We Will Never Forget

In the midst of Hurricane Harvey and Irma ...
Amidst the other disasters and frightening moments around the world...

We hope you'll take a moment to 

If you've visited the 9/11 Memorial, then you may have noticed a white rose amidst the names. 

They're birthday roses set out for each hero. 

Here's more about that story from the Memorial site.

And here are some pictures from my visits.

Where were you? 

I shared my short story on the tenth anniversary.


  1. I was in Washington, DC, Angi and saw the huge black cloud rise over the trees as the plane hit the Pentagon. It was frightening.

  2. When I saw it on TV I couldn't believe it and thought they were just making a movie. It is a very sad time.

    1. I live by one of the busiest airports in the country. When the planes stopped flying...it was surreal.

  3. I first heard about the planes crashes on the radio but didn't realize the magnitude and scope of it until I saw it on TV. Then I was just riveted and stunned with horror when the Twin Towers collapsed knowing there were still so many who were trapped inside along with all those first responders who headed in to rescue people. It still brings me to tears whenever 9/11 comes around. And your pictures are so stunning, especially the one with the names of all the victims. Just seeing all of the names of the lives lost is heartbreaking.