Robin Robin Robin

Indulgence Entangled Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-62266-942-4

One night of passion... 

Detective Jackson Cantrell never imagined that one night with an irresistible stranger would turn his life upside down. He’s spent years living in the shadows, but Dr. Michaela Roarke awakened a passion inside him he'd buried years ago. 

He never expected the woman would turn out to be the governor's daughter...and his next assignment. The governor blackmails Jackson to secretly watch over Michaela and protect her from a stalker, or kiss his dream job at the FBI good-bye. Swearing to keep things strictly professional, Jackson moves in with Michaela. Too bad his heart can't keep the same promise. 
But when the stalker's attacks quickly escalate beyond mere photographs to bodily harm, Jackson must race to save Michaela's life. And he’ll have to figure out how to keep her once she discovers his lie.

On her fortieth birthday, ROBIN COVINGTON decided that having a mid-life crisis and finding a boy-toy were far too tacky, so she delved a little deeper into the “bucket list” and pulled out the long-shelved dream of becoming an author. Now, she spends her time writing sizzling romance where the hero and heroine can’t keep their hands off each other.
She doesn’t miss the boy-toy at all.
A NIGHT OF SOUTHERN COMFORT is her debut novel. Robin lives in Maryland with her hilarious husband, brilliant children, and ginormous puppy. 

ANGI: How often to you get lost in a story?
ROBIN: All the time.  If I get past the first couple of chapters of a book (yes, I have many books that I never finish), it draws me in and keeps me captive until the end. I often get a case of “reader’s grief” after the end of a good book – I think about the book, miss the characters and think about it a lot.   

ANGI: What’s the first book you remember reading? 
ROBIN: My Aunt Nita gave me a book with all of Jane Austen’s books in one volume and I remember spending a summer engrossed in those books.  I grew up next to an apple orchard and I remember sitting in a tree and reading. 
Robin volunteering at my first national booksigning
NYC in 2011
ANGI: What’s your favorite “love” word?
ROBIN: Lovemaking.  This will come as no surprise to those who know me.  But, lovemaking to me is more than just between the sheets. For me it is also the push and pull dynamic between people who struggle to find their place in this world as they find their person in this world. I love writing love scenes because of the endless opportunity to explore character growth. 
ANGI: LOVE THIS !!  It should be a column somewhere! Go for it!

ANGI: Can you tell us about a real-life hero you’ve met?
ROBIN: Oh, wow.  I was lucky to meet author Renee Ryan at RWA Nationals last year and she inspired me with her positive attitude and conviction.  She and I had lunch and I think that she said about 5 things that I immediately wrote down posted on the wall of my writing cave to inspire me.  I had always loved her books and her spirit just spoke to me. 

ANGI: What’s your favorite fairy tale?
ROBIN: It used to be Snow White but I fell in love with Disney’s “Tangled” (I have a 7 year old daughter, Fiona) a couple of years ago.  I even when and re-read the original story – it was great. 
ANGI: What’s your favorite cartoon character?
ROBIN: Superman!  I am an old school comic book geek and I bore my husband and friends with my rants about how the new stuff doesn’t respect the canon of the original comics.  I watched all ten years of the show, Smallville, and was thrilled to find out that the creator, Al Gough, is from the same county I live in.  Total fangirl moment. 

ANGI: What do you like about the hero of your book?
ROBIN: Aaah Jackson . . . . there is so much to love.  But, I think that what I like most about him is his heart.  He has a great capacity to love but he thinks he doesn’t know how to do that anymore, but he does.  He has an untapped well of feeling and when it finally gets loose he is one-hundred percent committed. 

