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Serena Donovan left London six years ago, her heart broken and her reputation ruined by devilishly handsome Jonathan Dane. Now, with her family's future in peril, she reluctantly agrees to return to England and assume her late twin's identity. The price? Marry a man she doesn't love and spend the rest of her days living a lie.

Jonathan Dane, Earl of Stratford, has become an incorrigible rake, drinking, gambling-and trying to forget Serena Donovan. Yet the moment he's introduced to the prim and proper "Meg", he recognizes the sensual young woman who captured his heart. Haunted by his past mistakes, he refuses to lose Serena again. But convincing her to trust him is no easy task. Claiming his lost love means exposing the truth and destroying the life Serena has sacrificed everything to rebuild. With the future of all the Donovans at stake, and their undying passion capable of triggering yet another scandal, how much will Jonathan and Serena risk for a chance at true love?

Jennifer Haymore grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she surfed, learned how to fly airplanes, raced bicycles, and developed a love for sailing. She was an avid reader and completely destroyed her eyesight by sneaking a flashlight under her covers and reading far into the nights — making her mother wonder why on earth she couldn’t get up for school in the mornings…

Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a master’s degree in Education from UCLA. Before she became a full-time writer she held various jobs from bookselling to teaching inner-city children to playing bit roles in soap operas.

You can find Jennifer in Southern California trying to talk her husband into yet another trip to England, helping her three children with homework while brainstorming a new five-minute dinner menu, or crouched in a corner of the local bookstore writing her next novel.

Welcome to Get Lost in a Story today, where I am excited to host fellow historical author and agency sister, Jennifer Haymore! In this fun interview, I learned we have more in common than a genre and an agent…and that’s an eclectic music collection and a love for cream and sugar.

So, let’s get to the Get Lost Interview and learn more about this fabulously talented author!

Heather: What’s your favorite “love” word?

Jennifer: I have so many! I think “adore” is one of my favorites. When a man adores a woman, you know he’s done for!

Heather: Do you write while listening to music? If so what kind?

Jennifer: I always write while listening to music. It’s as if my brain is not programmed to write unless I have my iPod going. It doesn’t even matter what kind of music--I often have my entire playlist going, which is a hugely eclectic mix from classical to show tunes to jazz to Celtic music to pop to rap. Crazy, I know…

Heather: What’s the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?

Jennifer: Sleep, usually! I just finished writing a book that’s due in August, and I closed my computer in the parking lot of a park, then went to watch my son’s baseball game. But after it was over, I slept for about 10 hours straight!

Heather: If you were given a chance to travel to the past where would you go and specifically why?

Jennifer: There are so many places I really want to go. Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt are two eras I love. But right now, I’d really like to visit Regency England. There are some research questions that are so difficult to get answered, so I’d go and see what the “real” Regency was like!

Heather: Do you read reviews of your books? If so, do you pay any attention to them, or let them influence your writing?

Jennifer: I know a lot of writers say they don’t read reviews, but I do. I’m very interested in what readers think about my stories, and I listen to their criticisms. With every book, I try to improve, to become a better storyteller and ultimately a better entertainer.

Heather: Tea or Coffee? And how do you take it?

Jennifer: I drink far too much of both--I’m on a chai tea kick right now. I take both with plenty of cream and sugar!

Heather: What color would you make the sky if it wasn’t going to be blue anymore and why?

Jennifer: I think I’d make it lavender because it’s the only color I can think of that would keep us all calm. Can you imagine a fire-engine red sky? Eek!

Heather: What is your favorite cheese?

Jennifer: American cheddar. My foreign friends have told me it’s far too orange to be natural, but it’s been a staple of mine forever!

Heather: What’s your favorite kid joke?

Jennifer: I don’t have one, but I can tell you my husband’s (of course, he’s taught this one to our children!).

Q: What did Silly Willy say to the bee?

A: Boo, bee!

Ha. Ha. Ha. <g>

Heather: Which era would you most like to have lived in, fashion-wise and why?

Jennifer: I have always adored the fashions of the late 19th century--late Victorian times. Think of Scarlett O’Hara’s clothes in Gone with the Wind. My absolute favorite!

Heather: Which is your favorite language other than your native language?

Jennifer: French. The language of romance. ;-)

Heather’s GOTTA ASK – Jennifer’s GOTTA ANSWER J

Heather: So, I noticed on your website that you grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii (I’ve only spent a week there, but absolutely LOVED it). Can you tell us what it was like for you to grow up in such a beautifully remote place?

Jennifer: Growing up in Hawaii, I couldn’t wait to get away, to go back to the mainland where I was born. When I was 15, I developed this plan whereby I’d go to California and live with a friend, and graduate from high school a year early. I was determined! I ended up doing both, but now I understand why 15 is waaaay too young to leave home. It was really hard on me--I needed my parents! It was better the following year, when I started at UC Berkeley at the age of 16…still too young, but better.

Now that I’ve been away from Hawaii for so long, I miss it and can’t wait to get back. My husband and I have talked about moving there hundreds of times, but there’s always something keeping us back.


Jennifer: I made a few decisions when I was young (under 21) that changed my life. One was leaving Hawaii and my parents at the age of 15, which I regretted. The other was marrying my husband at the age of 20, which I’ve never regretted.

Is there a big decision you made as a teenager or young adult that influenced your life for better or for worse?



I’ll give away a signed copy of my trilogy:



Thanks so much for being with us today, Jennifer! Where can your fans find out more about you on the web?

**Note: Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North American addresses only. If an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) is available, the author may utilize that option for International participants. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.

Join us Monday when Maureen hosts Juliana Stone!


April Dawn

Writes about a time when men were men and women wore gorgeous dresses!

