First Friday With The Crew: Exploring The Language of Love

It's February! Valentine's Day will soon be upon us, and this month, above all others, is a time when we love to celebrate LOVE.

What better way to celebrate than to explore the language of love. We asked the crew how for them love is best expressed and/or received, either in a personal context or for the characters in their books. Here's what they had to say:

E.E. Burke

Some years back, I came across a bestselling book, The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, which really spoke to me because it hit the nail on the head when it came to how I both expressed and received love.

In summary, the 5 love languages are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. I won't go into all the details about these (you can read it here), but I will say that I personally best accept and express love through Acts of Service. I'm also big on giving gifts, and I love thoughtful gestures. Even a candy bar given in love excites me!

The characters in my upcoming book, Jolie, A Valentine's Day Bride, have a difficult time overcoming cultural stigmas as well as personal conflicts that arise when their goals clash. But one thing that speaks volumes to Jolie, the madam of a popular whorehouse, is a Valentine's card she receives from Hank--with no strings attached. That simple gift ultimately leads to Jolie's decision to trade her hard-won security for love, even knowing it could lead to heartbreak.

What are your love languages? 

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Avril Tremayne

Interestingly enough, for a romance writer I’m not demonstrative about love. Nobody in my family is especially affectionate; we’re not huggers or kissers or expressers of emotions (except to our own kids, and then all bets are off). I’d say that my specialty is quiet, unswerving loyalty. 

When you’re in my inner circle, no matter what you do, I’ll be there with the big guns – asking no questions, telling whatever lies you need to be told, volunteering to bury the bodies. 

And that’s what I expect in return, so keep your flowers and your chocolates and your I-love-yous and give me blind loyalty and we’ll be in it for the long haul. 

I think that’s reflected in my books, which tend to be pretty intense by the time the happily ever after arrives, no matter how much fun the characters have had reaching that point: it really is about belonging to each other come what may.

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PJ Fiala

What is the way my characters express love? In Missing Desire, Nita Brown is a big beautiful
woman. Trouble is, she hasn't felt beautiful in a very long time. Before she was widowed, her husband cheated on her and since that time, she's struggled with feeling less than. She's simply focused on raising her three children and growing a business.

Enter Chuck Layton. Chuck is a big fellow, tall, broad and strong. Trouble is he's always been belittled by his father as being big and dumb, so he grew up feeling that way. Chuck meets Levi Jacobson and his life changes. Levi needs someone like Chuck to work for him in his security business. So this match is perfect, Chuck is able to get away from his father and Levi gives Chuck something he's needed his whole life - confidence in himself.  Moving to Chandler County Kentucky with the business helped Chuck move away from his abusive controlling father and settle in to find himself. 

He meets Nita and holey moley, sparks fly, birds sing, rainbows appear. Not really, but there are sparks and interest. They way Chuck shows Nita love is acceptance. She's not a big beautiful woman to him, she's a beautiful woman and he tells her this often. He sticks up for her when men make fun of her and she's never had that. Nita shows Chuck love by taking care of him and showing him how much she needs him. They are a match made in heaven for each other and they meet at just the perfect time in both of their lives.

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Angi Morgan

I’ve always believed showing is a lot better than telling. Not only in my writing, but also in life…especially expressing love. 

In most of my stories, the hero and heroine best show their love by being willing to give up everything and believe in the other person. 

In my own love life… well, most of the flowers I get are apology blooms. But my guy supports my writing and has given up brand new cars, upgrades on the house, etc so I can write full-time.

 I think that’s one of the best ways to show me he believes in me and loves me.

She needed a miracle. She got a Texas Ranger
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This was an interesting question because I’m certain my answer would have
been different at various times in my life. This past year or so has been challenging in many ways, both personally and professionally, but something that has filtered to the surface in my daily life has been gratitude. I am guilty as anyone about taking people and things for granted, but experiences in my life recently have reminded me to be grateful for the people in my life, the gifts that I have, and the ability to share those gifts. In a similar vein, when my family, my friends or readers show gratitude, it’s inspiring, right? It costs nothing. It’s calorie free. And one size fits all. I highly recommend gratitude this Valentine’s Day!!

My current release is part of a multi-author holiday series; Twelve Days of Christmas Mail-Order Brides; the Piper. It features my hero Christian Ezekiel Kinnison (And yes, Kinnison Legacy fans there IS a relation here!) and Genevieve Walters, a widowed wife of Zeke’s Commander in the Union Army. Entrusted to be his right hand, Zeke would read aloud the letters from the commander’s wife and in the process, fell in love with her. When the unthinkable happens, he must confront the woman and his emotions and in the heat of passion stolen kiss brings guilt, tearing these two apart for the next dozen years, until fate cloaked in the magic of the holiday season offers these two a second chance at true love.

