Dance With The Devil

I have always been a fan of a dark hero that has a lot of angst. I don't know why. In real life I like people to be happy and have good lives.  But when I'm writing the more conflicted they are the meatier they are to sink my story ideas into.  The idea for this book came straight from my hero. I was binge watching Daredevil season 2 and the character of The Punisher came on screen and I fell hard for him.  He's lost everything, he lives by a moral compass that makes sense to him and if your compass is different, he doesn't care.

So I started with a bare bones version of my hero. I knew I wanted him to be born in violence for violence to be the way that he views the world.  He only knows how to fight and win.  He can't understand other ways of defeating the enemy.  He uses his fists, his skills with a gun and he survives.  So when he meets my heroine - also a total badass he isn't sure how to handle her.  He doesn't trust her because he really only trusts himself but throughout the story he learns there are other ways to fight.

I really had a lot of fun working on this book.  I had been thinking about the dark web and cyber crime for a while and collected a bunch of news articles on it before I started writing.

Also, I have wanted to be a hacker since I saw War Games in the 80s. I mean it looks cool and I thought it would be a really awesome skill to have.  I don't have that skill.  I can't even hack into my own account when I've forgotten my password.  And I have to leave notes all over my desk with reminders of how to get back into a website.  So Kaylee was fun to write because I got to live out my hacking dreams through her.

What's something you've always wanted to do? Or do you have a favorite show you've binged lately? Tell me and I'll enter you to win a copy of the e-book of Dance With The Devil.

Happy reading! Kathy


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