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“Here,” Jack stepped around her, “let me go first. Those cypress trees are sturdy, but rough on your hands.”
“Are your boots slick on this loose rock?”
“Everything’s slick when the rocks are rolling under your feet. Don’t worry. I got you.” He dug his heels into the ground and followed his lead.
One almost slip and both her hands were quickly on his shoulders. She left one and a second later had both touching him again. He tapped her hands to keep them there.
It took about five harrowing minutes, but they found a way to the rock embankment. With both his feet on rocky ground, he turned to help her with the last one foot drop. Hands at her waist, her hands on his shoulders, he lifted and they stood there…waiting.
Did he feel the anticipation spark as her lips passed his? It sure felt like he did. His heart was beating just a little faster when her palms slide down his chest. Yeah, she couldn’t help herself.
There was an attraction. She could fight it and say they shouldn’t move forward because of the obvious reasons. Or she could ignore the professional side of her brain and admit there was a connection. A connection that was getting stronger with each look and definitely each touch.
He dropped his hands like she was on fire giving her even more of a reason to believe he was thinking the same thoughts.
“West takes us Red Hawke Road. There are five or six houses that may or may not be occupied. Some are right on the creek, others aren’t.”
“And to the east?” She splashed into the cold water and faced that direction.
 “I believe that’s our best option to lose men chasing us. There aren’t too many homes before it turns into the Halifax Ranch. Lots of acreage once we get there. Old Indian caves, bluffs, the Blanco River. There’s a small dam and road that might throw them off, too.”
“You already made up your mind which way we’re going.”
“Pretty much.”
“Thanks for being considerate about it though.”
Jack made her feel included. She had no idea if it was deliberate in order to confuse her or if he was genuine. Scratch that. He was the genuine article. There was no talking herself out of that impression.
Under the bluff, darkness was steadily moving in. She stepped into the middle of the shallow creek, careful not to slip and drench herself, but there was nothing to see. No lights from nearby houses. No light pollution from a nearby town.
They really were in the middle of nowhere.
A good place to analyze and organize.
“You’re shivering. Ready to go up? There are some electric blankets or I could start a fire.”
“Dinner in front of the fire? Will there be a movie, too?”
“Only if you like a DVD they have. I didn’t pay much attention to those when I was here before.”
They started back up the incline. Jack led the way, holding her hand, steadying her when the rubber boots slipped. Back next to the deck, he stepped up, then lifted her with both hands.
There it was again.
A spark. A moment of anticipation.
If they’d been on a date, she would have stood on her tiptoes until he kissed her. She might have even leaned in and kissed him first. But they weren’t on a date. They were hiding out in the Texas Hill Country. And while she debated with herself about what to do, he let her go and practically ran the length of the porch.
“I’ll grab the food,” he shot over his shoulder.
There might be a million and one questions about who was after her and why. But one thing was abundantly clear. Ranger Jack MacKinnon was an honest man and dangerously attractive. She already respected him and trusted his judgement.
Getting involved would be easy. So how distracting would it be trying not to?

 Some of the house...

There's another set of window/doors to the right, floor to ceiling glass the entire length of the room.

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  1. I would enjoy the peace and quiet. Then I would worry about all I would have to catch up with when I got back. But I would certainly enjoy it while it lasted.
    Patricia B.

    1. It took three days to go through the withdrawal. LOL

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    1. Good choice.
      Research is what got me. I'm used to switching screens and getting answers right then.