And We Have Lift Off - Getting Lucky

A few years ago, after my first book was published, I had an idea for a series of novels based around a group of college friends whose lives were intersecting eighty years after graduation. I knew the stories would be emotionally intense and steamy as all get out, but to be honest, I had only the sketchiest idea of where I’d be heading with them – which is just as well, because as it turns out, what I was really waiting for was Harlequin DARE: the perfect home!

I’m ecstatic that the first book in what became a three-book series is now out worldwide – a friends-to-lovers story where the stakes are super-sized courtesy of the heroine’s need for a baby.

He'll help her get lucky…
and promises to deliver
a whole lot more! 

With her fertility issues, it's now or never for Romy Allen. Thankfully, her friend Matt Carter will help her research her options. But then the deliciously sexy entrepreneur tears up her IVF paperwork and presents a counteroffer – the old–fashioned way or nothing! How can she refuse? Especially when multiple orgasms are offered as a tempting bonus!


Read a little...

She stepped over the threshold. Dark floorboards, white walls, a night view of San Francisco Bay in the distance, through curtains opened wide. There was an inner door she assumed led through to a bathroom. Aside from a built-in wardrobe, the only furniture was a gigantic bed and one armchair—a scarcity that amplified the room’s size.  


“It’s big,” she said.

“So all the girls say.”

And somehow, that made her laugh as she turned to face him, despite her anxiety. “Are you obsessed with size?”

“Only with what I can do with it.”

“Don’t overpromise, Matthew.”

“Not an overpromise,” he said huskily, and ran his hand over her hair—a sensual stroke that made her breath catch in her throat. “Are you nervous, Romy?”

“No,” she said—but a tic jumped to life at the side of her mouth and gave the lie to that. “Not…really.”

Matt pressed his thumb over the tic. “We’ll take it as slowly as we need to. I’m not going to do anything I think you won’t like, I promise. Stop me anytime. I won’t be angry. I won’t argue. I won’t pressure you. We’ll just find another way.”

She gestured to the bed, so nervous she could barely stand. “Why don’t you tell me what position you want me in so we can get started?”

“Romy! We’re not even naked yet.”

“I’d rather have it worked out in my head before we take our clothes off so we don’t get…you know…distracted.”

“Getting…you know…distracted is kind of the aim. So why don’t we just play it by ear?”

“By ear?” She reached up and touched her left earlobe, the one he’d nudged with his nose, feeling a residual tingle. “No, that won’t work.”

He looked at her for a long, quiet moment. “If you don’t want to touch me, Romy, there’s no point to this.”

“I do want to. But I…I just know I could prepare myself better if I knew where we were headed.”

“You’re overthinking it.”

“But what if I suck?”

“Then that’ll be perfect.”

“Oh!” She laughed. “You know what I mean.”

He sighed. “I want you, Romy. I want you, however this unfolds. I’m telling you that straight. And you know how important you are to me outside this room, which means I have to know this is what you really want. So tell me. Tell me you want me.”

“I already t-told you.”

“Tell me again. Make me believe it. Or this stops now.”

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  1. I am still talking to several people that i went to school with and they are good friends we had such a good time in h.s. and after 40 plus years it is so nice to be able to talk to them even though i am the one who moved the farthest away they are in CA and i move to IA 16 yrs ago after i married an Iowan . ptclayton2@aol.com

    1. I have a couple of girlfriends from high school and we're still very good friends!

  2. Replies
    1. Hardest book I've ever written, Angi, but I am so happy with it!

  3. I had a great group of friends at High School. An eclectic group. We had so much fun together. No one particular friend from the group, but that made it better somehow. A whole gaggle of crazy friends.


    1. I love that - and I love books about strong groups of friends too.

  4. still stay in touch with college friends

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. I tend to have one or two really strong friendships from each phase of my life.

  5. I only stayed in touch with one person from university the others are all over the world leading different lives