Crushing Desire

April Dawn

Available from Breathless Press

Reena Harrison is anything but the fashion, but despite her flaws, she has several suitors. Unfortunately, the one man she has always loved is not one of them. After things go dreadfully wrong with a suitor and her family, she finds herself asking Joshua a peculiar favor.
Joshua Sinclair has long had a fascination with the tall beauty. After years of denying his feelings for Reena in pure military fashion, he finds himself thrown together with her in an out of control scheme. How can he possibly rule his emotions when he finds himself posing as the sensuous woman’s husband?

All About April

lives in Northern California with her husband and two small children. In addition to spending time with her family, and writing stories of the vivid characters that come alive in her head, April enjoys travel, reading, and nature. 
She hopes you enjoy her novels, and the characters that run through her head.

I'm so excited to have a chance to interview you April, where do you read and how often?
April: I read wherever and whenever I can. There was a time when I brought a book everywhere, just in case I might find a free moment to read. With more time spent writing and caring for a toddler and an infant, it's not so easy anymore. I still read a lot, but not as much as I'd like. I can say, though, that despite my loss of reading time, I've never been happier. I love writing and I love my children, so I'll never complain about having to spend time on either.
Jillian: What sound or noise do you love?
April: I love the sound of my children laughing. You know, that incredibly infectious giggle that gets more intense if you keep doing whatever silly thing amuses them. That's my favorite sound.
Jillian: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
April: Favorite movie of all time? That's a hard choice to make. I don't know if I could tell you my exact favorite, but I can certainly tell you the movie I've loved as long as I can remember.
Romancing the Stone. A romance novelist finds herself drawn into a dangerous blackmail situation where, to save her sister, she travels to South America. She's supposed to bring a map to the men who have her sister, but things go spectacularly wrong. As she finds her way to the men, she also falls for a man who seems all wrong, yet just might be her real life romantic hero. Romance, excitement, humor. I love that movie.
Jillian: What’s your favorite kind of story to get lost in?
April: As I'm sure you can see from Crushing Desire, I have a soft spot for crush stories. There's something so touching about a woman who's had a crush on a man most of her life, only to find it suddenly requited. That moment of connection, be it a first kiss, a look across a room, or whatever the moment of realization might be. That moment that makes you scream 'Yes!'. There's no better reason to read a crush story, in my mind.
Jillian: If you were given a chance to travel to the past where would you go and specifically why?
April: I would go back to the mid 18th century. I'd love to do some firsthand research on my novels. It would be great to know exactly what it was like with no false/mis-information mixed in. But I wouldn't want to stay. It's not because of the inequality, or the lack of proper plumbing. It's because I would miss my family. They keep me going.
Jillian: What do you do to unwind and relax?
April: Write. My husband can actually tell you with a great deal of accuracy if I've had time to write each day. When I start to get cranky and impatient, he often asks me if I need him to take the kids and give me some time to write. lol
Jillian: What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?
April: The obvious one is that I get to write stories I enjoy, and they actually pay me for it. More than that though, I get to share my stories with my readers. I'm grateful that fans can have the chance to read the stories of some of my most beloved characters, and I hope to bring many more into the world of historical romance.
Jillian: What does it mean to love someone?
April: For me, loving someone means you care more for their needs than your own. True love is an unselfish act. Completely giving, taking little. In Crushing Desire, my heroine, Reena has a habit of biting her nail when she's nervous or scared. During one scene, the hero, Joshua, is being taken away to an unknown fate. When Reena bites her nail, he comes to her, takes her thumb gently from her mouth, and kisses it. Instead of being more anxious over his own fate, his greater concern for her fear shows his true love. Often men don't know how to share what hides in their hearts, and we women have to decode them. Actions like these show their feelings, even if they don't speak the words.
Jillian: Which era would you least (or most) like to have lived in, fashion-wise and why?
April: Most? There are so many great eras. I love the 40s, as long as I don't have to wear the dopey hats, and the 50s. The 19th century, almost as a whole, had some great clothes. Some of the styles in the 18th century were great, as long as I don't have to wear the wigs or the face powder that ends up killing you. And perhaps medieval, as long as I don't have to wear the pointy hats. They look so uncomfortable. The least – Perhaps the flapper era. My chest is far too large, and my hips too curvy, for those straight fashions. Egyptian clothes, with all that metal, look like they might be scratchy.

Jillian's Gotta Ask, April's Gotta Answer:

Jillian: As one historical romance writer/reader to another, what draws you to the historical category?
April: The manners, the courtly love, the rules, the clothes...everything. What's not to love about a time when men were strong, powerful, and polite and women got to wear gorgeous dresses all the time. Plus, all that inhibition makes for great sexual tension. Yum!

April has a question she'd like to ask readers and fans: What do you like best about crush stories?

Find out more about April and her books by using the following links:





Vicky Dreiling

HOW TO SEDUCE A SCOUNDREL Hachette/Grand Central: Forever Imprint ISBN: 978-0-446-56538-7
Lady Julianne Gatewick is in a pickle. It started when her brother’s best friend—for whom she’s long nursed a secret tendre—agreed to act as her guardian for the Season, only to seduce her with a risqué waltz.

But when the music stopped and the expectant ton waited for the Earl of Hawkfield to claim her as his own, he made his disinterest clear. Rather than succumb to humiliation, Julianne does what any recently discarded, wickedly witty young miss would do. She secretly pens a lady’s guide to enticing unrepentant rakes . . . and it becomes the hottest scandal in London.

Every honorable rake knows that friends’ sisters are forbidden. But suddenly Julianne has a spark of mischief in her eyes that Hawk can’t resist. Try as he might to push her away, he spends his days listening for her laughter and his nights dreaming of her kisses. He’s always avoided innocents and their marriage-minded mothers, but has the man least likely to wed finally met his match?

~ ~ ~ VICKY DREILING is a confirmed historical romance junkie and Anglophile. Frequent business trips to the UK allowed her to indulge her passion for all things Regency England. Bath, Stonehenge, and Spencer House are among her favorite places.

