Chocolate Covered Anything

It's almost Valentine's Day. Are you a traditional boxed candy (like our guests tomorrow?) Or can you relate more to chocolate on everything?

Can you guess who likes which? The answers are below in their quotes. Leave your guess as a comment to be registered for a $25.00 gift card. You don't have to be correct. Maybe let us know WHY you matched us up the way you did.

Christi Barth        Carolyn Brown        Wynter Daniels        Cynthia Diamond        Danica Favorite        PJ Fiala        Rachel Goldsworthy        Loraine Heath        Teresa Keefer        Erika Kelly        Cindy Kirk        Linda Lovely        Kathleen O’Brien        Priscilla Oliveras        Linda Rees        Nancy Robards-Thompson        Susan Scott Shelley        Sharon Wray

Nancy Robards Thompson
Sharon Wray

"Chocolate-covered salted caramel is a girl's best friend." ~Nancy Robards Thompson

“I love the chocolate covered coconut candies in the heart-shaped boxed chocolates. I’ll even break all of the candies open (or bite them in half) until I find the coconut ones!" Sharon Wray

Danica Favorite
Lorraine Heath

“Cover it in chocolate and I’ll eat it- unless it’s a bug. That’s gross!” ~Danica Favorite

Chocolate Covered Cherries … “Hard on the outside, soft on the inside candies remind me of my heroes." ~Lorraine Heath

Carolyn Brown

PJ Fiala
"Lindor's Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Truffles are my absolute fav!  I actually close my eyes to block everything out when I eat them, they're so darn good."  ~PJ Fiala

“Chocolate covered pretzels...salty and yet sweet, like the cowboys who are in my head all day long!” ~Carolyn Brown

ChristI Barth

Chocolate makes anything sexy! Strawberries, marshmallows ....dudes...  Anything!” ~Cynthia Diamond

Sees dark chocolate covered peppermint - "I allow myself ONE while writing, and it is so sumptuous and flavorful that it knocks out my craving for anything more. Powerfully awesome!" ~Christy Barth

Linda Rees
Wynter Daniels

"Kisses and chocolate - two things that scream Valentine's Day to me!" ~Wynter Daniels

"I like it firm and covered with chocolate." ~Linda Rees

Susan Scott Shelley
Linda Lovely
Chocolate covered coffee beans... "These tiny treats are caffeine coated in happiness."Susan Scott Shelley

“Why limit yourself to chocolate? Love all homemade candy from penuche to cranberry-pistachio bark. Started making chocolate candies with my mom & sister when I was a kid. Still make an assortment. It’s fun—and tasty!” ~Linda Lovely

Cindy Kirk

“Reese's Peanut Butter cups remind me of Eliza and Kyle in Say I Do in Good Hope...the perfect blend of yumminess!” ~Cindy Kirk

"Chocolate-covered strawberries, because the virtue of fruit cancels out the naughtiness of chocolate--right?"   ~Kathleen O’Brien

Teresa Keefer

"After Kiss in the Wind came out, chocolatier Livy created a divine truffle recipe using her sweetheart's whisky, which I thought was deliciously romantic of her." ~Rachel Goldsworthy

“Chocolate covered strawberries with champagne...the breakfast of lovers...” ~Teresa Keefer

Erika Kelly
Priscilla Oliveras
Reese's peanut butter cups: "I mean, peanut butter's a protein & they say protein is good for your body, right? Add some chocolate and I say it's even better! ;-) " ~Priscilla Oliveras

“Best Valentine’s Day ever was when my manly, alpha husband who doesn’t bake or cook bought a special heart-shaped cake pan and made me angel food cake with fresh whipped cream and strawberries.” ~Erika Kelly

Angi Morgan

"I don't like dark chocolate...please don't shoot me. But I do love black & white covered strawberries. To me they are the ultimate sexy tuxedo." Angi Morgan

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  1. Yummy books and yummy candy how can you go wrong :)

  2. I love See's Chocolate Truffles.

    1. Chocolate may not be my favorite...but I do eat truffles occasionally. :)


  3. Christi Barth- See's dark chocolate covered peppermint
    Carolyn Brown- Chocolate covered pretzels
    Wynter Daniels- Kisses and chocolate
    Cynthia Diamond- chocolate-covered anything
    Danica Favorite- chocolate-covered anything
    PJ Fiala- Lindor's Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Truffles
    Rachel Goldsworthy- truffles
    Loraine Heath- Chocolate Covered Cherries
    Erika Kelly- angel food cake with fresh whipped cream and strawberries
    Cindy Kirk- Reese's Peanut Butter
    Linda Lovely- homemade candy
    Kathleen O’Brien- Chocolate-covered strawberries
    Priscilla Oliveras- Reese's peanut butter cups
    Linda Rees- firm and covered with chocolate
    Nancy Robards-Thompson- Chocolate-covered salted caramel
    Susan Scott Shelley- Chocolate covered coffee beans
    Sharon Wray- chocolate covered coconut candies in the heart-shaped boxed chocolates
    Angi Morgan- black & white covered strawberries

  4. Chocolate covered nuts... I am a big fan of salted caramel too.

    1. Ooh, salted caramel is definitely something I rarely pass up, May!

  5. There is something rather special about a box of chocolates. I always think they beg to be shared. Something for everyone.


  6. Nothing like a box of chocolates and a good book to go with them.
    quiltlady110 at gmail dot com

  7. How am I supposed to choose just one of those books for the giveaway? They all look so yummy. ;-)

  8. This is great thanks for sharing the giveaway.

  9. Valentines day for me is a quiet time with my husband and chocolate covered strawberries.

  10. I like a little bit of everything ... except mint or licorice! :)

  11. Like Cynthia, give me anything in chocolate including dudes (LOL!) but with the exception of bugs (I'm with Danica on this one) and I'm all set! :D

  12. I am a chocolate truffle kind of lady

  13. These comments are threatening to undo my diet! Definitely no bugs, though!