ANGI: Is there a playlist you’d recommend for reading your latest release?
ROBIN: I always have a playlist for my books and this one includes:
Lookin’ for a Good Time by Lady Antebellum
Nothing Fancy by Dave Barnes
Unapologize by Carrie Underwood
Need You Tonight by Ben Rector
Magnet & Steel by Walter Egan
Tomorrow Night by Patty Griffith
Draggin’ the River by Blake Shelton (w/ Miranda Lambert) 

ANGI: Where do you read and how often?
ROBIN: I read in the car and while I am cooking dinner. I have a Kindle and I use the “text to speech” feature to read to me out loud.  I work full-time and have two small kids so after I’ve written my word count and fall into bed, I’m asleep! 

ANGI: What sound or noise do you love?
ROBIN: I love the sound of my kids talking to each other.  They are best friends and I love all of the sweet, funny, inventive things that come out of their mouths. 

ANGI: Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
ROBIN: Action Adventure!  Especially if has a kick butt heroine like Angelina Jolie in “Salt” or Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld movies. 

ANGI: What was the first story you remember writing?
ROBIN: I took a summer writing workshop when I was 12 or 13 years old. I wrote a story for that class – about a girl who solves mysteries – I think I thought I was Nancy Drew! ; ) 
ANGI: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
ROBIN: “Say Anything”  The character of Lloyd Dobler (and his portrayal by John Cusack) is one of the best ever written.  He is so true to himself and knows who he is – I love that.  And, who can forget him standing in the rain at the payphone telling his sister, “I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen.”  

ANGI: Who’s your favorite villain?
ROBIN: Lady Catherine DeBeourgh from “Pride and Prejudice”  That chick had brass balls and a mean streak a mile wide! 

ANGI: What is your biggest vice?
ROBIN: Haribo Gummie Bears.  I cannot stop eating them and I have them around all the time.  I can be bribed with a bag of gummies! 

ANGI: Is there a “Blooper” in your story (it may have been changed before printing)?
ROBIN: Nope 
ANGI: How is it working with hot guys and sexy women all day?
ROBIN: Ummm . . . you mean the ones that roam around in my head all day, right?  I work with scientists and engineers and a few Naval pilots but none of them look like Tom Cruise or Val Kilmer.  (Don’t, I wish!) And, sadly, there are no shirtless volleyball games either . . . .  

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: I have to admit, girlfriend, that some of the steamy hunk pictures you’ve used for hero inspiration, well…I put them in a file and use them for mine. I appreciate all the hard work and sharing you do there! LOL My question? WHO is your favorite heroic inspiration (not including your husband or dad)?
ROBIN’S GOTTA ANSWER:   LOL!  You are welcome!  I feel that my man candy pics are a public service to all womankind!   
My favorite heroic inspiration is an 11-year old boy named Brogan.  Sadly, Brogan lost his battle with cancer earlier this year but he was amazing.  He maintained a joyful spirit, his love for his family and friends and his faith right up to the end.  He really lived life to the fullest and it was an honor to see it.

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I’m working on a couple of new romances for Entangled Publishing. Stay tuned!

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JULY is filled with special authors, a week of INTRIGUE, and a feature of all the RWA RITA finalists (along with lots of free books). DON’T MISS IT! I’ll be back Tuesday with our Unsinkable pal, Keli Gwyn and again on Thursday with debut author Molly Cannon. ~Angi 
What is your favorite kind of romance read? Friends to lovers?  Reunited loves? Marriage of Convenience?


Kylie Griffin

A Novel of the Light Blade
Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN 10: 0425256014

There is no mercy in the demon realm. No escape. In this place of desperation and conflict, anyone who is not purebred is virtually powerless. Until a blind priestess lays claim to a half-breed warrior, body and soul… 

Hunted and marked for death by Na’Reish demons for their half-blood heritage, the Na’Chi are searching for a new home—something an alliance offered by the human leader could provide. With both races divided by prejudice, when Light Blade rebels brutally attack the Na’Chi, the alliance seems doomed to fail. 

Varian, leader of the Na’Chi, a hybrid race of gifted warriors, is cursed with the darker impulses of his demon heritage. Controlling the part of himself that craves the high of the battle is a struggle he’s afraid he’ll lose—until he meets Kymora Tayn, a priestess driven to serve her deity. While he’s unwilling to trust anyone outside his people, he finds himself drawn to Kymora’s strength and passionate nature, and discovers she has the power to calm the darkness inside him. 

