Resolutions vs. the Bucket!! What's on your list?


This time of year is slated for those resolutions we all have made at one time or another. Whether losing weight, exercising more, getting more sleep, taking more time to read books (thinly veiled market ploy) …but I think its equally as important to stop and make a “fun” list—those things that spark a fire inside you, hold your imagination and perhaps cause tingles to think about doing! 

We’re talking ‘BUCKET LIST” PEOPLE!!

I never gave a second thought to making a list like this when I was younger. Way too busy living life!! BUT…as I’ve gotten older (phewwett, yeah older) those thoughts of “yeah, I’d really like to do that, or see that someday, become a little more important. Now, other serendipitous things may occur that make checking off those dreams/goals—but thats the beauty of the bucket list—IT CAN BE CHANGED! NO GUILT. NO REMORSE. I like to think maybe MORE GRATEFUL.

While you may or may not achieve all the goals, I think its important to have them. Whether big or small, it really makes no difference as these are YOUR goals, your dreams.

Here's what the GLIAS authors had to say when asked “What are 5 things on your bucket/goal/dream list?" Here we go, starting with mine!

**Not necessarily in exact order!
  1. Visit Ireland/Scotland
  2. Visit a Dude ranch
  3. Go to Gettysburg Battle Field
  4. Enjoy watching my grandchildren grow & fingers crossed “their” kids as well
  5. Continue to write stories about the Kinnisons and the small town of End of the Line, Montana!

I have so many things on my bucket list--here are five of my favorites! I've been blessed with the chance to knock a few off already, but I always have more ready to fill in the spots. The main item, really is to stay healthy enough to keep adding dreams until hubby and I are really really old!

1. Ride a mule to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
2. Visit Australia with my hubby--I was there in 2002 and have known ever since that he HAS to see it, too!
3. Take several more long-distance walks in England and Scotland (we did 200 miles in England and, recently, 100 miles in Scotland--it's addictive).
4. See my kids and grand kids have safe, healthy, and amazing lives the entire time I'm alive!
5. Write a wildly successful series of books!

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books2read.com/u/mKJ9eBI’m lucky enough to say that most things I really wanted to do in this life, I’ve already done, but there’s always room for more…

    1. Reorganise my life to spend half of every year living in Italy – stage one of this plan was completed when I became an Italian citizen and got my passport, watch this space for stage two.
    2. Write a fictionalised account of my family history – believe me, it’s drama all the way.
    3. Get that fifth tattoo and go big with it.
    4. Visit Spain and Portugal at last.
    5. Learn to make my mother’s spectacular ragu.


      My bucket list is pretty simple for this year.

      1. Trip to Norway to see the Northern Lights
      2. See the outer Hebrides
      3. Go to Dublin with my daughter for St. Patrick's day
      4. Go back to Venice with husband
      5. Take a trip on the Orient Express

        Get Your Copy
        My bucket list changes soooo often. There's always something new to do and add to the list. 2018...is no different.

        1. Traveling is always at the top of the list. Doesn't matter where...just some place new (2018 will be in the northwest states).
        2.  NYC for the Macy's Day Parade.
        3.  See the Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC (or Japan with one of my besties, Shizue).
        4.  Be on the Amazing Race.
        5.  Join a cross-country cycling group

        1. Spend quality time with friends and family 
        2. Travel somewhere new
        3. Walk more, sit less
        4. While doing #4, write more, fret less
        5.  Learn to speak French

        February 2018
        I'm so grateful to have had the good fortune to explore nearly all my bucket list places, including an amazing African photographic safari. There is, however, one more place in Africa:

        #1. I'd love to explore Ancient Egypt! The pyramids at Giza/Sphinx, Valley of the Kings, Tutankhamen's tomb, Luxor Temple, Dendera Temple Complex, which includes the Temple of Hathor. Both Karnak and the Philae Temples…I could go on and on and on, but I'd be taking up too much space here! 
        #2. Write a Contemporary Romantic Suspense series! There are three series I'd like to complete: Wolf Lords of London, a new new romantic suspense series, and a young adult paranormal series. Big plans—I'd better get writing!

        PJ Fiala
        1.  I'd love to spend an entire month in Italy, exploring, eating the food and drinking the wine.
        2.  I should probably diet, but, it's so bothersome. So, I'll settle for walking more and sitting less.
        3.  I want to grow my readership this year - exponentially.  
        4.  I'd love to go on the Amazing Race with Angie.  
        5.  Make more memories with my family and friends.  

        My bucket list for 2018: 

        1. Get settled into our new house (find a place for everything and donate what doesn’t fit). 2. Paint weekly (at least).
        3. Work in my art journal daily.
        4. Exercise daily.
        5. Cook at least one new recipe a week.

        My bucket list sounds a little like my goals!

        1. Be a kinder person. There is too much hate in our world.

        2. Take a European River Boat Cruise - hopefully during tulip season.
        3. More International Travel!! I need to get more country dots on our travel map. And need to make the time to see family not in Minnesota. 
        4.  Remodel master bedroom and bath. My closet is not adequate!
        5. Get back and STAY in shape!

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        1. Angi I would love to watch you on the amazing race.1. See my family in Ca more often 2. Battle my pain and disease with the power of prayer and god 3. Help authors more 4. I would love to go to Alaska so my husband can fish 5. When I wake up every morning thank god that the disease didn't beat me that night and give more support to others who are going thru what i have with less years of battling so I don't lose more friends this year! Those are mine.

          1. What an excellent bucket list !!
            You and God can do it !!