Lizbeth's Name-dropping Birthday Weekend Part 2

Welcome to day two of my Name-dropping Birthday Weekend Indulgence. This weekend I'm sharing three short posts about my relationship with a couple of my author heroes: some "big names" I’ve been blessed to meet and, in some cases, more-or-less befriend. Each one has inspired me in my own writing and has something special that makes her a superstar not just to me but to all her readers.

Today's dropped name is the incomparable Grace Burrowes! Grace is one of those rare authors who has built herself such a niche that she can carry it from historical romance to contemporary and have fans love both equally. Her Scottish historicals are snapped up by rabid readers and her Scottish contemporaries are snapped up by, well, me!

This is because Grace is one of the smartest authors I know. The way she built her writing career after her only daughter left for college is so inspirational--and so prolific. I would definitely like to nab a little of her author's spirit and pour it straight into a vein! Here's why:  check out "Grace's Bookshelf" on her website--it's an amazing collection of work! In addition she has worked as a piano teacher, a technical writer, an editor and a lawyer!
I don't remember the exact moment I met Grace but what I do remember is that she wowed me with her clever humor, her straightforward answers to questions, and her no holds barred honesty. This is not to say she is ever dismissive or mean--she is
definitely the embodiment of her name. Still, I know if I want an honest look at the romance industry, the state of publishing, the advantages and disadvantages to indie versus traditional publishing, and her opinion on various sub-genres--I can ask Ms. Burrowes and her answer or opinion will be erudite and informed. 

(Check out Grace's latest book 
and her brand new 
pre-order book 

So what I've learned from Grace is that you can be a romance author, write fabulously inventive books and still be so dang smart. In fact, if you want to make it in this industry, you SHOULD be smart and you have to keep making yourself smarter--about your craft, your business, and your books. Plus you should pass all this information on to your colleagues willingly and entertainingly! 

Tell me about the smartest person you know. Is this somebody book smart, intelligent smart or street smart? And how has this person changed your life

I’ll be giving away four books on Monday August 13th (my actual birthday!) to commenters over this weekend!Come on back tomorrow when I'll talk about one of my favorite authors ever (in truth she's almost everyone's favorite authors) Kristan Higgins.

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  1. friend - is supportive

  2. I really don't know anyone that smart but 16 years ago I only knew a few people. Then I met a lady who was 16 yrs older than me and wow we kicked it off and she lived in Ia all her life and she taught me everything Iowa and Wi. Her and I are good good friends and I am so blessed to have her in my life! My family is all in Ca and none came with me so she is what i would call "mom"! peggy clayton ptclayton2@aol.com

  3. I think the best thing you can do is give of your time and yourself. This is one of my favorite blogs. I appreciate all the time that gets put into it.

  4. I couldn't find a link for the 12th so I guess there is no post for today! Happy Birthday Liz!