Five Things For September

Hi everyone! I'm excited to be a part of the Get Lost In A Story blog.  With each new month I always have new things come rotating into my life and September is no different.  So here are my five things for September.

1.  Birthdays! My niece and my sister both have birthdays in this month and they are two of my favorite people.  I'm the oldest of three girls and my middle sister Donna is definitely the fun one.  Last February we took a trip to Paris just us Smith Girls and we had a fabulous time.  Here's one of my favorite pictures of us.

2. Pumpkin Spice.  I know this is a controversial thing. ;) I mean some people love it others hate it, but living in the UK we don't get a lot of pumpkin flavored things and since we Starbucks over here it's the one place I go to indulge my pumpkin fix.  Having a pumpkin spice latte always makes it feel like fall to me.

3. London.  I am so lucky that I am only a little over an hour away from London on a high speed train and this month I get to go down twice for different writing events.  Every year the authors who write for Harlequin/Mills&Boon have a luncheon and it's so much fun. We have a fab lunch and talk about the books, life and all the good stuff.

4. Back to School.  This is the last year I'll have a kid going back to school.  My son is starting his last year at university and I'm not going to lie it makes me a little bit sad.  But we are having fun doing back to school shopping and next weekend we will move him into his flat.

5. Books.  There are so many fabulous titles that I'm looking forward to this fall. Probably too many to name!

What are you looking forward to in September?  Let me know to be entered to win a copy of my latest release SUMMER IN MANHATTAN.

Happy reading!


  1. Hi Kathy! I love September for so many reasons: back to school is always a fun time, the cooler fall weather is definitely a plus, hockey season is just around the corner and it's my birthday month too!!

    1. Hi Anita! Happy birthday to you. Fall sports are the best. Hockey is one of my favs.

    2. Hi Anita, I'm a hockey fan too, can't wait for the season to start. Go Sharks!

  2. Wow in Sept we will finish up our canning tomatoes and potatoes also our little pup has to go in for some blood test they think she has a thyroid problem so that we are going to get done. Also a couple more blts with tomatoes from our garden then those are done. Plus we hear about the job that my husband applied for crossing fingers on that. So glad that it is a print giveaway !Thank you for the chance. Also the weather is not getting warmer which i was getting used to the cooler weather and the deer and rabbits are still running which we love to see as we are a No Hunting land!

  3. I have two grandkids with birthdays in September so that will be fun. Looking forward to celebrating their birthdays.

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