Regan Walker's New Medieval Warriors Boxed Set Giveaway!

Hello all! I’m thrilled to announce a brand new boxed set for the Award-winning
Medieval Warriors Series
 Set in medieval England and Scotland in the time following the Norman Conquest, these are stories of adventure, passion and love, rich in the history of the time when knights swept the country claiming the land and the women in the name of their king, William the Conqueror.

“This series captures the medieval era perfectly, creating the true sensation of traveling back in time to experience epic, riveting love stories that ignite the imagination. Beautifully written, perfectly paced and action-packed with passionate love affairs... What more can you ask?”   —  The Book Review

The Red Wolf's Prize, set in England in 1068, is the story of Sir Renaud de Pierrepont and Lady Serena of Talisand. When he is given her lands and her hand, she rebels, disguising herself as a servant while plotting to reclaim all she has lost.

Rogue Knight, set in England in 1069-70, is the story of the noble Sir Geoffroi de Tournai, who served with Sir Renaud. Called to York to put down the rebels, Geoff will defy King William to have Emma of York, the daughter of the man who leads the York rebels, and to help her people who are starving in the cold winter months following the “Harrying of the North”.

Rebel Warrior, set in Scotland in 1072, is the story of Steinar of Talisand who is wounded in York and flees to King Malcolm’s court with the coming of the Conqueror. There, he becomes scribe to the King of Scots, never revealing he is a skilled warrior. Catrìona of the Vale has come to Malcolm’s court wounded in spirit from the vicious attack on her home by Northmen who slayed her parents and her people. Slated to be one man’s bride, she will obey though she loves the lowly scribe.

King's Knight, set in England in 1091, is the story of the Red Wolf’s eldest son, Alexander of Talisand. Dubbed the Black Wolf for his raven hair, his fierceness in battle and his way with women, Sir Alex attacks life as he does the king’s enemies. William Rufus would bind him to Normandy through marriage to one of its noblewomen, but the only woman Alexander wants is a commoner he saved from a terrible fate. Shamed by her origin, Merewyn dons the garb of an archer and develops extraordinary skill with a bow. Despite her fair beauty, men now keep their distance. All except Sir Alex.

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  1. Sounds like a great book. I've never read one of your books or this genre before.

    1. I would be honored if you would try one of my books, Stephanie! Good luck in the Raffle.

  2. Sounds like fascinating books about that era!

    1. After writing those 4 novels, Pjrcmoore, I feel like I have lived in that century. Always happens to me when I spend time in one era for my stories.

  3. Hi Regan,

    While I'm a somewhat of a voracious Book Reviewer on Amazon-US with over 575 books in the last three years and a Reviewer Ranking of 2,643 [especially children's books and romances], I haven't really dwelled into reading Historical Romances yet. I think your boxed set might be a good place for me to start. BEST OF LUCK on your endeavor here.

    1. I do hope you try this series, Robin. And if you do and love it, please post a review! (And let me know what you think!)