Her first two novels HOW TO MARRY A DUKE and HOW TO SEDUCE A SCOUNDREL debuted on Nielsen Bookscan’s Top 100 Romance List. And yes, she really did set off a security alarm in Windsor Castle.
~ ~ ~ A LITTLE HISTORY ABOUT VICKY: ANGI: How often to you get lost in a story?
VICKY: Daily. I wear noise cancellation headphones & listen to music while I write. When I’m in the story zone, nothing else exists. My daughter said a team of robbers could invade, and I probably wouldn’t notice. LOL!
ANGI: What’s the first book you remember reading?
VICKY: The Cat in the Hat
ANGI: What’s your favorite “love” word?
VICKY: Je t’aime. (That’s French for I love you.)
ANGI: What’s your favorite fairy tale?
VICKY: Cinderella – I love when the girl least likely wins!
ANGI: What’s your favorite cartoon character?
VICKY: The Tasmanian Devil
ANGI: What turns you off like nothing else?
VICKY: I have zero tolerance for cruelty and bullying.
ANGI: Is there a playlist you’d recommend for reading your latest release?
VICKY: I have playlists on the Fun Stuff page on my website for all three of my books, including HOW TO RAVISH A RAKE, due out in spring 2012. Want to listen?
ANGI: Where do you read and how often?
VICKY: I read in bed most nights. Sigh – I do wish I had more time to read.
ANGI: Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
VICKY: Fairy Tale
ANGI: What was the first story you remember writing?
VICKY: I wrote a short story in grade school about a bear.
ANGI: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
VICKY: Pretty Woman
ANGI: Who’s your favorite villain?
VICKY: Richard III
ANGI: Be honest, when reading...do you put yourself in the heroine’s role?
VICKY: Not when I’m reading, but definitely when I’m writing.
ANGI: Is writing or story-telling easier for you?
VICKY: If by “writing,” you mean constructing sentences, I don’t think about it. I just write. I do have an English degree, and I have spent considerable time studying story structure. But when I write a novel, I’m focused entirely on the characters and their journeys. At some point in writing my novels, I will usually hit a roadblock. This is when I analyze what I’ve established thus far. More important, I look at the characters’ development up to that point, which helps me envision the book going forward. Finally, I always keep the premise of the book in mind in every scene. Premise acts as a lighthouse for me when I go astray.
ANGI: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?
VICKY: Thank you so much for all the messages and emails telling me how much you enjoy my books. As a new author, this means a great deal to me.

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: I was taking a look at your website and found a playlist for HOW TO RAVISH A RAKE. Can you let us know when the next installment will be available? But I noticed that there’s some very modern music … DOLLHOUSE … Please tell us a little how this will fit in with Book #3. **grin**
VICKY’S GOTTA ANSWER: I listen to both modern and classical music while I write my books. The playlists often feature songs with lyrics that are pertinent to plot points. For example, the playlist for HOW TO SEDUCE A SCOUNDREL features a song called Dark Waltz by Haley Westenra that I listened to while writing a scene featuring a waltz. Also, I choose theme songs for my books. Better Man by Pearl Jam is the theme song for HOW TO SEDUCE A SCOUNDREL. I Believe in You/Je Crois en Toi by Il Divo and Celine Dion is the theme song for HOW TO MARRY A DUKE. As for Dollhouse and HOW TO RAVISH A RAKE, I can’t tell you yet, because that’s a spoiler. *grin* HOW TO RAVISH A RAKE is slated for publication in April 2012.

WILL YOU HAVE A DRAWING FROM THOSE LEAVING COMMENTS? Yes, I’ll give away a copy of HOW TO SEDUCE A SCOUNDREL along with Romance Trading Cards for both my books to one reader – US & Canada only.
Note: Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North America addresses only. If an electronic Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) is available, the author may utilize that option for International participants. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.

GOT A QUESTION YOU’D LIKE TO ASK YOUR FANS? What sort of hero do you like best and why? I’m fond of rakes and charmers, but there are other popular types as well.

READERS can find Vicky at her Website; Contact her: vicky@vickydreiling.com
Friend her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

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Olivia Gates

Desire, Money, Romance & Getting Lost

Pride of Zohayd #3
ISBN: 0373731167

The Sheikh's Surrender

No one gets past Prince Amjad Aal Shalaan's defenses. No one. But when Princess Maram shows up at Amjad's gala in her father's place, destroying Amjad's plans to reclaim what was stolen from his family, Amjad sees red… and uses a freak sandstorm to make her his prisoner of passion.

Swept to safety by the man she's always loved from afar, Maram knows she has one chance to make Amjad see her as a woman. His woman. But when the impossible prince and the unstoppable princess take shelter from the storm, neither is prepared for the aftermath of their desire…


Maram eased her foot off the accelerator, to savor the last moments of approach. The sight warranted the most leisurely of zooms, to lick it clean of every smidge of magnificence.

And no, she didn’t mean the majestic desert. That and the canopy of bleached blue sky painted in wisps of incandescent white were indeed glorious. But it was his sight that spread firecrackers of pleasure through her system, had flutters of anticipation accumulating in her ribcage.

He stood in front of one of the huge tents. Dozens flitted around him. She saw only him. Standing half a foot taller, broad, lean and loaded with inborn grace and inimitable power, uncaring of the mercilessness of the sun beating down on his raven head, indifferent to existence in its whole.

The man was so aptly named ‘most glorious.’

* * *

At her approach, he inclined his head at her, his voice injected with its maximum level of scorn. “Princess Haram.”

Maram blinked. Had he just called her Haram?

The glint of wickedness in those unique eyes said he had!

Sinful. Wicked. Evil. Taboo.

The word encompassed all that. And more.

And he’d made sure everyone had heard it.

So. How did he expect her to react? Get flustered? Defensive? Outraged?