Due to the joyful, emotional impact of reader responses, the twelve authors agreed to create a spin-off series featuring the Happily Ever-After’s for some of the secondary citizens of the fictional mining town, Noelle, Colorado.
Starting February 14, there will be two new stories from authors, Kit Morgan and E.E. Burke with more “Brides of Noelle; Love for All Seasons” series. And coming March 17, in time for St Patrick’s Day, I’ll offer a third story—"Norah; a
St Patrick’s Day Bride.”
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Have a wonderful February!!


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My favorite love stories are about characters who believe that love just isn't in the stars for them. Maybe they've had the shit kicked out of them by love and have given up. Or maybe they've come to believe that love—the kind you read about in fairy stories and romance novels will never find them.

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How do I express love? I think by doing and giving. And making food. When the people I love are helping in the kitchen--laughing and smiling--life is fabulous. And if Prosecco or wine is involved that's even better!

But if you want to find your way into my heart, it's simple. Bring me a cup of tea in bed. It will start my day out with a smile.

My characters almost all love to cook, it's' their way of giving, too. And there is always Prosecco.

My upcoming release--TO CATCH A THIEF is part of the FITZGERALD HOUSE series. and this one was fun. Normally everyone in my world loves the Fitzgeralds. Carolina--not so much.  This time you see the Fitzgeralds through a new angle, through the eyes of somebody who starts out despising them.

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My family has always been very open about saying, “I love you.” However, it’s not just lip service. We are a small, tight-knit bunch and we will go to great lengths to be there for one another.
We’re not perfect by any means, but we try to not to take each other for granted. We’ve known our share of loss and I think it has made us aware that life is uncertain. You don’t know what tomorrow will hold.  

Communication is key for us. We keep in touch and communicate often. Mostly by text or phone, in person, when we can swing it. We’re not always available and we understand that and know we will catch up soon. If something is wrong, we make a point to talk it out and not go to bed mad. We can always work it out.

That makes me think of another way we show our love—we’re aware of what makes each other happy and what presses buttons. My husband retired recently. Sometimes when I’m at my desk, he’ll bring me an apple or a cup of tea without me asking. These small, thoughtful gestures mean the world to me. For him, it’s us spending time together that makes him happy. He’s so supportive of my career. I try to strike a balance between work and home, because I can be somewhat of a workaholic. He’s definitely worth it! 

My next book, MADDIE FORTUNE'S PERFECT MAN, is an April 17 release. It's my 30th book for Harlequin and my 40th published book overall. It's book five in Harlequin's 2018 Fortunes of Texas series. 

Maddie Fortunado, heir apparent to her father’s real estate business, is stunned to learn that she’ll have to fight for the job she’d assumed was hers! Even worse? Her rival is none other than Zach McCarter, her secret crush. 



To me, love is truly everything, and it's all that really matters in the world. I have been so fortunate in my life to have, first and foremost, long-lasting, forever romantic love, as well as close and loyal family love, and the love of wonderful friends--many of whom have been in my life literally since childhood. 

Edinburgh=Romantic Travel
I met my hubby when I was fifteen and married him when I was barely nineteen. Statistically we shouldn't have "worked," but because there has never been a question of love, because we share the belief that our "job" in marriage is to make each other's life easier (my husband is by far the best at this!!) we've been together 43 years!

Our language of love follows the same form as a good romance novel: show rather than tell. Hubby does the traditional romantic things once in a while:  flowers, unexpected prezzies, dinners out. More importantly, he does those "women's porn" things:  he cooks, he does laundry, he supports every dream I have. I try to do the same back--but I'm way more spoiled than he is.

In all my books, the path to romance and love is the same: my hero and heroine do for each other. It's never about the sex or even the attraction (although there is definitely always attraction), it's about helping each other grow, about making a family however big or small, about being each other's priority. It's about the relationship. Without "rescuing each other right back" to paraphrase the movie Pretty Woman there's no point in the story as far as I'm concerned.

In my most recent book Missing By a Heartbeat my hero and heroine definitely need each other and absolutely make each other whole. Tori, a racetrack veterinarian, has never found anyone who will love her for exactly who she is. Winn, a successful horse trainer, had a rough youth and only turned his life around with perseverance and dedication. He barely believes he's worthy of lifelong love. By learning to trust each other, they learn they are much more together than they've ever been alone.

