Inside Urban Wolf, ready to pounce…there's a Wolf in the City

“One bite, one scratch… and chaos reigns on the streets of L.A.” 
Wolf in the City by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Welcome to the world of URBAN WOLF, my friends, “where strangers become friends and lovers, where secrets beg to be discovered and revealed, and where Happy-Ever-Afters seem impossible but are longed for all the same…”

That’s a quote from a # 1 rated book reviewer that couldn’t have been more accurate (and hopefully enticing). Because I’m hoping you will come along on this wild ride with Jillian Stone and me. And wild ride, it is.

In this 2 author, 2 novella anthology out this week, Jillian and I have chosen to set our stories in different parts of the world. My story, WOLF IN THE CITY, is set in Los Angles, a city I know very well, having been born and raised there.

I was always fairly sure that werewolves roamed the backstreets of L.A. but as a kid, I was afraid to go out and look for them (parents would have nixed that idea real quick). It wasn’t until recently that I met Jared James, one of those werewolves, and he told me his story.

Wow. I couldn’t have conceived of anything as scary or daunting as the true tale of how an L.A detective became a werewolf, and the kind of justice that Jared sought for what happened to him in an L.A. alley.

"The term human had ceased to cover what he had become. Creature was a better choice, and he had the claws to prove it. He was a werewolf –half man, half beast—and had been since hell had come calling on a night like this one.
—Chapter 1, Wolf in the City

I mean, who could have imagined what Jared would find on those streets late at night . . . with a full moon dictating how his future would go down?

Imagine his surprise to find that there are other species roaming those same streets, keeping to the shadows. And that one of them has been watching him for some time! And if that other entity might be a slick vampire named Kit?

“He had been after another kind of monster here, one with canines and claws, and look what had turned up—a female with fangs and a disturbingly cryptic sense of humor.
—Chapter 3, Wolf in the City

Jared James, the tall, dark and gorgeous ex-detective vigilante, had to have his story told . . . so I have told it. I am in love with Jared, and you might be, too. Meet him
in Wolf in the City, my novella in this new Urban Wolf anthology. I can’t wait for you to tell me what you think of Jared. My excitement for this book’s birthday can’t be contained. *Arrrroooooo*

“Two species merging—one with fangs, the other with fur. How could anything good possibly come of that?  
Chapter 8, Wolf in the City

And though I have to sign off for now, please stay tuned for more on Jared here and more excerpts from Wolf in the City this Saturday!

Are you reading this post? Please say hello, leave a wave, and ask any question you might have for either Jared or me. The June full moon has passed, so my werewolf is ready to pay attention to whatever you might have to say. *smiles*

Cheers for now, 

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom is the author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels and novellas, both dark and light, for HarperCollins/Harlequin Nocturne and GothicScapes, with more than 30 stories that trespass into the supernatural realm.

Linda is the author of contemporary, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy books for Kensington, Amazon Montlake, GothicScapes, Harlequin Nocturne, and Harlequin Desire. She  currently has 30 stories that trespass into the supernatural realm, with ton of ideas for more.

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