Aubree Lane talks about Missing the Gate

I'm happy to introduce you to Aubree Lane, who is one of our Chandler County Authors and is also energetic, happy and positive. When Aubree posts in our author group she's always looking at things from the sunny side of life, for certain. She's been a true pleasure to work with and I hope she'll come back and write again in Chandler County.  Let's get to know her a bit better.

Have you been on the blog before?

Nope, my first time.

How often do you get lost in a story?

Every evening just before bed. I always take a little time just for me. Reading takes me away from the book I'm writing, the never ending marketing of my published books, and all the other troubles which plagued me during the day.

What's your favorite thing about your current book hero?

Eli is a dream come true for Bella. He's smart, funny, and understanding of her predicament. Best of all, he's supportive without letting her walk all over him.

Do you have a favorite movie of all time? Tell me about it.

Silence of the Lambs. I know it's a horror story, but it was the first date for Mr. Right and myself. We've been together ever since. He's my best friend, my love, and my life. Who would have thought a movie about cannibals would have such lasting effects. 

What's your perfect day like?

Nice weather and a leisurely hike alongside some sort of body of water. From the Hawaiian sand to the rocky terrain of Lake Tahoe, it's all good. Nature eases me like nothing else.

Let's do some rapid fire questions.

I have a question for your readers. Which do you prefer, ebooks, paperbacks, or listening to audio books? 

Okay readers, which do you prefer?  We'll wait while you comment below.  

Okay, are we ready?  Favorite color?


Favorite meal?

Almost anything as long as I'm eating with my husband.

Name something on your bucket list.

This is might be a strange answer, but one year, I want to work at Corbett's House of Horrors. It's my go to October haunted house. They expanded to a new location out in a corn field in Davis, CA and call it, 'Fear Farm'. Their new attraction is Zombie Attack. You strap into a seat in a flatbed and shoot paint balls at zombies coming out of the corn field. It's a wild ride that reminds me of Raiders of the Lost Arc in Disneyland. OH MY GOSH, it was so fun. When I go to work there, I want to drive that truck!!! 

Dream vacation?

Taking a cruise. I don't even care where.

Favorite book boyfriend?

Too many to narrow it down to one.

Favorite memory.

Author wise, my favorite memory has to be the time I spent in Hilton Head with a group of author friends. It was only four days, but between the women and wine, I never stopped smiling. That's where I met the unstoppable, Cherime MacFarlane (another authors in our Chandler County multi-author series). She and all the other ladies made for a long weekend that I will never forget.

Geek or Jock?

Yes. I used to be a jock, but these days I'm too geeky to qualify.

The most daring thing you’ve ever done… Care to share?

Have you seen those sky diving teams that do all kinds of acrobatics and form patterns in the sky...yeah, that used to be me. I quit when my extremely experienced instructor died during a jump. It hit too close to home. Besides, when your mom quietly asks you to cease and desist with the risky behavior, you do it.

Do you have a giveaway? If so, tell me about it.

 I'm giving away a $5 Amazon Gift card and an ebook of Missing the Gate (A Chandler County Novel)

If you are doing a giveaway, please tell me what readers should do to enter?

Anything you want to share about your favorite shoes?

ummm...that they have a hole in the toe. I love the old comfy ones. I'll take a tattered pair of athletic shoes over heels every single day of the week.

Okay, a little more about Missing the Gate.

After a thirteen-year hiatus, Bella returns home to discover her aunt Lily high-strung and unpredictable, her dad a recovering alcoholic, and her inheritance in ruins.
When Bella learns her uncle vanished the same day she and her mother fled from her father’s abuse, she enlists her new love, Eli, to help her uncover the many mysteries of Able Manor.
It's generally assumed that Uncle Gordon is dead, but his body was never found. Could there be a connection between his disappearance and his wife’s erratic behavior? Who’s the stranger lurking around the property, and what precipitated the downfall of the once esteemed horse ranch?
Corruption and intrigue plague the small town of Bourbonville. Bella’s prosperous father wants her back in his life. She sees him as a way to bring her ranch back to its former glory, but the price of trusting him may cost Bella her life.

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Let's get to know a little bit more about Aubree.

Aubree Lane is a true story teller. This award-winning author has been writing in one form or another for most of her life and has loved every moment.
Aubree lives in the beautiful foothills of Northern California with her husband, two wonderful sons, and a super special peek-a-poo named Tanner. When not managing the pooper-scooper, Aubree can be found at one of her favorite vacation spots ranging anywhere from Lake Tahoe to Maui.
Her motto: Write Until Your Butt Hurts, And Your Eyes Are Crossed.
And, now you'll want to follow her everywhere.

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  1. Well I can;t enter as I don't do twitter but I love that you stopped by GLIAS Aubree and do hope that you come back again! I loved the blog answers today and your books sound so good. Maybe next time you do a rafflecopter do the first question Visit my facebook page then other can enter the contest! ptclayton2@aol.com