal celebration and in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’m offering a signed print copy of Gaining Visibility, one of my pretty pink totes, and a pink-ribbon-and-silver breast cancer awareness bracelet as a giveaway (North America).
Now, let’s give a shout-out to those sisters in pink in the Comments section.  Please share a name—just a first name is fine—of someone you know who’s been touched in some way by the disease.  And then, let’s collectively send prayers, supporting vibes, or well-wishes to the ones listed.