E.E. Burke's Best of the West: Meet Four Bestselling Brides

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The Bride Train Series Collection

Valentine’s Rose, Book 1
An English nobleman searching for riches, an Irish laundress seeking love... Only in American would Fate be foolish enough to put them together.

Patrick’s Charm, Book 2
A disabled veteran’s fortunes improve after he hires a beautiful and talented performer, but when her past catches up will his luck run out?

Tempting Prudence, Book 3
An upright spinster is kidnapped to become the bride of a notorious bootlegger and finds an unexpected chance at love…if she’ll risk everything, including her reputation.

Seducing Susannah, Book 4
The arrogant railroad agent must marry a proper lady to reclaim his inheritance, but the woman he wants despises him…passionately.

Plus a BONUS Prequel: A Bride’s Journey
Enjoy this brief introduction to The Bride Train Series, which provides a glimpse into the journal of one of the brides traveling west.

A little history... 

The mail-order bride phenomenon in 19th century America spawned personal advertisements, matrimonial newspapers and matchmaking services—even the railroads wanted a piece of the action.

In southeastern Kansas a few years after the Civil War ended, riots broke out in protest of railroad land policies. Troops were sent in by President Grant to quell the violence and for a time it seemed another war might erupt. In search of a peaceful solution, some of the railroads proposed to transport single young women out West to become brides for the settlers, hoping the ladies would provide a “calming influence” on the unruly men.

Each bride and groom featured in The Bride Train series authentically represents the type of people who settled the American frontier: immigrants, former soldiers, widows, destitute women, men betting their future on the railroads, even opportunistic entrepreneurs, like those peddling moonshine!

You find all these characters and more in The Bride Train series, which offers a different, yet historically authentic, twist on the popular mail-order bride trope.

Pick up your copy of this special edition--including all four books and a bonus prologue-- for the low introductory price of only $2.99. If you’ve already read the series, consider purchasing it as a gift for someone you know who might like it.

All four of The Bride Train books have become Amazon bestsellers, and Tempting Prudence won a readers' and bloggers' book award for Best Western Romance in 2016. 

A note from the author...

My interest in Kansas history might be due to the fact that I live there. But there is so much rich national history in this state, you just wouldn't believe it! Once I started digging in, I had more materials for books than I could ever write.

Find out more!
The railroad history in particular is fascinating. I was so caught up in it that I wrote a four romance novels that follow the path of a famous railroad you might've heard of--The Kansas & Texas Railway, better known as The Katy. The first book in the Steam! Romance and Rails series, Her Bodyguard, introduces readers to the first trainload of brides shipped in for the settlers. That scene blossomed into the The Bride Train series.

I'm planning several more books in each series, as well as spinning off a Contemporary Romance series tied to the historical characters in Seducing Susannah (Book 4, The Bride Train).

Do you enjoy reading multiple series that are linked either through characters or events?  Can you think of any favorites?

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  1. yes and it was a Susan Mallery series that now is over to Inc and writing stories from there , ptclayton2@aol.com Sorry I don't tweet it i did i would twitter for you.

    1. Thanks Peggy. If you share my posts from FB that's fine, too. Whatever you do to help me get the word out is much appreciated! Good luck!

  2. I have several book series I love by Linda Broday and Rosanne Bittner but it's so hard to pick a favorite. I love to learn more and more about a hero and his love in book after book. I also love series that each book is about a different hero, his love and his life and each additional book in the series is about a brother and his story. Great examples are Men of Legend by Linda Broday and Outlaw Hearts by Rosanne Bittner just to name two of my favorites and recent reads.

    1. Both are awesome series! Thanks for sharing, Stephanie, and good luck!

  3. I do enjoy reading linked series. Anne Perry has a great series set in Victorian England.