My first visit to Deadwood, South Dakota last summer was during Wild Deadwood Reads, a newer reader/author conference unique from any other in that the events are set up to be enjoyed by readers and authors together.

We’re coming up on the second annual WDR June 7-10, 2018 up in Deadwood and if you’d like to learn more, we’d love to have you join us!

While there, we attended together (authors & readers) the PBR Rodeo Velocity Tour and inspiration struck one of our own here at GLIAS. Elisabeth Burke came up with the idea to gather together authors to write short stories set in Deadwood (contemporary or historical) and donate all net proceeds from the eBook & Print books to the Western Sports Foundation. An organization that picks up with support when traditional means end in health insurance for those that risk life and limb on the rodeo circuit.

It’s taken a great deal of blood, sweat, and tears, but the idea has taken on a life of its own and with the support not only of its best-selling authors, but the Western Sports Foundation, the PBR and all the rodeo fans and readers out there, it’s sure to continue to benefit this very worthy cause!

Official website: http://bit.ly/DeadwoodTales

My humble contribution to this wonderful anthology that I am proud to be involved in is called ONCE UPON A DEADWOOD DREAM. It’s a contemporary western with a decided paranormal twist and (spoiler alert) the hero and heroine do ultimately cross over into my contemporary western romance, WORTH THE WAIT—next in my Last Hope Ranch series.

Once Upon a Deadwood Dream (in Wild Deadwood Tales anthology)

Sometimes to find your future you must face the past. Searching for clues to her great-great-grandmother’s her past, Crystal Lake finds love in the unexpected form of Hunter McCoy, a Deadwood street actor, portraying Wild Bill Hickok. But when a deadly twist of fate threatens the budding new romance, Crystal must rely on the past to hold on to her future.


Each of the acting troupe went around the saloon room and introduced themselves. There were all varieties of personalities, he noted, but his instincts kicked in high when it came to one man in particular.

“Name’s Travis Cole. I play the man who murders you—the infamous Jack McCall.”

A round of boos went up from the group, followed by a smattering of laughter and nudges toward the man.

Hunter glanced at Anton. Teasing or not he didn’t care for the cocky tone in the Travis’s voice. Maybe that’s because Hunter understood what it meant to kill another person. Being cocky about it hadn’t been part of his training. “I’ll try not to hold that against you,” Hunter joked, then his gaze drifted to the pretty woman standing next to him. She was likely in her mid to late twenties, maybe, with a body made for sin and snapping dark brown eyes that captivated his attention.

 He also noted how quickly Travis dropped his arm over her shoulder in a typical possessive move. He tried not to smile at the gesture, focusing instead on the woman’s reaction. 

She stepped forward and held out her hand in greeting, breaking the contact.
Hunter couldn’t say why that pleased him.
“Crystal Lake,” she said, with a firm grip of his hand.
“That’s a lovely name,” he commented politely.
“Oh, that’s the stage name I’ve taken as the saloon girl, my full name is Crystal Lake Holmes.”
“Still…lovely.” Hunter released her hand slowly, not taking his gaze from hers.
“She’s the granddaughter of Agnes Lake,” Sally, another member of the troupe piped up.

The dark-haired woman shot a look of warning to her friend, giving time for Hunter to take in how well the faded grey t-shirt and equally worn to holes jeans the woman named Crystal wore. She tugged unconsciously at the hem of her shirt, stretching out the logo for Cheyenne Frontier Days on its front.

“Is that so?” Hunter smiled, enjoying how her cheeks pinked a bit with a pretty blush. Just the same, it appeared to him after a few short moments that this was a no-nonsense type of woman. That wasn’t going to bode well, he thought for poor Travis.

As you can see, Crystal has all the qualities of being a cowgirl at heart! (Hunter sure thinks so!!)

Enter via comment, what about YOU that makes you a cowgirl at heart for your chance to win a signed copy of Wild Deadwood Tales, a “cowgirl at heart” bangle bracelet and a beautiful sunset infinity scarf. 

*Be sure to include your email info so I can contact you!

**One winner chosen form comments will be announced on Sunday right here at GLIAS!! Good luck!


  1. like horses

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    1. Agreed. What is your fav, if there is such a thing?

  2. love my only horse and been looking for a friend for him -

  3. I'm from the cowboy capital of the world, Stephenville, Texas, so how could I not be a cowgirl at heart? I'm a Texan that's father was a cattle broker. I'd love the opportunity to read one of your books. A giveaway is an awesome way to find a new author to add to my go to authors list. Last year I feel in love with the author, Kari Lynn Dell and her rodeo series! I'm dying to find more authors that right about rodeos and cowboys!

    1. Hey, cowgirl! And this a phenomenal anthology just for your reading pleasure! Good Luck!!

  4. I have loved horses since my foster home as we lived on a farm and next door the man had lots of horses he would come over to us every once and awhile and tell us to get down off his fence which it was ours that we had to climb to see them. Then married an Iowan and moved to Iowa 16 yrs ago and we moved in right next to a pasture and 2 horses and i was thrilled. I was feeding them and always out with them as I just loved horses and had a lot of experience with them. Now am in a scooter but we live on land and next to us was horses until recently when the man decided to sell them as he could no longer ride and i couldn't either. I was so sad we do have farms near us that have cows and horses but a better night couldn't be than going to the rodeo where you see all the horses and all that those cowboys can do. peggy clayton ptclayton2@aol.com

    1. I hope you've journeled some of these life experiences, PT. Growing up in a rural area, its hard work and pleasures is such a rarity to find these days. Good Luck!

  5. I love stories set in the old west. I love cowboys and horses. I wish I would have lived in the 1800's.


    1. I certainly admire the folks , especially women, who braved the old west. They had a lot to contend with! True cowgirls! Good luck!