No. The Amjad she knew would expect her to engage him. And boy, would she.

She curtsied, fluttered her lashes. “Prince Abghad!”

Amjad’s eyes snapped wider before danger slithered across his heart-stoppingly gorgeous face, his hand flattening over his heart in mock hurt. “And here I thought you…liked me.”

“I far more than…like you. And you know it.” She grinned up at him. “But a Haram deserves at least an Abghad.”

“Princess Sinful and Prince Hateful,” Amjad said slowly, as if tasting the slurs, his darkest-chocolate voice making them as delicious as the sweetest compliments. “Those do have far better rings than the trite names our pompous parents saddled us with.”
~ ~ ~


USA Today Bestselling author Olivia Gates has published over twenty-five books in contemporary, action/adventure and paranormal romance. She currently writes exotic and passionate modern-day fairy tales for Silhouette Desire and dark and erotic paranormals set in complex new worlds for Harlequin Nocturne.

I first noticed Olivia from afar at RWA National conferences. She is always dressed so beautifully in the dresses from her home country. But the most impressive thing about Olivia is her beauty from within. Truly proud to call her my friend…

How often to you get lost in a story?
OLIVIA: There is a BA and AA answer to that. The Before Author and After Author parts of my life. The BA one, I used to get lost in stories (in the plural) daily. To say I was a voracious reader is an understatement of the century. AA, I'm sorry to say I've slowed down to maybe 4 or 5 stories a month. Not happy about that, but writing takes most of the time I had for reading.
ANGI: What’s the first book you remember reading?
OLIVIA: The first 'book' I 'finished' was a Superman comic book. I was not yet seven. And boy, was that an eye opener. It set me on the way to not only becoming a voracious reader but it helped develop my drawing skills, my imagination, and just opened up whole new worlds to me.
ANGI: What’s your favorite “love” word?
OLIVIA: Eshg. To find out what it means, you have to read my Sheikh books. It's right there in TO TOUCH A SHEIKH. :-)
ANGI: What’s your favorite fairy tale?
OLIVIA: Mulan. Oh, OK, I know it's not exactly a fairy tale,
ANGI: What turns you off like nothing else?
OLIVIA: Bigotry, self-pity, ingratitude...oh, the list in long.
ANGI: What sound or noise do you love?
OLIVIA: Cat's purring, and just about any other sound they make when contented.
ANGI: Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
OLIVIA: Action Adventure, all the way. :-)
ANGI: Who’s your favorite villain?
OLIVIA: Lex Luthor and Magneto (Yep, I'm a comics nut!)
ANGI: Is writing or story-telling easier for you?
OLIVIA: Writing, no doubt.
ANGI: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?
OLIVIA: I’m working on an erotic romance novella for the new NOCTURNE CRAVINGS e-line. It is part of my ERADICATORS universe, which I set up with my first paranormal romance novella for Nocturne, MORTAL ENEMY, IMMORTAL LOVER.
Right after that I’m jumping into a new Sheikh trilogy for HARLEQUIN DESIRE (the follow-up to my current Sheikh trilogy PRIDE OF ZOHAYD, starring the Aal Shalaan half-brothers and a life-long nemesis, preliminary trilogy title of DESERT KNIGHTS OF AZMAHAR, or just DESERT KNIGHTS.)
Also the last and most anticipated chapter (and hero-Amjad) of my PRIDE OF ZOHAYD Trilogy is out now! It has already garnered another TOP PICK from RT Bookreviews magazine, making this a perfect score of Top Picks for the whole trilogy. It’s also on NetGalley in case you’re a reviewer or book blogger and you’d like to read it for free. I also just finished a standalone sheikh surgeon book for Harlequin Desire, A SECRET BIRTHRIGHT, and it's coming out in January 2012.

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: It has been my great privilege to get to know Olivia a bit better at the RWA national conference. We’re dancing buddies! You are such a generous person, Olivia…just wanted everyone to know that! So, my question for you today has to do with your home country…and the heat… IF you could move to any place in the world, where would you choose? And why?
OLIVIA’S GOTTA ANSWER: I would move to somewhere overcast and rainy. I was raised soaked in the sun, and by the sea, and it would be too soon if I don't see either again. I also have severe migraines when exposed to the sun, so anywhere it doesn't shine is fine by me.

DON’T MISS the first two books in the Pride of Zohayd series: To Tempt a Sheikh & To Tame a Sheikh

For sure! I will give away 3 copies of my books (winner's choice)
Note: Offer void where prohibited. If an electronic Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) is available or more convenient, the author may utilize that option for International participants. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.

What do you think of an author having more than one pseudonym?
I'm writing contemporary romance (for Harlequin Desire) and paranormal romance (for Harlequin Nocturne) under the same name. I'm also going to write ST paranormal romance and urban fantasy romance under the same name. Does it matter to you if the author changes names per genre? Does it confuse you or does it make it easier for you to find out what kind of book you're getting? I know the cover, blurb, title, and everything else would alert you to the genre of the book, so where does a different name come in for you?

FIND OLIVIA on the web; on Facebook; or Twitter (@OliviaGates); or contact her at: oliviagates@gmail.com

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Elaine Golden

Get Lost Gold with Elaine Golden
THE FORTNEY FOLLIES, a Regency short romance trilogy from Harlequin Historical Undone!

Book one of the Fortney Follies series
February 2011
ISBN #978-1-426-88544-0

As a young woman, Lady Charlotte Fortney learned what passion truly was from her handsome neighbor, Daniel Walsh. When they were discovered, her father sent the lowly doctor’s son far away from their precious daughter.

