Jacqui’s Friday Flowers in May

Last year I finally went for a walk at the right time to see the fantastic Iris patch in Victoria's Government House Gardens. I discovered one really has to time it right to get the best photos of these Irises -- and that time is May. 

But I did find some lovely white Irises (see the last photo in the batch below) just a couple blocks from my home in April. So I will have to keep a lookout for Irises everywhere. 

Jacqui ❤️ 💐








White Irises found in April
White Irises found in April

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Mom Moments-Celebrating May 9-Mother's Day!

Today we celebrate the MOM MOMENTS. Maybe it's a special memory of your mom, step-mom, grandmother, or aunt. Maybe a lesson learned, a cherished recipe, or being mom to a special pet. Share with us your "moment"- 


My kids tease me about crying. They know my heart is happy whenever we are all together. It’s become a game of sorts, to see what gift can make mom cry. Those range from freshly plucked dandelion bouquets, handmade gifts, seeing my kids grow from childhood to adults and all the cherished memories we’ve made as a family.

I went straight into the workforce from high school, (no college) married three years later, and we both worked to put hubby through medical school. We started a family, dealt with cancer and had our share of obstacles and joys.

I did not begin my writing career in earnest until years later, when after my third birth (twins) I chose to be a stay-at-home mom (and all the volunteer work that involves) I wrote a weekly newspaper column on the importance of the Fine Arts. (near and dear to my heart) and bottom line, consider myself a renaissance woman, of sorts.

Fast forward several years to Mother’s Day. Joyous at having my family around me, I had not expected the “mom moment” my twin sons gave me when I was honored with an engraved brick (aka Pamela J Johnson) on the Plaza of Heroines in front of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics on the campus of Iowa State University.

With it came letters from my adult twin sons explaining why they felt I deserved this honor. Please indulge then, my "mom moment while I share in brief what they said...

 “We wouldn’t be the people we are today without your influence. While “thank you “barely touches on my gratitude, it’s one way to say I love you.” Add to that- “You’re a mother, a cheerleader, a counselor, a mentor, a guide, an author, a banker, and an inspiration, just to name a few of your roles."

Heck yeah, I cried. Still do, every time my joy overflows, the waterworks start. And they all giggle, but with the knowledge that it's my love and gratitude for them that makes it happen.

My mom loves to travel as much as I do. Back in the 90s, she and her friends would take a week in the spring and take a gazillion pictures of wildflowers (especially bluebonnets). I didn't totally get it. Thinking back it's probably because my life was filled with three kids and everything they needed to do. I would have loved to go to a beach and just sit (still do--favorite destination). Now, I look forward to my drives with Tim or friends to check out bluebonnet season. You've seen the pictures on my #ThroughMyLens posts. I definitely learned my passion for wildflowers from my mom. It's a soothing past time to hunt for the perfect picture. It's also a time of renewing my soul. I'll never be able to look at bluebonnets without thinking of my mom.

It's been a while since my mom stole a week or two to paint in the hill country. But there are plenty of paintings from that time. One is hanging on my entry wall. 
My mom is 81 now (she's the one in the middle) and it's my privilege to take her to see wildflowers every spring. I love the gaps of pure joy when we top a hill and it's covered with colorful sprigs. Even after all these years, she and her friends (and me) are still in awe of God's handiwork.


Mother's Day has always been special to me. I know many people look at it as a made-up holiday for greeting card companies, but I delight every year in celebrating all the moms in my family. I'm one of the extremely lucky ones to be gettin' on in years myself but still have my mom with me. Not only is she still around at age 92, but she lives in her own townhome, is completely mentally with it (moreso than I am many days!), is still always available to chat about family, worries, politics, happy things, whatever. She has a Facebook page, is as easy to reach with a text as she is with a phone call, loves to share pictures, chat with her great-grandkids via Facetime or Messenger and, to top it off, just finished her second novel--a darling Hallmark-y romance! 
Me with Mom pre-Covid
She is still teaching all the younger moms in her family (me, and all her granddaughters and even some nieces) how to be strong, smart, active women who pass down wisdom and fun to their children. She certainly still teaches me how to be gracious, patient, understanding, and loving, although I am honestly still learning. 
My mom could be here another 10 years or leave us much sooner (I hope it's the former!) Either way, I am grateful for all she's taught us and still gives us and I'm more than happy to have a day when I can celebrate her specifically for being just the best mom!

E.E. Burke

I’ve been thinking about my mother a lot lately. Actually, I’ve been with her 24x7 for the past two weeks while she’s going through hospitalizations for serious heart problems. She’s never been really sick like this before. She was a nurse for 40 years and has lived a very full and eventful life with lots of energy for helping people, but now she needs help. 

She hates that. I would, too.

Mom feels much better when she can do something versus sit around do nothing. She’s also shaken because her natural tendency to step in and fix things isn’t much help. 