When the Na’Reish raid human territory for blood-slaves and kickstart a war, the key to the survival of both races—Na’Chi and human— is an alliance. However, when Kymora is kidnapped, pitting human against human, Varian realizes he must embrace his darker half, not only to save the alliance…but also the woman he loves. 

Kylie Griffin’s obsession with all things paranormal/fantasy started at an early age, when she used to imagine the jacaranda tree in her front yard was a spaceship used to defend the world from invading enemies. Writing stories seemed a natural extension to her childhood adventures. 

Today, she’s a primary school teacher sharing her love for the written word with young children. In her spare time, she writes and reads all things paranormal.              

Kylie lives in a small rural village in outback New South Wales, Australia, where she volunteers in a number of emergency service organizations in her local community. Visit her website.  

Kylie's first release won the RWA Golden Heart in 2010. Please welcome back our Unsinkable sister...

MAUREEN: What was your favorite book when you were 12?
KYLIE: THE HOBBIT by JRRTolkein - my 6th grade teacher read it to us one term and I loved it! When I went to my grandparents place I discovered the book in their library and my grandfather gave it to me to keep. I still have it.  

JILLIAN: Since the 2010 Golden Heart, what has been your most rewarding publishing moment?
KYLIE: Holding BLOODBORN (as it was titled then), the GH winning entry, in my hands as a print book (now known as VENGEANCE BORN). Opening that box of print books every author gets from their editor was an incredible moment. I was so excited I opened mine in the local post office, pulled out the first copy, looked at it and promptly burst into tears. It was such an emotional milestone. 

SIMONE: What inspires you daily?
KYLIE: For writing? Setting myself a word count and being accountable to someone for producing it. :-) In general? Nature. I love being outside in the garden, in the bush, sitting on rocks or sand at the beach listening to the waves, star gazing... 

CAT: What has surprised you the most about being published?
KYLIE: The way some people perceive you as being the "expert" on all things writerly once you get THE CALL. It's humbling (flattering and astounding) the number of emails from I've received asking me for my advice or opinion on certain topics.

I don't think of myself as an expert in anything - the simple fact is, I'm a newbie to the publishing industry.  I'm still learning about the business and I'll always continue to develop and improve my craft. Maybe in about 50 years I could reassess that point of view! :-D 

DONNEL: Complete this sentence. When I want to relax, I. . .
KYLIE: ...dive right into my To Be Read pile of books and gorge on them. I usually read them in an easy chair out in my back entertainment area (which is enclosed, so no flies or mozzies - mosquitoes). If there aren't any interruptions I can read two or three single title books in a day. I never get sick of reading. 

ANGI: Which already filmed movie represents your writing style?
KYLIE: The Lord of the Rings trilogy - fantasy, romance, adventure, friendship, sacrifice, other races, empirical wars, good vs. evil. 

ANGI: What is your biggest vice?
KYLIE: For times when my sweet tooth kicks in - chocolate (caramello or snack flavored). For the savory tooth - Twisties (an Australian cheesy or chicken flavored food). 

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: Who inspired your hero for ALLIANCE FORGED?
KYLIE’S NAME GOTTA ANSWER: Despite being a leader, Varian's been very much a loner all his life, looking from the outside in because of an event he experienced in his past.

Characters like Preacher in Pale Rider (actually Clint Eastwood played quite a few loner characters in his movies), Aragorn in LOTR, Riddick in Pitch Black, Mariner in Waterworld, Wolverine in X-Men, Max in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome all had troubled pasts or were isolated in some way because of something they did or had happen to them. 

