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Mitchell Reeves is in trouble. Someone is sabotaging his ranch, cattle are missing, his sister is testing her wings, and his quarrel with a neighboring rancher has heated to boiling. Adding a beautiful woman who claims to be from the future couldn't come at a worse time.

Computer programmer Rachel Morgan understands machines, but fails with the opposite sex. When a dog plays chicken with her car, her bad week becomes worse when she wakes to find herself in the past—in a very hunky, very delusional cowboy’s bed. 
Time spent in Mitchell’s company causes an unexpected glitch in Rachel’s determination to get home. Love. Found in the most startling place and time. Could she go home, if she had the chance, without knowing his true feelings?

When unwanted attention from another man turns to kidnapping, Rachel is torn between wishing she were home… and risking it all for the love of a cowboy.


N. JADE GRAY grew up on a farm in Oklahoma with one sister and three brothers. 

he began reading romance novels in high school and was hooked. In an attempt to entertain her friends she began writing stories. The biggest hurdle she had to overcome with her writing was sharing her stories. Her former writing groups, the Wichita and Regional Authors and Low Country Romance Writer’s, helped with her confidence and shook the needed pom pom’s to get her motivated for publication. She is also a former member of the Romance Writers of America.

She met her husband, Nathan, while attending college and has two grown sons, Blake and Mason. Not really knowing what she wanted to do when she grew up, she’s held various jobs in the accounting and legal fields. She lives in Kansas with her husband, rescue cats Meera and Mango, and one spoiled dog-named Fabio. Yes, she helped named the dog. She loves to hear her husband calling for his four-legged companion. 


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ANGI: How often do you get lost in a story?
JADE: Whether reading or writing, I escape into a story several times a week.

ANGI: What’s your favorite thing about your book’s hero?
JADE: Ah, Mitchell. First, his name is my Grandmother’s maiden name. His name alone is something special.

ANGI: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
JADE: My problem is I have more than one. So with that being said, I will just toss out a few…While You were Sleeping, Flashdance and The Man from Snowy River. I’m also a big Disney fan, so most of those movies are favorites as well.

ANGI: Salad or soup?
JADE: Salad-especially if someone else has chopped up all of the ingredients for me.  

ANGI: Would you put yourself in a Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
JADE: Depends on the day. I’m feeling action adventure today with a badass hero as a companion. 

ANGI: Favorite TV rerun you watch every time you channel surf? 
JADE: Lately I’ve been enjoying reruns of the Carol Burnett show. I absolutely love Carol, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. The dentist skit is one of my all time favorites!

ANGI: Favorite date night…fancy or at home? 
JADE: Simple is always good whether at home or out. Time spent together is the main ingredient.

ANGI: Champagne or Soda?
JADE: Wine or Margarita’s

ANGI: The most daring thing you’ve ever done… Care to share?
JADE: I’d like to think I have an adventurous soul…either that or I’m a child at heart. Maybe a little of both. I’ve backpacked many times in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado (setting for this book). Zip lined in Jamaica – even though I don’t like heights. White water rafting, taken a hot air balloon ride and sometimes every day is daring in itself. J

ANGI’s GOTTA ASK:  Where is your favorite writing space & why?

JADE’S GOTTA ANSWER:  I would love to have a comfy chair by a mountain stream or mountain view, but ….reality is I sit on my tokus in a recliner, for the most part.
Coming Soon from The Wild Rose Press

Judson Levi Stone a Cavalry Scout for the Kansas Eleventh Infantry had simple instructions – warn the mayor of Lawrence, Kansas of the impending threat of William Quantrill and his Raiders. Ambushed Judson finds himself in the year twenty seventeen and regretting his failed mission.

Sadie Winters hoodwinked by her Grandfather, Walt Winters, finds herself taking care of two invalids. Both are unwilling to share the secret Judson harbors. As the days pass and Judson’s mystery is revealed, Sadie finds herself struggling with her attraction for Judson and the desire to help him get back to his own time.

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  1. Thank you N. for coming to GLIAS your book sounds so good and the pic of you on amazon is cute. Plus the one where you are sitting on your tokus in your recliner looks like me in my recliner you are missing dogs sitting with you! Good luck with your book peggy clayton ptclayton2@aol.com

    1. The pets were camera shy that day. Because at the moment I have two cats lounging with me and the dog is snoozing in the other room.

  2. can't think of anything

  3. There are lots of fun moments it’s just difficult to choose one

    1. Some of my true life embarrassing stories just may one day make into a story. ha