Years later, spinster Charlotte is content to watch others play the courtship game—until Daniel returns from India, rekindling a desire that time could never erase. But Daniel seems to have set his sights on another woman, the one match Charlotte would do anything to prevent. He may be willing to give her up—if Charlotte gives herself in exchange…


Book two of the Fortney Follies series
March 2011
ISBN # 978-1-426-88877-9

Julian Kenneway, Earl of Vinedale, has a secret: he is in love with innocent debutante Angelica Fortney. She’s the one thing he desires more than the tenuous peace he has regained since returning from India. Yet everyone, including Julian, believes he’s unsuitable for her—and seducing her could ruin both their lives.

But when a rival for Angelica’s affections arrives, Julian realizes he can’t lose her—and can no longer control his passion for her….


Book three of the Fortney Follies series
July 2011
ISBN #978-1-459-20740-0

Accident-prone Lizzie Talbot scares off more suitors than she attracts. When the handsome Oliver Fortney, the Duke of Wainsborough, begins to show an interest, she welcomes the attention though she’s certain it’s temporary.

Oliver likes the unconventional, easy to talk to Miss Talbot, though he isn’t sure what to do about it. When her aunt warns him off, Oliver finds he is hopelessly attracted and willing to do anything to keep Miss Talbot for his own.

Since writing a report on Pompeii in the 6th grade, Elaine has had a fascination with history. Then Elaine discovered Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen Woodiwiss and was swept into historical fiction. With a guaranteed happy ending and lush historical settings, what could be better? She read every one she could afford and re-read them until they became tattered. In high school her dreams of writing one began.

Alas, life often has other plans. By college she had drifted away from writing, and after meeting and marrying a bona fide southern gentleman, Elaine settled into the work grind and focused on her business career.

Until about five years ago, when she stumbled upon an online writing community and discovered the online romance community. She lurked for a while and learning about the writing process. Eventually, she joined in and even tried her hand at writing again. And everything was right (write?) in her world!

When she isn’t writing romance, Elaine loves to travel and explore historical sites first-hand, from Bath and Stonehenge to the catacombs of Paris and the ruins of the Port Arthur penal colony. She also loves to make heirloom quilts for family members, her own contribution to history.

Today, Elaine lives in the Nashville, TN area with her husband, her real-life hero of over 20 years.

I met Elaine at a Harlequin focus group and she seemed to be that ONE person at conference that I continued to see in passing. We had a chance to talk a couple of times and she’s as golden as her name.

ANGI: How often to you get lost in a story?
ELAINE: Every single day! I’m still an avid romance reader; it’s my favorite way to unwind from a busy day. There’s nothing better than a great story to relax with. Even when it’s action packed, full of suspense and sparking with emotional intensity, I love the escape. I always go to bed with a book --er, make that ebook. I am a total ebook fanatic!

ANGI: What’s the first book you remember reading?
ELAINE: Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans. I have no idea why it’s stuck with me after all these years. It’s not a book my parents even owned; I think I got it at school at some point. Maybe it was the private school atmosphere or the strangeness of Paris in the setting. I’ve certainly always wanted to travel. Whatever it was, I loved reading about Madeline so much that to this day my mother remembers that book, too.

ANGI: What’s your favorite fairy tale?
ELAINE: That would have to be Beauty and the Beast. I am a sucker for the ‘from different worlds’ trope, and in this classic fairy tale two very unique people learn to love each other despite their differences. Then add the tragic noble savage aspect, when the Beast allows Belle to return home, trusting her to return to him and risks heartbreak… oh, makes me melt every time!

ANGI: What’s your favorite cartoon character?
ELAINE: This may sound silly, but my favorite cartoon character was Scooby-Doo. The story structure of those episodes was always around some goofy mystery, so there were problems to solve, but what I liked about Scooby is that he wasn’t perfect. It was ok that he got scared sometimes, and he was often smart enough to just want to get away from the whackiness going on (seriously, who hasn’t screamed at the woman in the horror flick when she ignores that voice that threatens, ‘Get Out!’? I would totally follow that recommendation IRL!) And, ultimately, when he was needed the most, Scooby was there to get the job done and save the day, even if he did it by pure, dumb luck. Who hasn’t been successful despite themselves? ;)

ANGI: Is there a playlist you’d recommend for reading your latest release?
ELAINE: Maybe not an entire playlist, but I can point you to Accidentally in Love by the Counting Crows as the inspiration for the opening scene between my hero and heroine in A COMPROMISED INNOCENT, the most recent release of the Fortney Follies. It’s an upbeat, lighthearted song. As it turns out, the heroine, Lizzie, is horribly accident-prone and this brings her to the notice and proximity of the hero, Oliver.

ANGI: What sound or noise do you love?
ELAINE: I love the sound of running water: a waterfall or a gushing stream. There’s something very soothing about the steady, natural sound.

ANGI: Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
ELAINE: Action Adventure. Fairy tale leading characters tend to be wholesome Mary Sues and life just isn’t that neat. Sometimes people make poor decisions, get kicked when they’re down and don’t get what they want in the end. In action adventure, the characters tend to make the best possible decision they can given the circumstances, and sometimes it’s the absolutely worst decision they could have made. Then they have to figure out how to get out of it. I find it fascinating to see how the author will get them out of the worst predicaments!

ANGI: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
ELAINE: The Princess Bride. Even though it’s campy, it’s packed with the very best aspects of story and characterization. And it’s oh, so imminently quotable. (Inconceivable! I don’t think that means what he thinks that means!) Plus, I get to share it as a favorite with my husband who considers it a classic, too!

ANGI: Who’s your favorite villain?
ELAINE: Wile E. Coyote. Because that Road Runner keeps kicking his butt and he keeps coming back with crazier and crazier contraptions and schemes to catch the RR. He never does. But he keeps trying. There’s something so appealing (or insane) about his determination, and I can’t help but cheer him on because I’m certain that someday he’ll catch that overconfident bird.
ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: It was such a pleasure to meet you at the RWA National Conference. I noticed your books were released February, March & July of this year…was this your first national signing? What did you like the most?
ELAINE’S GOTTA ANSWER: It was incredible to get to get to know you in NYC, too, Angi! This was my very first conference with published books under my belt, though since they’re only available right now as ebooks, I didn’t have anything physical to sign at the Literacy Signing. Instead, I volunteered to help check folks out, but even that was incredible because I got to talk to so many readers about the books they were buying and what excited them the most. I did have some of my Romance Trading Cards on hand and it was a lot of fun to share with other avid romance lovers my own modest contribution to the genre. The very best part of the whole thing was the people: meeting and networking with so many great folks!

