The Wolf Lords of London are Coming!

Under the aquiline noses of kings and queens, London wolf packs have thrived above and below ground for centuries. Below the city, the packs share a private labyrinth of Roman catacombs, underground rivers and secret passages built for trysts between kings and mistresses. And if you know where to look—ancient wolfen halls.

Just as the gently rolling hills of Wiltshire whose standing stones bore the mark of the ancient wolf lords,  the Palace at Westminster does so today, where the Lords, the oldest and most prestigious of all the packs, occupy seats in both Houses of Parliament, two of them rising stars in the Tory cabinet.

But London's wolf packs are in trouble. The bloodlines have grown weak. Too many made wolves,
not enough native blood. In ancient times, wolfen males would hunt down females and force them into marriage contracts. Now, ominously, the practice is starting up again.

Desperate times.

This abhorrent behavior has led to the development of a lycanthrope suppressant, which allows pure-blooded girls like Elle Hathaway to successfully hide in plain sight. But not anymore.

Street pharmacists are being murdered and the supply of lycosopene is drying up fast. Reports of abductions are now commonplace.

Elle Hathaway has spent most of her young life in fear of herself. At least the part of her that grows fangs and claws. With the help of a lycanthrope suppressant, she’s made it through puberty, university, even her first job without so much as a shift. Then one night, deep in the tunnels of the Underground, her life changes forever. 

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Detective Inspector Abelseth Durant is investigating the lethal mauling of an unknown victim in the Covent Garden tube station, and Ms. Elle Hathaway is a person of interest. Sensing her wolf nature, he is mystified by the lovely young woman, and when Elle is abducted by a rival pack, Abelseth realizes he is being pulled back into London’s wolfen underworld. 

“I don’t know the wolf in me. I’m afraid of her. She’s like…a dark passenger.” 
                ~Elle Hathaway

Shaken out of blissful denial, Elle teams up with the handsome inspector to evade the renegade pack. But as her situation grows dire, Abelseth knows the only way he can truly protect the strong-willed beauty is to convince her to shift and claim her as his mate. There’s just one little problem with his plan—the reluctant Ms. Hathaway.

A brief excerpt from Wolf, Interrupted

    Outside the cafe, he handed her his card. “If anything pops up, the smallest detail, ring me at this number.”
    “Detective Inspector Abelseth Durant.” She grinned. “Poor man, even worse than Luella. My friends call me Elle. What on earth do your friends call you?”
    The way he arched that eyebrow was positively breathtaking. “My friends call me Abelseth.”
    Elle gave herself a mental slap. “No doubt a family name with a long and noble history.”
    He continued to study her. Between Lucy’s flirtation and her own awkward rudeness, the mixed messages must be dizzying. An icy wind gusted under the Inspector’s scarf, and it billowed up in the air.
   “Here, let me.” Elle caught one end of the fabric. “I’m good with these.” She folded the length in
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half and pulled the ends through the loop, tightening the scarf around his neck.
    He observed her every move, each turn and twist of his neckwear.          
   “There, not too neat, you want to look casual.” She ended up standing quite close to him. Her gaze trailed up the scarf and connected with his lovely eyes.
   “Watch yourself tonight.” He spoke softly, almost intimately.
“There were two abductions in Shoreditch last week, both officially charged as missing persons.”
    A parting shot of tingly. “I promise to be careful, Inspector Durant.”
    He lingered a moment before he turned to leave. “Good evening, Ms. Hathaway.”

A sneak peek at where the new series is headed! 

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Wolf, Interrupted is now available to purchase at all major online book sellers (buy link above). The release date for Wolf on Fire is December 1, 2017 and the Wolf Lords of London Anthology Volume 1(includes Wolf, Interrupted and Wolf on Fire) will be available as an ebook and in print, December 10, 2017.

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