And that's the absolute language of love: helping another person be his or her very best--whether it's a love, a family member, or a friend!

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  1. Little notes are always welcome, especially when you find them in the most unusual places. Fun to write too.

  2. Happy February... I enjoy making little cards or baking...

  3. I love reading about my friends !!

  4. wow that is a tough one, but by things you do, I fix hubs favorite meals without him asking and we gets my truck and brings it to the back door - NO attached garage on our farm - so it is warmed up for me to leave for work!

  5. Actions speak louder than words, doing random acts of kindness

  6. Love is
    Kind words when someone is feeling down.

    Little things like bringing someone flowers for no special occasion.

    Offering to help someone who is overwhelmed.

    Giving someone a hug when you know they need one.

  7. I bake for people. My kids get lots of hugs because I'm aware that they will be too old to want them before too long.

  8. I make things and bake cookies and jam.

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  10. For me this is real hard as I grew up in foster homes and there was no love to the foster kids at all they were there to get a check that paid for a pool and other things. Then the first time I fell in love he showered me with roses and did everything he could to show me he loved me it was wonderful. He'd take my girlfriend who I graduated with and myself to SF and just take us to a wonderful restaurant and give us the tour everytime of where he went to school and everything. Then he turned 21 and spent our honeymoon night in the Disneyland hotel bar. Then it got worse and all those ways were 2nd to the booze and then I became pregnant with my daughter and he continued to drink and I couldnt take it. So I have to say that for a period there I was a Queen least I felt like it. It was new to me and something that noone had ever done my grandmother was wonderful but not so verbal and I lived with her. Her love to me was different so there are different types of love and at that time I had both for a few years.

  11. I love to nurture others to show love.

  12. I always give my husband a cool gift of something he loves to collect. Since we loved antiques we hobyhat Route. Something special we can remember each other by. One year he gave me a beautiful antique old rodeo scarf made of silk & had it framed on acid-free paper so it would last a lifetime.

  13. My husband travels across the country and he often brings me little trinkets he finds in various spots. Recently he bought me a wooden sign that states, "Always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you know." Nice positive thoughts for days when you have a bit of doubt.

  14. I always try to share encouraging words to ones I love and I like to share my homemade crafts with ones I love

  15. Taking the time, with elderly people talking to them..and just listen it means the world to them❤️

  16. I adore the concept of 5 languages of love! I never read the book but I get the emails, with awesome practical suggestions! I show my love in lots of different ways...I reserve great affection for my kids & hubby, but I’m also a hugger, & love doing little things just because I can! Trdivincenzo (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. Making food, listening, and bringing them gifts as a surprise are a few of the ways I show love to my family.

  18. I express love by doing things that make others happy!

  19. My love language is definitely doing things for others - baking or volunteering. Driving my kids places, helping them achieve their goals. If you want to show me love, wash the dishes, clean the house or wash my car! All great ways to love me.

  20. I tell my family how happy I am that I have each and every one when I see them.They show me love right back with hugs and smiles!

  21. Special baked goods, Lots of Hugs & Kisses XOXO, Most of all saying "I Love You"!

  22. Saying I love you. Saying how important the person is in my life. Hugs and kisses. Whispering sweet nothing's. The touch of my hand in their hand. The smell of cologne.

  23. My love language is receiving gifts; my husband's is quality time. It was good we learned this about each other many years ago.

  24. Spending quality time with someone is the best way to show love to them. Letting them know how much you love them through actions and your words. For Valentine's bake them cookies, make them a special meal, give them a card or candy.

  25. Definitely by being there, support, hugging kissing. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway.

  26. I am grateful for the love I receive. We do not necessarily make a big deal on days like Valentine's Day or anniversaries. I like to show my love every day by doing little things to help out or make someone happy. Every so often it is nice to do something special just to surprise them: a nice dessert, a special dish I know they really like, something they have been wanting, a movie, or a trip.
    librarypat AT com cast DOT net

  27. Acts of service are so nice. I’d much rather have someone cook a meal or clean the kitchen than buy a gift. That said, I’m a big believer in hugs!

  28. I always take time to listen... My Grandchildren want to talk to me I will quit what I'm doing and giving them undivided time and attention We sit and have a little chat... We bake together, craft together, enjoy free time going places.. Plenty Hugs Kisses, little surprises for everyone in the family. My Son says I make him feel as though he's the only person in the world when we talk...I say at that moment you are the only thing that matters... My Grandmother had a Saying... Someone says you Owe Me...Her Reply was always Charge it to the Dust and let the Rain Settle It... One of the best gifts you can give is Time...