Each of them ended up with leadership thrust upon them or in a role where they were responsible for someone and this was made harder as they struggled with personal demons. I guess these sorts of characters were all inspiration for Varian.
In Varian's case, he was lucky enough to end come across Kymora and...well, I can't tell you exactly what happens between them, but their story has a HEA (it's a romance after all)! :-) 

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ALLEGIANCE SWORN, the third book in the series. I don't have a confirmed release date or cover for it yet but as soon as I do I'll post it up on my website and other social media sites.

Book #3 of the Light Blade series

There is no mercy in the demon realm. No escape. In this place of desperation and conflict, anyone who is not purebred is virtually powerless. Until a demon leader seeks to unify the races… 

With the alliance of the humans and the half-blood Na’Chi forged, the demon Na’Reish prepare for war by seizing human blood-slaves. Captured during a rescue mission-gone-wrong, Light Blade warrior Arek Barial finds himself claimed by a Na’Reishi female who offers him an unexpected choice. 

Raised in the elite ranks of a society she abhors, Imhara Kaal lives a dangerous double life as a Na’Reish Clan-leader and an advocate for a caste-free life that honors the Old Ways. Openly rebelling against the Na’Reish would mean her death, unless she can find an emissary willing to present her petition to the human Blade council.

But Arek isn’t about to blindly follow a demon—despite the intense attraction growing between them. And while hatred for the Na’Reish is all he has ever known, Arek must learn to trust Imhara, or risk the destruction of all three races…

Berkley Sensation
ISBN 10: 0425245365

I'd love to offer a copy of ALLIANCE FORGED. Feel free to make it a random (international) draw, Angi. It will come from TBD but I'm happy to send out a signed bookplate to go with it. 

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Kylie’s biggest vice are chocolate and a savory treat known as Twisties. What’s your biggest vice (besides chocolate!)?  FYI: remember that Kylie's located on a different continent...but she will respond.


Rebecca York Gets Lost in a Dark Moon

Please help me welcome Rebecca York to our blog today!

USA Today best-seller, Rebecca York, is the author of more than 145 books. She has written paranormal romantic thrillers for Berkley and romantic thrillers for Harlequin Intrigue, including her long-running 43 Light Street series, set in Baltimore. She has also authored or co-authored 15 cookbooks. And she is currently bringing out a new paranormal romantic suspense series, Decorah Security, from Light Street Press. Her next romantic suspense series is for Sourcebooks. She is the winner of a PRISM Award, two RT BOOK REVIEWS Career Achievement Awards, 5 NJRW Golden Leaf Awards, and the Romance Writers of America Centennial Award (she is one of only thirteen recipients). Two of her books were RITA finalists.

DARK MOON is the latest book in Rebecca York’s Moon series and also the first novel in a new series, Decorah Security. Agents Emma Richards and werewolf Cole Marshall take on a dangerous undercover assignment, to rescue a young woman from slavery on a cruise ship converted into a dark and dangerous pleasure Palace. When they masquerade as lovers, the sexual attraction between Emma and Cole reaches flash point. But what will happen when Emma discovers her lover is a shape shifter?

To read the first THREE chapters of Dark Moon, "Click to LOOK INSIDE" AT THIS WEBSITE. 

ALEXA: Thanks for joining us today, Rebecca. What's the first book you remember reading?
  REBECCA: I'm dyslexic, so I had a hard time learning to read. Since I love stories, my mom saved me by reading to me a lot. One of my favorites was the Freddy the Pig series, about a bunch of farm animals who lived on the Bean Home Farm and could talk. Freddy was a detective who solved a lot of crimes. I also fondly remember the early Dr. Seuss books like Bartholomew and the Oobleck and The King's Stilts.
  ALEXA: What's your favorite fairy tale?
  REBECCA: I'm a sucker for Beauty and the Beast. A lot of my heroes are beastly. Werewolves and heavy-duty alpha males who have to be tamed by the heroine. Then they're completely devoted to her.
  ALEXA: Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
  REBECCA: I like Fairy Tales, but not as much as Action Adventure.
  ALEXA: Where do you read and how often?
  REBECCA: I wish I had more time to read. My chief reading is thrillers. But sometimes I just want a good romance. I've always got a book in the car CD player. If I'm reading the old-fashioned way, or on my Kindle, I'm usually in bed--or at a doctor's office.