ELAINE IS OFFERING the trilogy to 1 lucky commenter-–since the books are only available electronically, Elaine will work out with the winner the best way to receive them. (Via gift cards, to read on a smartphone, computer or Kindle.)
SHE’S ALSO happy to send anyone interested a set of her Romance Trading Cards for the series. Just send your mailing address to: elainegolden.author@gmail.com. Will send these anywhere.

What do you like best about series romance (whether it’s a category series like Harlequin Intrigue or an author’s series of stories)?

YOU CAN CONTACT ELAINE: elainegolden.author@gmail.com; find her at her website; or on Facebook; or on Twitter: @elainegolden.

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Angie Fox

ANGIE FOX is the New York Times bestselling author of several books about vampires, werewolves and things that go bump in the night. She claims that researching her stories can be just as much fun as writing them. In the name of fact-finding, Angie has ridden with Harley biker gangs, explored the tunnels underneath Hoover Dam and found an interesting recipe for Mamma Coalpot’s Southern Skunk Surprise (she’s still trying to get her courage up to try it).

Angie earned a Journalism degree from the University of Missouri. She worked in television news and then in advertising before beginning her career as an author.

~ ~ ~

Angi interviewing Angie might get a bit confusing so I’ve only got one question today:
ANGIE, Where did you get the nerve and imagination to create your original stories?


I learned to shut up and trust my influences.

A lot of writers I’ve talked with have always known who they are. I envy that. Because for many years, I tried to be somebody else. You see, I’m kind of quirky. I like going on odd adventures. I like meeting new people. I was the kid who would rather hang out at a Renaissance fair than go to the ball game.

And because I love to read, eventually I decided I wanted to be a writer. But in order to write the kinds of books people wanted to read, I decided I had to be very serious. No more playing around. And as far as listening to my inner voice? Forget it. I’d never written a book before. This was not the time to trust my instincts. Instead, I had to take classes. So I signed up for these writing classes that taught me how to outline and how to write scenes on note cards and how to shuffle those note cards around and even how to put them on cork boards and make color coded note card charts.

Now don’t think I’m knocking classes. I did learn a lot. But my problem was, I had somehow convinced myself that someone else’s way was the right way to do things. As a result, my writing life was hard and it was tedious and sometimes I’d get frustrated and want to chuck the note cards at my shelf full of writing books, but I didn’t because I wanted to tell my stories and I thought that was the way to do it.

The end result? I wrote three mysteries that didn’t sell. Worse, I had an agent tell me that I had humor creeping into a murder scene – not good when you’re oh, so serious.

When I’d get comments like that or when I couldn’t look at one more chart, I’d retreat with the books I loved to read. I can go through several books a week and some of my favorite authors include MaryJanice Davidson, Katie MacAlister, Kerrelyn Sparks and Elizabeth Peters. Then, suitably fortified, I’d go back to ignoring my influences – the authors whose work I loved – in order to write what I thought I “should” be writing.

Until one day, I snapped. I’d been working hard on some new note cards – color coded – when I received a longish letter from a respected agent. He’d read my third book and thought it would probably sell. But he hoped it didn’t. He said I was compromising my voice. I was writing for someone else. How he could tell that from those words on the page, I’ll never know. He said that book wasn’t my, “breakout book” and that I should write something else.

It was painful to read, because I knew he was right. I didn’t know exactly what I should be writing, but I decided to pull that mystery from consideration. I needed to relax and have fun for a change. So I decided to write a book just for me, a book I knew wouldn’t sell. It had to be about the excitement, about the love of books and writing. I was so excited by the idea that I had trouble sleeping that night.

Then, a few nights later, I was up at three in the morning feeding my infant son and a fun idea popped into my head – what if a straight laced preschool teacher suddenly learns she’s a demon slayer? And what if she has to learn about her powers on the run from a fifth level demon? Ohhh and wouldn’t it be fun if she’s running with her long-lost Grandma’s gang of geriatric biker witches?

I could write the kind of book I liked reading – quirky, different – a book where I could build my own world and make up my own rules. I banished all note cards. I let my natural voice come out, even if it was kind of offbeat.

Instead of a 20-page plot outline, I had a 5-page list of ideas, one of which included “but little did they know, all the Shoney’s are run by werewolves.” Instead of following the rules, I broke a few. Instead of painstakingly writing over the course of a year, I giggled my way through the book and had a complete manuscript in five months.

The opening chapters did well in contests and caught the eye of an editor, who asked to see the whole thing. That same editor bought the book less than a week after I finished it. And a year later, that book ended up on the New York Times bestseller list.

Now that I’ve learned to follow my instincts, I’m writing what I want to write and loving every minute of it. It’s just so important to trust yourself and follow your instincts – in writing and in everything else.

Perfect example – in the second book, The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, my protagonist is really coming into her powers. The first book was funnier because she was thrust into this magical world with no preparation. So, the second book has a darker edge because she’s learning what that all means to her.

As I was writing it, I thought, “Can I abandon some of the quirkiness? Will readers follow me on this journey?” But I had to do it because in my heart I knew the story required it. The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers could be funny, and serious.

And again, in A Tale of Two Demon Slayers and The Last of the Demon Slayers, I made the love story deeper, hotter. It was what had to happen in the book. And boy, was it fun to writer. But what would readers think? Luckily, I learned my readers don’t mind a little heat.

