Getting Lost with our Tribes!

2014 Dreamweavers
The 2017 RWA annual conference has just concluded and this year they emphasized friendships and tribes. The romance community is unique in their kindness and pay-it-forward attitudes. And this includes the people you meet at chapter meetings and national conferences. Romance writing isn't a cut-throat business, because the  better we make the industry, the better it is for ALL writers.

So I want to talk about our tribes.

2013 Lucky 13s

I've been lucky to be a member of 4 different Golden Heart groups, two which are still very active. I meet Angi, and E.E Burke through The Unsinkables. And Liz is an Unsinkable and my Chaptermate at MFW. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet with our group this year--but Angi and I danced at the Harlequin party!

I did catch up with two groups. Lots of laughter. Lots of talk. And maybe we have a few drinks.


My tribe would be all those who love to read and write historical romance. Being swept away by a story set in interesting historical times is something I love to do. I'm a member of The Beau Monde Group of Regency era romance writers where we search for the truth of the era to bring authenticity to our stories.

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In addition to my 12 historical romances (See them on my website HERE), I have a blog, Historical Romance Review, where I review the historical romances of other authors and share their stories with interviews and posts from their reserach. It's my pleasure to bring great stories to readers.

My latest historical romance is set in the Georgian era and features a French comte and the sister of an English earl--both engaged in smuggling off the Sussex coast.

E.E. Burke
This summer, my teenage daughter attended a summer program at our local art college. She came home so excited, telling me she'd met other young people who were just like her and had similar interests, and for the first time she felt accepted, understood and in a place where she belongs. I told her. "You found your tribe!"

In 2010, as a finalist in the Golden Heart contest, I became part of a tribe of amazing authors. From those early relationships have come deep friendships and even partnerships. 

One of those partnerships is Get Lost In A Story, which was started by several of those finalists and winners. 

This tribe has grown to include other romance authors invited as guests who've become more like family! 

Other  tribes I've joined that have enriched my life include Pioneer Hearts, an online social media group that brings together readers and authors who passionately love Western historical romance. 

I also have a local tribe, MRW, which I've been part of since starting down this path. 

Within these tribes I've found nurturing, encouragement, support and understanding. 

I'm so glad I've found my tribe!


I used to have a very hectic corporate life, full to the brim with meetings, major events, travel and telephone calls. When I became a full time author in 2014, I turned my back on that incessant activity and have been almost reclusive (in a work sense, at least) ever since – so where a lot of authors talk about their tribe, I’m more of a solo operator. I don’t have any critique partners or beta readers, and although I’m a member of RWA and its equivalent organisation, Romance Writers of Australia, I attend conferences and writing events only occasionally. But I’m a member of one small, special international group of six writers, and when I need advice or to vent my spleen, it’s to the other five that I go! 

There’s one American, one Canadian, one South African, two Brits and me in the group, and we ‘met’ when we were won publishing contracts with a brand new Harlequin New Adult line following a special Harlequin So You Think You Can Write competition run in conjunction with Wattpad in 2013. We’ve all moved into different areas since then – young adult, new adult, chick lit, romantic comedy, paranormal, romantic suspense – but I feel as close to them today as I did when we all entered the publishing world as ingénues together.

What a wonderful thing, the concept of tribes! I have been blessed to share my life with the most supportive tribes in all different areas. My biggest and most influential tribe is my family. My parents ALWAYS encouraged and praised my love of writing, and to this day my 88-year-old mom buys my books and mails them off to her tribe (high school friends still alive and active!). My daughter and my brother and my sis-in-law are among the very first to buy and read my stories the day they come out--every time! And my dad, who is no longer able to read or speak--was, early on, one of my first critique partners. Now I read my books to him!

My writing tribe is equally important. As you've read, I'm a proud member of The Unsinkables 2010 Golden Heart finalists. Angi, Nan, Jillian and E.E. are sisters (my very very smarter-than-I-am sisters) for life. I also have a critique group of three others without whom I am convinced I never would have been published. I was a member of Alaska Romance Writers for three years when I lived in Anchorage. Those women are STILL some of my best writing teammates. Then there is my local RWA chapter--Midwest Fiction Writers. It is filled with women and men who uplift my spirits and make me feel like I totally have people who understand me.

Finally--I just joined a brand new tribe, which you'll all hear more about soon. Ten authors who've welcomed me into a group that all write stories in a world we're creating together. I can't wait to see what this new adventure brings! Of course--the GLIAS tribe...well my love for these ladies simply goes without saying! Here's to every one of you appreciating the tribes in your lives!!


Winning the Golden Heart
I adore the friends I made as a 2010 Unsinkables, through RWA and especially through North Texas and Dallas romance writers. It's really cool to walk into a room of writers and know that they "get" you.

I've belonged to other groups with the same goals in mind...but the writers in RWA are different and supportive through just about anything.

I've tried to create that camaraderie in my series BODYGUARDS IN HEELS. Cousins who hardly know each other, bonding over special gifts and a grandmother who wants them to all find their one true love.

I hope you have a tribe. A group that sticks with you--small or big--that doesn't matter.
So who is your tribe? Who do you go to when you need to talk or just connect? Is it family, co-workers or your best friend from grade school or college?

Tell us!   A lucky commenter will win a copy of Nan's newest release UNDERCOVER WITH THE HEIRESS.
US - autographed book. International -- eBook.


  1. I love reading about everyone's Tribes!! So fun!

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  3. Super fun post. I've been thinking about all my tribes all night now! Makes me want to gather them all close and hug them!!

    1. Absolutely! (I'm with the Massachusetts tribe right now! So I get to hug the Diva!!)

  4. Definitely family... we are a small group, but always there for each other! greenshamrock atcox dotnet