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Woah! You haven't heard of Kindle Worlds? 
Kindle Worlds exist for licensed fan fiction and are also written by established authors who have been invited to participate in another author's world. Basically, the new stories are set in "the world" created by the original author with some of the original characters appearing in the new story.
There's nothing normal about Zelda, a witch whose job is to control the forces of Magic and Mayhem, and use her power for healing. But some say she creates the mayhem part, and maybe they're somewhat right. After spending nine months in the witch pokey for using her powers irresponsibly, Zelda is out on magical parole. Ready to dump the orange jumpsuit, she sets off on her latest mission: avenge the death of her Aunt Hildy, maintain the magical balance, and take over as the Shifter Whisperer. 

This all turns out to be far easier said than done, though. While healing the idiotic and violence prone proves both painful and wildly rewarding, Zelda must also contend with the hotter than hot Werewolf King, Mac, who's convinced Zelda is his mate. As Zelda chases her happily ever after, she tries to help tons of wonderfully warped characters who need all the fixing they can get. Are you up for the bewitching challenge? There's enough Magic and Mayhem here for everyone to join Zelda in her crazy world.

The next installment to Magic & Mayhem is available. All stories are $1.99 each (or less). Here's a peek at the stories already available. Catch all the stories and the series within the series at Robyn's website.

Deanna Chase
Witched to Death

There are worse things than being a ghost summoned from New Orleans to Asscrack, West Virginia… especially when you wake up mortal, naked, and in the arms of the oh-so-sexy Diesel Jacobs.

*Watch for Witch, Please on October 19th.

The Seven Year Witch

A plucky, determined heroine searching for love! A hot, wish-he-was-yours Mr. Right! A wacky cast of hilarious supporting characters!

The Lie, The Witch and The Warlock
Who wouldn’t love to be immortal, beautiful, and as powerful as the warlock king? Eudora Spence, that’s who. 

Southern Howl

When Jane returns to her hometown and wolf pack, she is faced with three prospects for mates, a family reunion gone amuck and magical spells by her crazy aunts in an attempt to get her mated.

*Watch for Reality Shift on October 19th.

How to Train a Witch

She’s the Jezibaba, not the Jezibooboo. Sleeping with Professor Hottie is out of the question… or is it?

*Watch for To Yaga or Not to Yaga on the 19th.

The Witch Is In

Paranormal Paradise Spa and Resort—the perfect place to get your paranormal mojo back. The best place on earth to reflect and refresh on woeful witchcraft, shoddy shifting, or even faulty fangs.

Witchin' Impossible

Small town. Dead bodies. Horny familiar. Hot high school crush. Just another day in Paradise Falls.

*Watch for Rogue Coven on the 19th.

When You Witch Upon a Star

Have you ever found yourself stuck with a job that’s so far from your true calling, you hear yourself swear that you’re going to quit and start over? Most of us have, but only a lucky few actually make good on those desperate oaths.

Witch in the Attic

Everybody in Dilly’s world wants her, but no one wants her more than Morlan, a Dark Warlock who has started a civil war in her realm.

*Watch for Witchin' Hard on October 19th.

Witch And Were

All my life I've been told I need to learn the fine art of patience. Ironic considering that's what my hipster loving, sex addicted mother named me. Instead of dealing with my mother's woo-woo touchy feely ways,  I'd rather keep my mind and my weak ass magic focused on business. 

A Witch Possessed

Hildy and Chuck are desperate to begin their next ‘great adventure’, but the Goddess and Fates have other plans… to help the witch in danger embrace her destiny.

*Watch for Witch N' Fire on October 19th.

Witchin' in the Kitchen

A product of a misplaced lightning and thunder spell, Dee is caught in Mother Nature’s fury each time a storm kicks up. While tumbling from place to place, new life to new life, Deliverance is always looking, but never able to find the one thing that can break her spell—true love.

Any Witch Way

Saving magic should have been easy for the Boogeyman. Operative word: should.

Sh*t My Witch Says

A cursed witch, a gorgeous bear Shifter, and a sarcastic Puritan ghost must work together to save the supernatural town of Wild, Texas. 

You can begin reading the Magic & Mayhem world today. Be sure to start with Robyn's original stories. Then stop by NEXT Thursday to check out the new amazing authors joining the world today: 
Susan StokerTeresa J. ReasorJulia MillsCherie MarksSaranna DeWyldeBarbra AnninoHeather Long

Currently free for Kindle.


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