In order to write the books I needed to write, I had to trust my instincts. Thank goodness, I’ve learned how.

~ ~ ~

You can find Angie at her Website: http://www.angiefox.com/
Contact her: angie@angiefox.com
Facebook friend her: http://www.facebook.com/angie.fox?ref=profile
Or follow her on Twitter: @AngieFoxAuthor

Angie’s books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at your favorite independent bookseller.
ISBN: 978-1463558307

It’s never a good day when an ancient demon shows up on your toilet bowl…

For Lizzie Brown, that’s just the beginning. Soon her hyperactive terrier starts talking, and her long-lost biker witch Grandma is hurling Smuckers jars filled with magic. Just when she thinks she’s seen it all, Lizzie learns she’s a demon slayer – and all hell is after her.

Of course, that’s not the only thing after her. Dimitri Kallinikos, a devastatingly handsome shape-shifting griffin needs Lizzie to slay a demon of his own. But how do you talk a girl you’ve never met into going straight to the underworld? Lie. And if that doesn’t work, how dangerous could a little seduction be…?



ISBN: 978-1463601546

Demon slaying powers should come with an instruction book …

Seriously. Why does a new hair dryer have a twelve-page how-to manual, but when it comes to ancient demon-fighting hocus-pocus, my biker witch granny gives me just half a dozen switch stars and a rah-rah speech? Oh, and a talking terrier, but that’s another story. It’s not like my job as a preschool teacher prepared me for this kind of thing.

So I’ve decided to write my own manual, The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, because no one tells me anything. Dimitri, my “protector,” may be one stud of a shape-shifting griffin, but he always thinks he can handle everything by himself. Only he’s no match for the soul-stealing succubi taking over Las Vegas. If I can’t figure out how to save him – and Sin City – there’ll be hell to pay.


ISBN: 978-1453888957

In the ultimate showdown for survival, may the best demon slayer win.
Last month, I was a single preschool teacher whose greatest thrill consisted of color-coding my lesson plans. That was before I learned I was a slayer. Now, it’s up to me to face curse-hurling imps, vengeful demons, and any other supernatural uglies that crop up. And, to top it off, a hunk of a shape-shifting griffin has invited me to Greece to meet his family.

But it’s not all sun, sand, and ouzo. Someone has created a dark-magic version of me with my powers and my knowledge—and it wants to kill me and everyone I know. Of course, this evil twin doesn’t have Grandma’s gang of biker witches, a talking Jack Russell terrier, or an eccentric necromancer on its side. In the ultimate showdown for survival, may the best demon slayer win.

ISBN: 978-1453888940

Lizzie Brown would just like to have one normal date. Instead she gets a towering inferno with a message: her long-lost dad is a fallen angel in danger of becoming a demon. Not good. Especially since she’s a demon slayer.

Her grandma advises her to stay out of it. Her sexy-as-sin shapeshifter boyfriend would much rather she devote her attention to more carnal pursuits. And her dog’s one demand is for more bacon. After all, he can’t train his pet dragon on an empty stomach.

But Lizzie knows there’s no other choice but to hop on her Harley and help her father – even if the search for the truth brings a bad-boy slayer back into her life and leads her into the middle of a war to end all wars.

Angie would like to give away a copy of The Accidental Demon Slayer today. Just take the What’s Your Biker Witch Name? quiz, tell us your biker witch name and you’re entered to win! Don't forget to share your name here on GLIAS.

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Cindy Gerard

Today's Get Lost in a Story guest, two-time RITA winning Author Cindy Gerard, wrote a number of category romances for Bantam's Loveswept line and for Silhouette Desire before she plunged into the world of single title romantic suspense action adventures. That plunge gave her the opportunity to create bigger, bolder and grittier novels. Romance Junkies calls her "one of the best authors in the business."

And here's why: Excerpt from WITH NO REMORSE:

Luke Colter’s number one rule of self-preservation: Don’t ignore the itch.

The last time he’d blown off the warning, he’d ended up gut-shot and on life support in a San Salvador hospital. So when he felt that first infinitesimal tickle of unease skitter along the back of his neck, he shot straight to attention.

Nothing looked out of sync inside the gently rocking train as it methodically ate up the miles across the Peruvian Andes in the middle of a very quiet June night. Still, his heart had kicked up like a marathon runner on his last leg so from his seat in the middle of the dimly lit passenger car, he scanned for signs of trouble.

And saw nothing.

God, he was tired. Dog dead tired. He could use another week off but tomorrow it was back to Buenos Aires. Back to the trenches. He swallowed the acid taste of dread.

Suck it up, Nancy boy. It’s not like you’ve got a lot of options.

The military and then Black Ops., Inc. had been his life. The life he’d always wanted. And yet since San Salvador … well. Since San Salvador his backbone seemed to have gone the way of the dodo bird.

Was his mother right? Had he given enough? Had he had enough? Is that what this erosion of his nerve was trying to tell him?

Bleary-eyed, he stared toward the dust and fingerprint smeared windows and pushed back the memory of his mother’s heart-wrenching question and the guilt brought on by her tears.

Outside, the night scrolled by, star-studded and black. Iron wheels on iron rails rumbled and clacked and whined in a rhythmic static of endless white noise.

His hand moved involuntarily to his side. Close to a year later, he still felt the occasional twitch of pain. But it wasn’t the pain that bothered him. More and more lately he woke up in the night tearing at the sheets and drenched in sweat, reliving the shooting one more time.

Enough, all ready. He was so not going there tonight, because damn, it was too easy and too often that he let himself get dragged back into that sucking pit of quicksand. A sure way to get killed in his line of work was to think about dying. About almost dying. About being so scared you’re gonna die that you make promises you know you could never keep. Promises to God. Promises to the devil.

Promises to your mom.

At what point is enough, enough, Luke?

Yeah. Quicksand.


