Just a couple of pictures from downtown Reno in the daylight.

I'm so glad I took this picture with my dear friend, Kathleen Givens. 
She wrote beautiful books and taught me so much. Her life was much too short.


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 If your birthday happens to be in February , then I am in good company! I hope this year has been  a "reset" year for you as well. 

I know I won't ever take for granted the many ordinary things that life has to offer. And so...my wish for you is to stay well, be safe, be kind....

Take a deep breath

Listen to the stillness

Be grateful for a blue sky

Enjoy a free story of hope, laughter and second chances!

Happy birthday & here's to second chances!

Kindness matters,


Jacqui’s Friday Flowers in February

February is the start of Cherry Blossom season in Victoria, Canada. I love catching them on a blue-sky day for extra contrast. There are certain streets where the blossoms always arrive first. It's nice that the trees have a routine. It allows me to make a plan for where I will walk each day to increase my chances of finding the best blossoms. 

Here are some of the amazing Cherry Blossoms I photographed near my home from February to March in 2020. 

Jacqui ❤️ 💐

Cherry Blossoms up close

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

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To see more of my flower pictures (during the February to October flower season in Victoria, Canada), visit my Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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I was very fortunate to spend three weeks in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2011. One day, I met up with fellow Golden Heart finalist, Jacqui Nelson on Vancouver Island. It was cloudy, but didn't dampen the wonderful colors of that city.