Carder, Texas is back


From solitary cowboy…
To protective daddy

His Texas ranch has been a refuge for Jared King ever since tragedy tore his life apart. But when the widowed rancher is reunited with the one-night stand he never forgot and meets the child he never knew existed, he quickly learns just how much danger they’re both in. 

Now, with Courtney Jamison trusting him to keep her and their son safe, will the city girl who invaded his heart stick around once the danger has passed?

Carder, Texas Connections
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Here's something a little different for GLIAS readers. I Skyped Robin's interview. Feel free to share the interview via YouTube.  If you have problems with this video player, try going directly to the YouTube posting: http://bit.ly/AngiAndRobin.

Robin's August release is the 9th book in the Carder, Texas Connections series. Each book is a stand-alone story, but has a thread to Carder, Texas for all of Robin's fans. 
Find all the details on her website.  Or check out some of the previous GLIAS interviews with lots of special tidbits.
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Do you like books with a subtle connection?


  1. I liked this one i was disappointed that the video didn;t work for me but that is ok i don't have all the bells and whistles i will see if i can hear it on my hubby smart gadget I like books that have a subtle connection actually no idea what it means but i am assuming that it is with the little boy involved. peggy clayton ptclayton2@aol.com

    1. Sorry it didn't play for you Peggy -- You might try going directly to YouTube.

  2. I enjoy books with some sort of connection... whether family members, friends, a town, etc...

  3. I love connected books. Robin's Carder, Texas Connections series is one of my favorite examples.

  4. I love connected books because it gives us insights into the lives of past primary characters in other books

  5. I do like books that are connected and yet can be read alone.

  6. I like some kind of a connection but at the same time I don't need a connection to be happy reading it.

  7. Yes, I like stand-alone books that are connected to a community.

  8. I love it when the books connect