Boxed Chocolates

Day Three of What's Your Candy? brings us boxes of chocolate...

Our friends are, of course, particular about what kind & type...but guessing would be pretty hard.  So can you guess who sent the Snoopy and Heart box pictures? 

The answers are below in their quotes. Leave your guess as a comment to be registered for a $25.00 gift card. You don't have to be correct. Maybe let us know WHY you guessed the way you did. Contest is open through midnight February 14th.

Who admits to taking a bite or pinching the chocolates
to discover the filling?

Sarah Andre        Leanne Banks
Karilyn Bentley   Roseanne Bittner
Regan Black        Allison Collins
Kathy Douglas    Kerry Evelyn
Jen FitzGerald    Jacie Floyd
Susan Fox            Eve Gaddy
Gail Hart              Julia Justiss
Catherine Kean  Angi Morgan
Carrie Nichols    Carrie Padgett
Cheryl Pierson

Carrie Nichols
"Apologies should be accompanied by dark chocolate truffles!" ~Carrie Nichols

Giant, dark-chocolate-covered creams from Rogers’ Chocolates in Victoria, BC (my home town) “Ever since I was a kid, these rich, luscious treats were THE special gift for a special person on a special occasion.” ~Susan Fox

Rosanne Bittner
Cheryl Pierson

“My dad always saw that my two sisters, my mom, and I each got our own beautiful heart-shaped box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, no matter how hard times were–he never forgot. My first hero!” Cheryl Pierson

“ANYTHING that is DARK, DARK CHOCOLATE. 70% cacao preferred. If it’s milk chocolate, I will give it away unless it’s PACKED with tons of nuts.” ~Rosanne Bittner

Gail Hart
Jacie Floyd
“Godiva chocolate truffles, because they’re like a great romance hero—rich and sweet.” ~Gail Hart

“My first and favorite gift of Valentine candy was a box of Maple Creams from Libs Candies, a very special candy store in my hometown (Evansville, In).” ~Jacie Floyd

Leanne Banks
Carrie Padgett

"Chocolate-covered vanilla buttercream candies.  I've loved them since before I had teeth and I watched my Mama eat them!"~ Leanne Banks

See’s Chocolates are a special treat for Valentine’s Day. Nuts & Chews, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, I love it all. But no coconut!”  ~Carrie Padgett

Eve Gaddy
Kerry Evelyn

“Chocolate buttercreams are my absolute favorite and they always remind me of my grandmother.” ~Eve Gaddy

“On Valentine's Day 2007, I became a mom. The sweetest gift ever!” ~Kerry Evelyn

Sarah Andre
Jen FitzGerald
Valentine Dove Chocolate, because you get to eat chocolate and follow their self-love tips like: "indulge in a bath," (OK, cuz Dove Chocolate told me to!)” ~Sarah Andre

“They're just so rich and luscious. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate; what's not to love?” ~Jen FitzGerald
Linda Broday

Karilyn Bentley
Boxed Chocolates...Why limit myself to just one one kind? Oh man, have to try them all!” ~Linda Broday

I love the assorted chocolates in the heart-shaped boxes. Yummy!” ~Karilyn Bentley

Regan Black

chocolate shells

“In our house nothing says love like a chocolate starfish!” ~Regan Black

Catherine Kean
Allison Collins
Godiva Chocolate Truffles. “So very delicious and worth savoring, just like the perfect romance novel.” ~Catherine Kean

"Life really is like a box of chocolates - from creams and caramels, to nuts and nougats, every day is a new experience to bite into." 
~Allison Collins

Kathy Douglas

Julia Justiss

"Caramel (no nuts, no fillings, just caramel) covered in DARK chocolate!"

"I like the Whitman's Samplers because they used to have Snoopy figurines with the box and I love Snoopy." ~Kathy Douglas

Angi Morgan

"It's me... I admit it...
I pinch or take a small bite out of all the chocolates in the box. If I don't like them...my husband will eat them anyway." ~Angi Morgan

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  1. I got distracted by the comment by Kathy Douglas.