That’s all right, I tell her. I’m right there, picking up where she left off. I’m a fixer. Yes, I get that my mother. I’m also a helper, surprisingly to me. I don’t feel very much like a helper most days, but when someone needs me, I jump in with both feet. For me, it’s less about helping and more about “fixing things.”

Over the course of my life, there are things about my mom that really bugged me. I didn’t want to carry those things over in my life, but low and behold, there they are. Now I’m realizing that we take the bad with the good. Not that she’s bad or does bad things, but if you are a daughter, you know what I mean about your mom’s annoying habits. I picked up some of them. I also picked her many of her good qualities, and for that, I will always be grateful. 

I am beyond grateful for my mother. I’ve been a mother for 34 years, and this past year, I had the pleasure of seeing my eldest daughter become a mother. She’s doing an amazing job. If I had anything to do with it, it’s only because I was taught well about what it means to mother. 

BTW, Nana is utterly charmed and devoted to her little buddy, Henry. 

Happy Mother’s Day, mom. I love you so much and I cherish every single precious moment we can spend together.


My mom loved her garden. My childhood is full of memories of her spending every day (when the ground wasn't covered in snow) in her garden and also teaching me a fair bit about gardening. If only I could remember it all! 

This picture was taken the day before her birthday when she turned 85. 

Even in my mom's 80s when I asked her, "How long did you work in your garden today?" She replied, "Not very long - just 4 hours." And that was no joke.

But my mom also loved to joke around and was always up for shenanigans, big and small. Since I couldn't find a picture of my mom and me in a garden together, I decided to share this one from 2012 when we were playing around modeling our bathrobes. It was a simple thing, but it was great fun. 

I miss my mom every day, but I cherish the good times we shared and I feel her presence in every flower. I love you, Mom, and I think of you every day ❤️




Monday, Monday


Oddly enough, I don't actually hate Mondays! Mondays are the day I try to keep free of obligation other than my own work. I have a job I love (writing romance novels) and Monday is the day I get to pretend I'm going to get finished or up-to-date on All The Things. Of course, being a procrastinator of the highest caliber I rarely am up-to-date. And Mondays are also when I catch up on Facebook, my reader group, and all the other shiny object thingies I love to use as avoidance. But at least I don't usually have outside appointments or engagements and my day is mine to use or waste as I want.

There are other days of the week I enjoy far less because they don't belong to me. Tuesdays, for example, is my day to help out at my daughter's horse farm by cleaning stalls. I don't even hate the job--it's cathartic, I can get a lot of an e-book "read" while picking horsey poo, and there are horses around. But I have to be gone from my house for three-to-four hours and I do come home smelling like a barn. Wednesdays I babysit two of my grandchildren, which is a joy but it does take up an entire day. Thursdays are errand-running days. I take my mama grocery shopping and to any appointments she has (planned for Thursdays whenever possible). Again, enjoyable tasks but taking me away from my writing. Fridays--well, my hubby has a work schedule that allows him to have every other Friday off. Delightful, but that makes for a long weekend of plans where I don't get much work done either. Frankly, aside from having most Mondays free, I'm not sure how I ever wrote twelve books. (But you can see why I haven't written twenty-five!)

So--Mondays aren't my "manic" days. They are my only "my" days! So, keep 'em coming, at least on my calendar. I'll give you my Tuesdays!


I think my disdain for Mondays came about when I worked full-time at the various jobs I had in my youth. Society inundates us with the whole “TGIF” philosophy and it creates a mindset of Monday through Friday being a grind, the “thing” you want to leave behind at 5 PM on Friday and not think about until that alarm goes off again on Monday morning! And who can forget, such great tunes as “Monday, Monday” (Mamas& the Papas) or “Just another Manic Monday” (The Bangles) or even “Rainy Days & Mondays” (The Carpenters)

Ah, Monday, Monday.  

The thing is, during this time of COVID-19, I’m lucky some days to remember what day it is! Since the onset of COVID-19, we have chosen to watch our two grandsons (ages 3 and 18 mo.) each week, Monday-Friday(7-4pm) Though we’re blessed beyond measure, the fact is that it’s a bit more of a challenge for a woman of a “certain age”” than when I was younger! Hence, it’s no great wonder that I awoke last Saturday morning convinced it was Sunday and thinking how fast the weekend just flew by! Thank you, CBS Saturday morning for setting me straight.

Truth is, they say with age comes wisdom. I believe with COVID, there comes wisdom as well. I no longer “hate” Mondays. Each day is a precious gift. 

I have come to realize 1) how short & precious life is and 2) how to live in the moment, because you can never get it back once it’s gone. To that end, my new “Monday” song pick might just be “Amazing Grace.” (Best version, Pentatonix 2020)

Manic Monday  https://youtu.be/NVGOyYyWxiA

Monday, Monday  https://youtu.be/h81Ojd3d2rY

Rainy Days & Mondays  https://youtu.be/PjFoQxjgbrs

Amazing Grace  https://youtu.be/Obp-9BEZe1c