Are you a Cowgirl at Heart?

When I wrote the Kinnison Legacy, it was followed by Jed Kinnison’s dream for his ranch to become a place of healing and second chances, thus was born the Last Hope Ranch series. 

As I wrote, new characters found their way to town, readers wanted to know more about my secondary characters. What were their stories? I realized then that the small, historic mining town had taken on a life of its own and so began the End of the Line series...End of the Linewhere romance finds its happily ever after.

I have since drawn up a "bible" of sorts for each family to included children and extended family as well as a map of End of the Line and all its businesses. I can see it perfectly in my mind as I grew up in a similar small town rural setting! It's been great fun to build this world and I hope you'll enjoy visiting End of the Line often!

Today and tomorrow I’ll be sharing a bit about these related stories and how ONCE UPON A DEADWOOD DREAM (included in the Wild Deadwood Tales anthology)  fits into them!!

It all began with the Kinnison brothers, three young teens –two adopted through marriage and one a nephew, taken in after a tragic accident. When Jed Kinnison finds himself alone to raise three teenage boys whose lives have been turned upside down, it’s the hard work and discipline of the ranch that turn them into the dedicated, exceptional men they become—and when he dies, they are left to continue his legacy both in town, and the dreams he had for the ranch.

Rugged Hearts (Book 1, Kinnison Trilogy) features Wyatt Kinnison and Aimee Worth.
Left scarred by betrayal, rugged Wyatt’s focus is only as head of the ranch and his family. Love is NOT in the forecast. But a determined teacher blows in with an unexpected storm and threatens to thaw his frozen heart.
When an accident claims her twin sister, Aimee chooses to live out her sister’s dream of teaching. Unprepared to find Mr. Right--much less in the form of the Grinch--she sets out to melt his heart with the magic that is Christmas.

Rustler’s Heart (Book 2, Kinnison Trilogy) features Rein MacKenzie (Jed’s only nephew) and Liberty Belle Stenapoulas (unknown half-sister to Dalton & Wyatt).
Rein Mackenzie knows pain, but being raised by a benevolent Uncle, he is determined to bring to fruition his goal of making the ranch a haven for the lost. But when Liberty, half-sister to the men he calls his brothers, arrives unexpectedly, she brings with her danger—not only to his heart, but to his family as well!

Renegade Hearts (Book 3, Kinnison trilogy) features Dalton Kinnison and Angelique Greyfeather-Juarez (niece of Michael and Rebecca Greyfeather)
Dalton Kinnison takes pride in his bachelorhood, but his good timin’ ways are about to be challenged when his past waltzes into town, looking more beautiful and less interested than when last they met. Fate offers Angelique a second chance after a horrific experience, but when sparks fly between her and Dalton, they threaten to reveal secrets that could change their lives forever.

 ***Now, as in any small town it has its struggles, its secrets and scandals—some unexpected, some of the characters own making, like when End of the Line’s elementary music teacher decides after a long bout of putting her life on hold, she’d like to have a child. With no prospect of a groom, heck, even a boyfriend and unable to afford traditional means—she decides to scope out a candidate perfect for her purposes and finds it in Clay Saunders, a guest of the Last Hope Ranch, and friend of the Kinnison brothers.***

No Strings Attached (Last Hope Ranch series) features Sally Andersen and Clay Saunders

With friends married and starting families, Sally Anderson’s biological clock is ticking. She wants a family…just not in the conventional way. Recuperating at the Last Hope Ranch from his tour of duty, Clay Saunders is the perfect match for her plan. She wants a baby. No rules. No commitments. NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

Worth the Wait (Last Hope Ranch series) features Hank Richardson and Julie Saunders-Williams (two sons from previous marriage, Chris & Kyle) Coming 2018

Starting a new life in End of the Line after her brother and his friend, Hank rescue Julie and her sons from a dangerous standoff with her ex-husband, she’s closer to family and so, too, Hank-a hero in her eyes. But does a knight in shining armor have a chance against the new freedom she’s found after an abusive marriage?
Hank hadn’t seen the woman he held a secret crush on in years, but when her brother asked his help, he was there in a heartbeat, even taking bullet to protect Julie and her kids. But will these feelings rekindled be enough to stand the test of time that Julie needs to adjust to her new life and…will Hank decide that it’s worth the wait?

There are more stories to be told in the Last Hope Ranch series with a focus on visitors to the Last Hope Ranch--what they are running away from, what they're hoping to recapture, maybe hoping to start over. 

Once a successful cattle ranch, the Kinnison Last Hope Ranch is an equine rescue and human sanctuary where acceptance, hope, and love is found through hard work and nature, and where second chances are come true.

Tomorrow, we'll visit END OF THE LINE, next in the continuing series where romance finds its happily ever afters.

 In a few weeks I'll be visiting Deadwood, South Dakota to attend my second Wild Deadwood Reads conference!! While there, the 17 authors of the Wild Deadwood Tales anthology will be signing at both the PBR rodeo (Friday June 8 and Saturday June 9) as well as at the WDR book fair on Saturday June 9 (10 am-2 pm)


 (*signed book will be delivered after June 10)  
*Intercontinental entrants only this time, please.


  1. wow since I have been riding for the last 53 years and do not feel complete unless I see the horse in the pasture, every day! =-) more that my heart is a cowgirl!!

    1. Wow! I had no idea you were such a horsewoman!!

  2. Why am I a "Cowgirl at Heart"? Maybe, it's growing up on a farm--and living on one most of my life. Maybe, it's growing up where the first books I really enjoyed were westerns--Louis L'Amour, Zane Gray, and Max Brand. Maybe, I just love horses and wide open spaces.

    1. I've seen that cowgirl heart in action, too ;) It inspires me!

  3. I think I am as I grew up on a farm then visiting with my father and he reading western books I loved the covers. Then now live out with the farms and in the country I love it out here with the rural life . We are at least 1/2 hr to town and love to stay home on our land. We love all the wildlife that comes to visit and also all the horses that are around us. Feeding them daily and taking care of them when I can makes me feel so good although I miss the ocean I like the style of life we have not That is why I am a farm girl. Peggy Clayton ptclayton2@aol.com

    1. I can sense the country girl strong in you, Peggy!

  4. get up early and like horses

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  5. I'm a country girl, but since I have only ever sat on a horse the one time I'm not sure that qualifies me. I will happily lay claim to being an armchair cowgirl though.


    1. I didn't grow up on a farm, but in a rural farm town. There I was considered a "townie" but I happen to think that "cowgirl" is not the clothes, birthplace, but rather an attitude honed in fire, grit, compassion, and sense of loyalty and fairness--not unlike the cowboy code. A cowgirl at heart. Good luck!

  6. 9:54 AM
    I'm from the cowboy capital of the world, Stephenville, Texas, so how could I not be a cowgirl at heart? I'm a Texan that's father was a cattle broker. I'd love the opportunity to read one of your books. A giveaway is an awesome way to find a new author to add to my go to authors list. Last year I feel in love with the author, Kari Lynn Dell and her rodeo series! I'm dying to find more authors that right about rodeos and cowboys!