    I gave my daughter a Whitman's sampler on three occasions. (I couldn't find them after that.)Each came with a soft toy Snoopy. When we decorate for Christmas they have a special spot. There is a Snowman Snoopy, Snoopy in a pink bunny suit and a Snoopy in a green onesie and striped nightcap.

    I'm no good at naming chocolates, just eating them.


    1. That makes a great quote, Mary!
      "I'm no good at naming chocolates, just eating them."
      Mind if I steal it?

  2. Well this is a hard giveaway. Lol I'm guessing Cheryl Pierson because she deceived the big heart shape boxed candies and that would have been before the boxes had cheat sheets to what was inside!

    1. Stephanie, my mom used to teach us what those candies were by the shape of them before we got the cheat sheet kind. LOL Squares are caramels (my favorite of all). Rectangles are nougats of some kind, usually. Round are cremes. The nut kind and coconut (ugh) you can see usually. LOL I got to be an expert by the time I was about 7 or 8. LOL

  3. Kathy Douglas cause she loved Snoopy figure that came with Whitman sampler

  4. I’d say Karilyn Bentley, sent Snoopy & The heart shaped chocolate.
    Oh I love milk chocolate especially wit nuts but a good dark chocolate is great too.

  5. I have to go with the chocolate buttercream so good.

  6. I think Kathy Douglas sent the Snoopy and chocolates. And Angi nibbles. My favorite candies are anything with milk chocolate and peanut butter. Thank you for the chance! :)

  7. Kathy Douglas, because of her quote "I like the Whitman's Samplers because they used to have Snoopy figurines with the box and I love Snoopy."

    My fave is the Reese's pb hearts/

  8. Kathy Douglas, Angi Morgan

  9. Kathy Douglas for the Snoopy because she loves Snoopy figurines. The heart shape box could be from anyone since most of the authors love boxed chocolates

    1. True ! Cheryl Pierson used to get them from her father.

    2. I am picky about boxed chocolate brands... love chocolate with nuts!

    3. I'm a pincher...guess that makes me super picky

  10. This has been so much fun. I've enjoyed reading the comments from everyone about all the candy and preferences. I truthfully just love chocolate of any kind--except the time when I turned 6 and Mom bought me a German chocolate cake. It was the only chocolate cake they had and of course, German chocolate has dreaded coconut in the icing. :(((( We'd just moved and Mom didn't have any of her kitchen stuff unpacked, so she had to buy a cake that year for me. She did the best she could, under the circumstances, but I will always remember how I took a bite of that "chocolate" cake and the coconut was so overpowering--more so than the chocolate flavor. LOL But as for chocolate candy--I will eat any of it...except the ones with coconut in them.

    Many thanks to GLIAS for hosting this wonderful Valentine shindig! Such fun and a great pleasure to be included!

  11. It has to be sugar free! No wonder SOME of us are not so sweet anymore! But that doesn't stop us from writing great stories!

    FANTASTIC advertising!

  12. My favourite candy is red cinnamon hearts. My favourite chocolate is Lindt milk chocolate.

  13. Snoopy question - Kathy Douglas

    Angi I do the same thing with the boxed candy, I take a bite and if I don't like it my husband will eat it. He'll eat anything chocolate and I'm picky.

  14. Angi likes to pinch or bite. Kathy Douglas collects Snoopy and likes Whitman Chocolate which I think it says on the box.

  15. I Love The Heart Shaped Red Hots...
    I also love Western books that include children...

  16. I love dots. All these books sound so good.

  17. I left 2 comments and both of them have been deleted or something i matched people up

  18. How fun! Hope you all have a lovely Valentines!

  19. My guess is Kathy Douglas! :)

    There aren't many types of Valentine's candy out there that I don't love! My fav is Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

  20. I love how Linda thinks, I'd totally go for the box of chocolates too since there are so many kinds to sample! And Angi, you know you have a keeper of a husband when he'll eat the stuff you don't want!

  21. I don’t know who sent what but I love all of the chocolate in the box