Five Things For January

Welcome 2018!

I have so many friends who were ready to see the back of 2017.  I have to admit I had a really good year so for me it was with happy feelings that I greeted the New Year. I am a chronic list writer and love nothing more than setting goals for myself.  I do this at the beginning of each day, week, month and of course new year.  I love resolutions as I see them as a chance to start fresh.  I know not everyone feels that way.

I hope you do!

Here are five things that I'm looking forward to in January.

1. Hamilton.  My husband and I are going to see the musical in London on January 10th.  We will be staying overnight and are looking forward to a mid-week getaway and a chance to reconnect after the holidays where we spent two weeks with my entire family.  Which was fabulous but it will be nice to have some just us time.

2. Writing.  I am working on the second book in a duet I'm writing for Harlequin Desire. It's so much fun because there is a hidden identity.  My heroine has been on the run since she was twenty-one when her father tried to marry her off so he could control her inheritance.  She's been a nanny and you've met her if you read Tycoon Cowboy's Baby Surprise.  Pippa is coming into her own now that she's 25 and ready to take control.  She's starting with a hunky Cole's Hill bachelor she bought for herself at the charity bachelor auction.  I'm having a lot fun writing this one!

3. Tazo Peachy Green Organic Tea.  Yum.  That's all I have to say about that.  :) It's cold here so I drink a lot of hot tea and I always get excited when I find a new blend.

4. FaceTime Chats.  I'm looking forward to chatting with one of my besties Eve Gaddy.  We usually talk each week on video chat but because of Christmas, my travels and our deadlines we haven't had a chance.  But starting next week we are going to be talking again and I can't wait!

5. My new planner. I have an ARC system planner which allows me to custom make my planning pages.  I love it since I can download templates or just make up my own tracking pages.  I think I mentioned how much I love checking things off so each day I write out the scenes I need to write and then I write in my actual word count and check it off as I finish each 1000 words.  :)

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  1. Sounds like your year is going off with a bang and that is nice that you talk to a fellow writer every week that is sure a help and then you can take the load off you feet especially going to see the wonderful play. Have a wonderful New Year and I look forward to your future posts Katherine!