Well, that's a tough act to follow. Hi, Cindy, I've been looking forward to this interview for a while. Now, I know you're busy and want to get back to the bigger, bolder and gritty stuff you put in your novels, but today is all about letting readers get to know YOU. So put away the keyboard, pull up a chair and let's get down to it.

DONNELL: Big city or small town girl?

CINDY: Small town girl all the way. I grew up in a town of 750 people and now live on an acreage outside of a town of 2500. LOVE the city, though. Just got back from NYC and the RWA conference and had a blast. So much energy there! But it also saps a lot of energy so it’s great to be back home.

DONNELL: Morning or nighttime person?

CINDY: I’m kind of a middle of the roader. I’m generally up and at it by 7:30 at the latest but I like to stay up until around midnight and watch all the shows I’ve DVR’d during the week or read for a while before I go to sleep.

DONNELL: Favorite room in your house?

CINDY: Oh wow. That’s tough. I love my office. Put a lot of thought into the plans when we built it onto the house and in decorating it. I have north, west and south facing windows that I love! I’m constantly watching my bird feeders that I’ve positioned at each window – or watching the fat cats who loves to lay on the window sill (I had them made extra wide just for the two of them) and also watch the birds. So … I guess my office would be at the top of the list. Also love the sunroom and screen porch on the other side of the house where I can see all my hubby’s flowers. Wow, does he have a green thumb.

DONNELL: Which of your characters would you like to invite to dinner? Which of your characters would you least likely invite to dinner?

CINDY: These are tough questions! Man … let me think. I guess I’d like to have the entire E.D.E.N. and BOI crew over for a cookout, cut throat croquet and a poker game. Would love to see all those guys and their ladies interact with each other. Have a feeling there would be a lot of ribbing and trash talk going on. Least likely to invite would be Ryang Wong Jeong, one of the villains from With No Remorse. Did NOT like that guy!

Panster or plotter?

CINDY: Again, a little of both. I absolutely write an outline and use it as a road map. But, having said that, I'm always ready to take a detour along the way. There are a lot of blue highways to be explored on any journey and if I made myself adhere to a strict outline, then I'd miss out on a lot of 'off-road' surprises that add to the story line.

DONNELL: Do you read reviews of your books?

CINDY: Show me an author who doesn’t :o) Okay, maybe there are some authors out there who can resist but I’m not one of them. The good ones energize me and the not so good ones keep me humble. I figure it’s a good combo.

DONNELL: Introvert or Extrovert?

CINDY: If you asked my family and friends they’d tell you I’m an extrovert. I like to laugh, I like to make people laugh and I’m not afraid of drawing attention – MOST of the time. There are times, however, when I feel very much like just fading into the background and letting the stars in the room shine their light.

DONNELL: What’s in your refrigerator right now?

CINDY: Watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, apples, baby spinach, eggs, milk, cheese … maybe a little mold ???

DONNELL: What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you WISH more people COULD know?

CINDY: Yikes. You DO ask tough questions, lady. I don’t know … maybe that in another life I wanted to be a singer? Don’t let me near a microphone or you’ll find out if I’m any good or not :o)

DONNELL: My blog partners make me ask the tough questions and where did I put my my microphone ;) Cindy, what turns you on?

CINDY: Happy, honest people. I love knowing that when I'm with someone, I can count on them to have a positive outlook and that they are honest and sincere.

DONNELL: What turns you off?

CINDY: Unhappy, deceitful people. We all have our ‘issues’ to deal with. Life isn’t always fun or pretty but it’s what you make of the good times that get you through the bad. Bring your troubles to me, yes, but please, don’t expect me to wallow in them with you … instead be ready to put the best possible foot forward and make the best of a bad situation. And don’t ever lie to me. I hate that.

DONNELL: Dog person or cat person?

CINDY: Up until 6 years ago, I'd have said dog. We've always had a dog--sometimes more than one. Right now, Margaret, our Brittany Spaniel is our little girl. Nearly 6 years ago, however, 2 little cats (Sly and Buddy) found their way into our house through the doggie door. There was no keeping them out ... and we have grown to love them more than we would ever have imagined. They are special, magical, little creatures who have not only entered our home but our hearts.

DONNELL: What a terrific story. What question are you never asked in interviews, but wish you were?

CINDY: I can tell you what question I'm OFTEN asked ans wished I wasn't: Where do you get your ideas? LOL. Wish I knew. :)

DONNELL: What’s the first thing you do when you finish a book?

CINDY: Take a deep breath, pray for light revisions and start on another project. No rest for the weary ;o) NOT complaining. I’m very happy to have the work and the support of my fans and my publisher and my amazing agent.

DONNELL: What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?

CINDY: Oh, wow. So many! Because of the writing, I have traveled to places I never imagined I could have gone – just this past March, for example, I was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Australian Romance Reader’s conference and got to see New Zealand and Australia. But more than that, I never dreamed I’d meet so many wonderful people and make so many friends. I have friends all over the world as a result of my writing – and I consider that wealth of amazing new people in my life the equivalent of a dream come true.

DONNELL: If you had a chance to talk with someone, past or present, who would it be?

CINDY: My Mom and Dad. They’ve both been gone for a number of years now and I would dearly love to catch them up on what’s happened in my life since I lost them. They would be so in love with our grandchildren :o)

DONNELL: What a lovely sentiment. I know they would love their grandchildren, too.


I would love to ask the lovely people who visit the blog if they are a dog or cat person (love that question) and what do they love about their own special pet? I’ll give away a copy of "WITH NO REMORSE" to someone who posts.

To learn even more about the incomparable Cindy Gerard, check out her webpage at http://www.cindygerard.com/

There you have it, Readers, answer Cindy's question and make sure you leave an e-mail address so we can contact you. Join us tomorrow at Get Lost in a Story when Angi hosts ANGIE FOX!!!

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