First Friday with the Crew: Great Beach Reads for This Summer!

Hi GLIAS fans! It's First Friday with the Crew. Now that you’ve celebrated Independence Day and have a picnic or barbecue under your belt, perhaps you’ll have some time to read. Maybe you’re even planning a day at the beach or a vacation. Well, we can’t leave you without a few books to take along, can we?

Today we’re recommending our books that we think would make great beach reads or books you’ll want to take with you on vacation.

So, let me start…

I recommend To Tame the Wind and Echo in the Wind from the Donet Trilogy because as long as you are reading by the water, why not take a romantic voyage? To Tame the Wind won the 2017 International Book Award for Romance Fiction and Echo in the Wind has just been released!

"Masked balls, handsome sea captains, and a plot that will keep you hooked. What's not to love? 5/5 stars!"   – Good Friends, Good Books
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The Donet Trilogy, books 1 & 2 (book 3, A Fierce Wind, coming in 2018). To Tame the Wind is the Romance Fiction winner in the 2017 International Book Awards!


Amanda recommends her contemporary novel, Georgia on My Mind

The road leads back to you....
Like an old sweet song, sometimes the past returns not to haunt, but to offer the heart a second chance.  

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E.E. recommends Maybe Baby (Texas Hardts), a lighthearted, humorous, quick read (it will take you about 3.5 hours to read--long enough to work on your tan and finish a margarita before getting another drink, and starting on the next book!).


The story features an uptight workaholic with trust issues who hires a laid-back cowboy to help her achieve her dream of having a child. Will a contract between them lead to more than a baby? Maybe.

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Avril recommends Kiss Don't Tell and The Dating Game for a touch of sexy craziness. 

They are funny, steamy, ultra modern romantic comedies about two friends who hire two guys to teach them a thing or two...and end learning a whole lot more than they bargained for!

See them on Amazon: Kiss Don't Tell and TheDating Game

Nan recommends the Fitzgerald House series…  

Spend the summer visiting Fitzgerald House set in lush, quirky Savannah. The Fitzgerald sisters are fighting to make their family mansion into a successful B and B. 


Jillian recommends her latest release, Wolf, Interrupted, one of two sinfully sexy shapeshifter novellas in the just released Urban Wolf anthology. Both novellas are fast, entertaining reads and perfect for the beach or your backyard hammock!  

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Liz recommends her Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series, beach reads that are fun and funny, heartwarming and poignant, silly and important. This contemporary series is set on a 50,000-acre Wyoming ranch, but these aren’t your typical Westerns. There are cowboys, of course, but also military heroes, even a poker-playing hero! And the women are strong, feisty, and perfect matches for the men they fall for. Throw in some wild mustangs, a lot of crazy animals, wonderful steal-your-heart kids and you have great reads.

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Angi says if you’re taking your kindle with you to the surf and sand, try her new mash-up of her favorite genres: a little suspense, a little laughter, a little woo-woo and a whole lot of love.  You can find all her Bodyguards in Heels books along with her upcoming 2018 Intrigues on her website.

Wherever you spend your summer, we hope you have a wonderful time!



  1. These all sound so good thank you for them i will put them all on my to be bought list. peggy

  2. I love to see what the Crew is offering !!
    And I do take my Kindle to the pool and beach.

    1. Me, too, Angi. I take mine everywhere. Never know when I'll have to wait.

  3. In Australia, it's really time to curl up in front of a fire with a books time - winter! But that won't stop me...