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A princess and her doppelganger are missing, and a grief-stricken king turns to Aaron Timmer for answers. As a bodyguard to the king, Aaron's mission is clear when one of the women is found: keep her out of danger and find the abductor. But how can he do that when the mystery woman doesn't remember the events leading up to her disappearance?

Terror strikes a young woman when she wakes up in a private hospital with no idea who she is, how she came to be hospitalized…and whose baby she's carrying. But there is something about the man sent to protect her that makes her feel safe. As they seek the truth together—and the secrets of her past finally begin to resurface—they must prepare for the dangers that await them…and a desire that may be all too familiar.


Related Books in Series: 3 books in Royal Bodyguards series
Book’s location: various locations -- including fictional country St. Pierre Island

hiking boots or high heels? high heeled boots
dinner out or dining in? dining in – I love to cook
flowers or candy? why do I have to choose?  I love them both
date dressed in a suit or jeans? jeans – although suits are very sexy too!
texting or a phone call? phone call so I can hear his voice

What or who inspired the hero for PROTECTING THE PREGNANT PRINCESS?
LISA:  My characters seem to pop into my head fully formed.  I really don’t base them on anyone else – fictional or real.  Aaron Timmer is a protector – even if he wasn’t a bodyguard, he would be protecting people.  That’s just who he is.

What or who inspired the heroine for PROTECTING THE PREGNANT PRINCESS?
LISA:  Charlotte Green is one tough heroine.  She’s one of the strongest I’ve ever written – physically and emotionally.  She’s survived a lot, and like Aaron, she’s a protector.  She’ll do whatever necessary to protect those she cares about.  It’s very hard on her when she’s the one who needs protection.

Is there a hero you’re just dying to write about for Intrigue? 
LISA: I love Aaron’s frenemy, Whitaker Howell, and I’m thrilled I was able to write his story as the second one in this Royal Bodyguards series.  He’s a cocky daredevil.  But the third hero in this series is my favorite – the son of an infamous mobster, he’s constantly at war with the good and evil inside himself.

Where would your hero “pop the question” to your heroine (hopefully no story spoilers)?
LISA:  Last summer my real life hero popped the question to me – on a Lake Michigan beach.  He got down on one knee and spoke from his heart.  I think some old women swooned.  I know I did!  (grin)

What’s the perfect Valentine’s Day date for your characters from PROTECTING THE PREGNANT PRINCESS?
LISA:  Aaron and Charlotte’s perfect Valentine’s Day would be taking down some bad guys to save some innocent people.  They’re protectors – it’s what they would love doing – that and making love after the bad guys were arrested.

GOTTA ASK: If you had to choose a movie to describe PROTECTING THE PREGNANT PRINCESS, which would it be?
LISA’S GOTTA ANSWER:  The movie that would probably be closest in theme would be THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT.  I loved Gina Davis in that movie – she kicked butt!
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Where did your beloved propose or where do you hope he proposes?


  1. Laura AKA Loves 2 Read RomanceFebruary 7, 2013 at 8:02 AM

    I love the sound of this series. I am single so I don't know how to answer the question. I guess I would want a proposal at a place that was special to us. I had a half proposal once in my backyard. The guy I was dating was talking about going into the army and he says. You know that if we are still dating when I get shipped out I will probably ask you to marry me so I have a reason to get back. I don't know how romantic I felt it was. I was more shocked than anything since I was only 17 at the time.

  2. My husband had proposed many times and I always said "when pigs fly" I had married young and was divorced and I did not plan to marry again. Then one day, I was driving home from work and I heard Moondance by Van Morrison on the radio. And it hit me that I might lose a good man and I did want to marry him. So, I walked in the door and said "I will marry you" to him. When we called his Mom to tell her, she said, "I think I just saw a pig fly by" We have been married for 18 years now.

  3. Very cool memories, Tammy. :-) Woot

  4. WELCOME TO GLIAS Lisa! And congratulations on your romantic proposal!

    My husband actually broke up with me. I said, "Ok." Then he said, "Wait. Will you marry me?" And it was in his Toyota. Not very "romantic" at all. And he knows it. LOL ~Angi

  5. Thanks for visiting GLIAS, Lisa :) My favorite answer? "High Heel Boots". Best of both worlds!

    My husband whispered his proposal under his breath for 3 or 4 days before we got engaged. I'd catch a snippet of it, but then when I'd say "What?", he'd clam up. When it finally came down to it, the poor man opened his mouth a few times but couldn't get the words out. So I finally just said, "Yes." And he grinned very widely. Then said "We're getting married!". Although now he likes to say he never asked me... ;)

  6. My husband isn't very romantic so he just proposed in the car.

    1. Quilt Lady, I can beat that... My husband proposed on the phone. I hung up on him! Dumb engineer :) We've been married 30 years in April.

  7. Ooooh, another intriguing Intrigue, Welcome Lisa! Love the sound of this book!

  8. His first proposal was on our second date inside the car. The second was a month later in a restaurant, when I said yes.