LOVE ARCS ... a Bodyguards in Heels Beginning

I love heels, even though my knees don't allow me to wear them.  I especially love sparkly ones.

And I'm excited to write heroines who can dress-up and wear them in their story. Boots are my go-to shoe if I'm not in a flip-flop (or tennis shoe). BODYGUARDS IN HEELS is also exciting for me because I return to my core characters with each story. Patty Mitchum found her one true love and wants the same for all her grandchildren. And since she knows who that one true love is...well, she's not afraid to help them find each other. Each story begins with a LOVE ARC.
Each of the Bodyguards in Heels stories begins with a short introduction from Patty Mitchum–or Grammy. She sees a vision of when our hero and heroine fall in love. Her husband, Frank, dubbed the auras and visions…Love Arcs. Patty believes if her grandchild is destined to be with someone, a little shove in the right direction won’t ever hurt.

Seeing sparks fly between a couple is quite literal for Patty. It’s taken her years to control and understand her gift—seeing cool, blue auras when couples are wrong for each other or red-hot lightning when their chemistry is perfect. And, when she’s lucky, she can touch someone and see the face of their one true love.

Patty’s whole life has been filled with frustration, knowing she could change the course of peoples’ lives for the best. She’s also known she’d be laughed out of town if she told others about her abilities. But now her grandchildren are in their twenties, unmarried, and having a hard time with their gifts. Finally, she can help them find the happily-ever-afters they all deserve.

It’s high time this match-making, motorcycle-riding Grammy takes the love-lives of her grandchildren into her own hands and gives true love a sweet kick in the right direction.

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In my new series, the stories don't end with a wedding... it's more like a Happily Ever After for now and you get to see the relationships develop more through the next books. Do you like those kinds of stories?


  1. I can't wait for your new series to come out. As long as there is a "happy.. " at the end of the book I can wait for the "....ever after".

  2. I love these kinds of stories. When I really like characters I want to see what is happening in their lives.

    1. ME TOO !!
      I sure hope you enjoy them Rita !

  3. I just can't wait to read these and review them on amazon and goodreads they look so good and i love these kind of books!

  4. I can't wait to read your new series. I love character driven books, so the HEA is not necessary at the end of each part, as long as I know it's a continuation when I start. So if each part ends happy--don't make me cry--I'll love your new series. :-)