The May Intrigues

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"Taut, edge-of-the-seat contemporary romantic suspense tales of intrigue and desire. Kidnappings, stalkings, women in jeopardy coupled with bestselling romantic themes are all at the forefront of a Harlequin Intrigue novel."
~It's my privilege to bring you all six of the May releases. AND a special feature on Julie Anne Lindsey who is graciously donating 1 autographed copy of THE SHERIFF'S SECRET to a lucky Rafflecopter Winner. 


When Tina Ellet’s infant daughter is abducted, Sheriff West Garrett vows to save the child, capture the criminal and prove to Tina that their love is worth fighting for.

Protectors of Cade County
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ANGI:  Favorite thing about Sheriff West Garrett
JULIE ANNE: My favorite thing about West, and all the Garrett brothers, really, is his dedication. This man is unwavering in his intentions. Save the baby. Uphold the law. Protect his town. Love the woman. There’s no stopping him from doing the right thing for his family and his people.

ANGI:  Favorite thing about Tina Ellet
JULIE ANNE: My favorite thing about Tina is the fact that she came from the worst kind of home life, and she turned that mess around. She went her own way, chose her life, her path, her future. She refused to be defined by her upbringing and because of that she is strong. She’s a survivor. An overcomer. Tina is fierce of heart.

ANGI:  Favorite thing about THE SHERIFF’S SECRET
JULIE ANNE: I loved the continued intensity of this book. The problems and danger just grew and grew, page by page. West and Tina faced internal battles, a killer afoot and then an abducted baby. Even after that, the stakes just keep growing. There’s so much to lose and so many ways to give up, but West and Tina weren’t cut from that cloth, and they fight.

ANGI:  Was writing about a kidnapping hard?
JULIE ANNE: Yes! Oh, the first thing you should know about me is that I’m basically afraid of my shadow, so I give myself nightmares when I write things like this. Kidnapping is horrible enough, but knowing a straight stalking lunatic has his hands on an infant? I ate antacids for two weeks while I finished this book.

ANGI:  Favorite scene in THE SHERIFF’S SECRET
JULIE ANNE: My favorite scene in this book comes in the last chapter. I like to add a bit of an epilogue to my books, to give my readers and characters some resolution and a peek into the future of the ones they’re rooted for and have hopefully grown to care about. I won’t spoil it with more, but I will say that it involves the whole Garrett clan, and their beautiful, powerful synergy and love.

B.J. Daniels

Former army pilot Colt McCloud never forgot the woman he rescued nearly two years ago. Now back home on his Montana ranch, Colt discovers Lola Dayton on his doorstep…and learns that their baby girl has been kidnapped.

The Montana Cahills 
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With a target on her back thanks to a vengeful gang leader, nurse Eva Bowman turns to the Colby Agency for protection. Can she trust investigator Todd Christian with her life—even if he once broke her young, vulnerable heart?

Colby Agency: Sexi-ER
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Barb Han

A heartbreaking loss brings rancher Hudson Dale home to Cattle Barge, where he crosses paths with Madelyn Kensington. Thanks to the terms of a will, the beautiful stranger has become a target, giving Dale the chance at redemption he desperately craves.

Crisis: Cattle Barge
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After rescuing Reese Brantley in the Congo, can navy SEAL Dalton “Diesel” Samuel avoid getting them both abducted by warring factions—and at the same time not lose his heart to the beautiful bodyguard?

Mission: Six
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Jenna Kernan

Tribal police detective Ava Hood has every intention of bringing down a surrogacy ring. Then she learns all roads lead to Dr. Kee Redhorse’s clinic, and her attraction to the sexy physician becomes a lot more complicated…

Apache Protectors: Wolf Den

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