  ALEXA: What was the first story you remember writing?
  REBECCA: I read a lot of science fiction when I was a kid. In 8th grade, I wanted to write a novel about aliens wiping out most the people on earth and the remaining humans having to cope with their new life. I didn't get very far with it.
  ALEXA: What's your favorite movie of all time?
  REBECCA: My favorite movie of all time is STARMAN. Hes my kind of  sexy paranormal hero!
  ALEXA: What is your biggest vice?
  REBECCA: I wish I could eat less and lose 15 pounds.
  ALEXA: Is there a Blooper in your story (it may have been changed before printing)?
  REBECCA: In one of my Moon books for Berkley, I wanted to mention "The DC-area sniper." The copy editor couldn't read my handwriting and translated it into The Dr. Cierra sniper. Thank goodness I caught it in time!
  ALEXA: Be honest, when reading...do you put yourself in the heroine's role?
  REBECCA: All my heroines are me--if I were nicer, prettier and slimmer.
  ALEXA: What's something you'd like to tell your fans?
  REBECCA: It makes me feel wonderful when someone tells me she liked my book. There's nothing like it! I feel like it's an honor to write stories that people actually read and enjoy.               
  ALEXA: What's the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?
  REBECCA: I start worrying about what the editor will think of it.

  ALEXA: What do you do to unwind and relax?
  REBECCA: I cook, do craft projects, read, pet the cats, watch the fish in my pond, watch some of the great series on TV like Boardwalk Empire, Rome, Mad Men, Homeland. I also try to make sure that I walk at least 30 minutes a day. I often get great story ideas while walking. Exercise helps keep me in shape and also elevates my mood.
  ALEXA: Exercise. Yes, I have to rememer that! Which of your characters would you most want to invite to dinner, and why?
  REBECCA: Oh, you are making me ache with longing. I would so much love to meet some of my werewolves. Cole Marshall, in DARK MOON, is my latest.
  ALEXA: Do you read reviews of your books? If so, do you pay any attention to them, or let them influence your writing?
  REBECCA: Reviews rarely influence my writing. Good reviews make me feel good. Bad reviews make my insides knot up.
  ALEXA: What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?
  REBECCA: I told you I was dyslexic. I got to show the teachers who thought I was a dummy in school that I really wasn't a loser, although probably most of them never found out about me. I've gotten to be a successful author, with more than 145 books. It amazes me when I think about that. But if you sit and write most of the day, you pile up a lot of words.
  ALEXA: Tea or Coffee? And how do you take it?
  REBECCA: No, no. Tea AND coffee. I have a big mug of coffee with half and half and Splenda in the morning (preferably at room temperature.) If I can get one, I have a Starbucks sugar-free Frappuccino. And I either drink tea or lemon water most of the day.
  ALEXA: What color would you make the sky if it wasn't going to be blue anymore and why?
  REBECCA: Good grief! I am a traditionalist. The sky is SUPPOSED TO BE blue. If it were some other color, that would mean there was something seriously wrong w/ the earth. We were in China a couple of years ago, and the sky was always smogged up. Depressing. When we got to Hong Kong, we could see the mainland China cloud hanging in the distance.
ALEXA: If you were a t-shirt, what color would you be and why?
        REBECCA: I am the Imelda Marcos of t-shirts. I probably have 200 of them. My favorite ones are usually black. I want them to feel soft against my, skin, and you can't tell if they will be until you've washed them.

       ALEXA: Thanks for joining us today, Rebecca. I've enjoyed getting to know you better. Before we go, do you have a question you'd like to ask your fans?
       REBECCA: Do you prefer romantic suspense with a paranormal twist or not?

Rebecca is giving away a copy of SUDDEN ATTRACTION To one lucky commenter!

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