Winter Wonderland Books Day 3

Ahh—a little moment of heaven! A bookstore just isn't a bookstore without a place you can kick back, order a pumpkin spice latte and read few chapters in a new book. One of my favorite places to hang out on Thanksgiving weekend is Winter Wonderland Books—right here at Get Lost in a Story. We've got books to curl up with as well as great gifts. So while you're perusing the page, feel free to click on any of the buy links…

Nan Dixon 
Undercover with the Heiress 
Fitzgerald House

What's behind her beautiful mask?

FBI agent Kaden Farrell is on a mission. He's undercover at Fitzgerald House in Savannah, where a little girl is the key to his investigation. And that's what he needs to focus on, not a down-and-out heiress whose jeweled eyes haunt his dreams.

Courtney Smythe might be spoiled, but when Kaden notices her ease with the children at the B and B, he sees the beauty beyond her looks. Getting close to Courtney will help his case, and giving in to attraction is the right thing to do. Even if it means perpetuating a lie…

Buy link: Amazon
Website: http://www.nandixon.com

Lizbeth Selvig
Missing by a Heartbeat
A Chandler Country Novel 

Dr. Tori Sterling knows her way around race horse injuries better than vets with twice her experience, and she’s used to defending her scrupulously honest reputation in a world where rule-bending beats honesty.

Trainer Winn Crosby has finally made it to his dream destination: the venerable Churchill Downs. With a gift for getting the best from his horses, his goal is training a horse for a big stakes race. It’s no easy task, however, when every member of his staff is young and has a record. When a Derby-bound colt is targeted by a saboteur, Winn and his stable of misfits are prime suspects.

Winn teams with Tori to save his own reputation, and their partnership blossoms into unexpected passion, but they’re soon racing against time. Someone is desperate to eliminate them and their investigating, and the two have to find out who it is before they lose their careers, their lives or, worse, their chance at love.

Buy link: Amazon
Website: www.lizbethselvig.com

Nancy Robards Thompson 
The Cowboy Who Got Away
Celebration, TX 

From homecoming crowns to wedding rings

Hunky bull rider Jude Campbell seems to have the world by the proverbial horns. But when the world champion returns to Celebration for his high school reunion, he's confronted by the ghosts he'd worked so hard to forget. Not to mention the high school love who got away…

Bridezilla wrangler Juliette Lowell is as gorgeous and genuine as she was as Jude's homecoming queen. And the spark between them burns as bright as ever. But Jules still smarts from Jude's betrayal years before. And as successful as he seems, Jude's struggling with the prospect of hanging up his spurs. But with his queen, Juliette, by his side, maybe this homecoming will take once and for all…

Buy link: Amazon
Website: www.NancyRobardsThompson.com

PJ Fiala
Missing Desire
A Chandler County Novel 

Can love overcome the insecurities of the past?

Nita Brown is a big, beautiful, resilient woman. She’s endured the loss of a husband, the trials of raising three kids, and the joy of purchasing and running of her own business. But dealing with the issues her son has brought home at the same time meeting a man who sees her for who she is, now this just might bring her to her knees.

Chuck Layton is new in town. He followed his boss, Levi, to Bourbonville to continue working in his newly found profession. Learning the security business has helped him over-come the insecurities his father drilled into him his whole life, and this new case is honing his skills. But, just as he’s figured out what he wants to do with his life he finds he must weigh his livelihood against his growing love of Nita. Chuck has some decisions to make.

Buy link: Amazon
Website: http://www.pjfiala.com

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