Friday, February 8, 2013

You Remember Angi Morgan?

After witnessing her mother’s murder as a child, Jolene Atkins had forced the memories from her mind. Now the killer had resurfaced, but this time Jo had Levi Cooper to protect her. Even if he was disobeying direct orders from the U.S. Marshal service to do so….

Levi had vowed years ago to always keep the innocent beauty safe. So when Jo insisted on finally getting some answers, Levi had no choice but to help her. But watching as the pain of the past threatened to crush a spirited Jo, Levi ignored every professional instinct and pulled her into his arms. After one night together, Levi was more determined than ever to close this case. Because that one night would never be enough….

Book’s location: Dallas, Texas

hiking boots or high heels? Definitely Both
dinner out or dining in? Both again. We dine out a lot traveling, so dining in is special too
flowers or candy? Flowers…as long as the hubby can remember which are my favorite (and not his LOL)
date dressed in a suit or jeans? Give me non-saggy jeans and a pair of western boots
texting or a phone call? Please…I work alone and need my words

What or who inspired the hero for DANGEROUS MEMORIES?
ANGI: Joe Manganiello inspired the physical look of Levi Cooper. I was a huge fan of the television show In Plain Sight and admire the work the U.S. Marshals service performs risking their lives for the people under their protection.

What or who inspired the heroine for DANGEROUS MEMORIES?
ANGI: Jo formed all on her own. Like many writers of romance, you want as much conflict as possible between your hero and heroine. I thought it would be very frustrating for a Marshall to swear to protect someone he had no authority to protect. In other words, a witness who wasn't really a witness.

Is there a hero you’re just dying to write about for Intrigue? 
ANGI: I have a secondary character in Protecting Their Child. oooo I can't tell you who (that's another spoiler). Let's just say that if I get to write his story…he'll appear in two other books first. "Dying to write" about him….

Where would your hero “pop the question” to your heroine (hopefully no story spoilers)?
ANGI: If Levi proposed, he'd pick a beautiful star-filled Texas night, right after a big open-sky sunset. Alone, no one else in sight. He'd fill the evening with perfect memories that Jo could keep for the rest of her life. He'd hide the ring in a … ooops, that would be a spoiler.

What’s the perfect Valentine’s Day date for your characters from DANGEROUS MEMORIES?
ANGI: Jo and Levi knew each other for several years, but they never got to know each other. So I think they'd spend the evening playing Truth and Dare before or after (maybe both) an evening of country-western dancing.

GOTTA ASK: If you had to choose a movie to describe DANGEROUS MEMORIES, which would it be?
ANGI’S GOTTA ANSWER: I'm not certain there is a film that represents DANGEROUS MEMORIES. Broken, repressed memories. An unknown villain trying to kill her. Direct orders not to help that are broken. If anyone thinks of a movie that combines all these things (don't forget the romance)…I'd love to know about it. 

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Since we're talking about Valentine's Day... What did your favorite Valentine look like? Could be the card or the significant date.


Mary Preston said...

My favorite Valentine was made by my son actually, in first grade. I still have it. That was quite a while ago now.

Laura AKA Loves 2 Read Romance said...

I don't really have a favorite Valentine. I do remember having fun making a Valentine's Day Mailbox and getting the boxes of Valentines to give out when I was in elementary school. I always smile when I see those hit the shelves right after Christmas.

Angi Morgan said...

I liked making mine. And watching my kids make theirs, and address their envelopes. I actually bought one of the Scooby Doo Valentine mailboxes--flashing lights when it has mail and all.

Angi Morgan said...

Hey Mary! I'd have to look in my scrapbook and see if I have any other actual Valentines. When I was in grade school, I used to tape my cards to the inside of my closet. It was a very "happy" place.

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

I could never forget Angi! My favorite Valentine's Day would have to be one when my daughter made me homemade Valentines when she was little. About 10 years ago. Also, I already have Angi's book, so if I win it, pick someone else.

Olga Sergejeva said...

I don't have a favorite Valentine's Day...maybe this year I will have :)

Angi Morgan said...

Hope you enjoy the book Tammy! Love handmade Valentine's! I probably have some the kids made me...tucked safely away in their "Keeper" boxes.

Donnell Ann Bell said...

Remember Angi Morgan. That woman is unforgettable! Happy Intrigue week. Dangerous Memories sounds like my kind of read. Off to download it after I post as a matter of fact. I love US Marshal stories, and of course I love the ones set in Dallas. What's not to like? I'm at a loss on Repressed Movie Memories; the one that comes to mind is reincarnation... Dead Again. That film chilled me to the bone!

Clover Autrey said...

It's been so fun to have an Intrigue week!
Valentines? We made a chocolate kisses box out of a milk jug and tin foil. Everyone loved it. What's better than chocolate on valentines?

Angi Morgan said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Olga !! ~Angi

Angi Morgan said...

I might have to watch that one soon, Donnell. And thanks for the download!! I've got yours ready to go. Might have some time this weekend. ~Angi

Angi Morgan said...

WOOT WOOT ! Glad you've enjoyed this week, Clover. I hope everyone has. ~Angi

chey said...

I don't have a favourite Valentine's memory.

Angi Morgan said...

Awe, Chey, you need to get one this year!!