Get Lost with Kate Noble's Let It Be Me


London weather is chilly—and the social scene even more so. Luckily, Bridget Forrester is just getting warmed up…

Bridget longs to meet a gentleman who doesn't mention her beautiful sister upon shaking her hand. But since being branded a shrew after a disastrous social season, Bridget knows she's lucky to even have a man come near her. It's enough to make a lady flee the country…

So Bridget heads to Venice for music lessons with the renowned Italian composer Vincenzo Carpenini, with whom she's been corresponding. But not only is Carpenini not expecting her, he doesn't even remember her! His friend, theater owner Oliver Merrick, does, though. And one look into her tantalizing green eyes has him cursing his impulsive letter-writing, which brought her across the continent. Yet before Merrick can apologize, Carpenini has ordered her away.

Little does either man know that they will soon be embroiled in a wager that will require the beautiful Miss Forrester's help—or that there'll be far more at stake in this gamble than money…

I am so excited to have the lovely Kate Noble with us today. Kate’s writing is…sublime. There’s no other word for it. Now let’s get to know her a little better…

Kate Noble love books. Romances especially. But, being born into a family of doctors, scientists, and mathematicians, she didn't discover she was adept at writing until, oh, about junior year of high school. Which came as something of a relief, as she was hopeless at memorizing the Latin names for all the bones in the human body. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle eludes her to this day.

Kate is the national bestselling author of the acclaimed Blue Raven Series, earning starred reviews from Library Journal and Publisher’s Weekly (Follow My Lead), as well as a spot on the Best Romance list from Kirkus Reviews (The Summer of You) and a RITA nomination for best Regency Historical Romance (Revealed).

And now, the GET LOST interview…

HEATHER: What’s your favorite movie of all time?

KATE: Jaws.

HEATHER: What’s the first book you remember reading?

KATE: I don’t remember the name of it, but I remember it was about two dogs.  One old, and one young, and the young one showed the old dog how to open a door, and the old one died at the end.

HEATHER: What’s your favorite cartoon character?

KATE: Sebastian the Crab

HEATHER: What turns you off like nothing else?

KATE: Being bored.

HEATHER: Where do you read and how often?

KATE: I read in bed mostly.  Its how I wind down.  But then again, if it’s a really good book, it will keep me awake far too long!

HEATHER: What sound or noise do you love?

KATE: Water.

HEATHER: Do you write while listening to music? If so what kind?

KATE: I do.  Mostly soundtracks.  Soundtracks are inherently emotional, and they have the benefit of in general not having words.

HEATHER: What was the first story you remember writing?

KATE: It was 8th grade and I wrote a complete rip-off of Gone With the Wind, which I had just finished reading.  Also, my version was a lot shorter.

HEATHER: Who’s your favorite villain?

KATE: Salieri.

HEATHER: Is writing or story-telling easier for you?

KATE: Writing.  Be it in email, or a novel or a note, I always feel like I explain myself so much better on the page.

HEATHER: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?

KATE: I would like to tell my ceiling fans to not collect so much dust.  I would tell my oscillating fans that they do good work.  Keep, you know, oscillating.

HEATHER: If you couldn’t be a writer anymore, what profession would you take up?

KATE: I have no other marketable skills.

HEATHER: What’s the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?

KATE: I have a bottle of champagne waiting for me in my fridge when I’m getting down to the end of my book, so it’s there to be popped open the minute I type “The End.”

HEATHER: If you could interview one person (and it doesn’t have to be a writer) who would it be?

KATE: I’d like Omar Sharif to teach me Contract Bridge.

HEATHER: If you were given a chance to travel to the past where would you go and specifically why?

KATE: I’d like to meet the grandparents that died before I could know them.

HEATHER: What question are you never asked in interviews, but wish you were?

KATE: “What was winning an Oscar like?”  which I have not done, and therefore the question has never been asked.

HEATHER: What is your favorite tradition from your childhood that you would love to pass on or did pass on to your children?

KATE: Encyclopedias at the dinner table.  Whenever we had a question, my parents would say, “let’s find out!” and we would reach over to the encyclopedias and look up the answer.

HEATHER: Which of your characters would you most/least to invite to dinner, and why?

KATE: I’d invite Bridget Forrester over to play piano.  I’d love to hear her play.

HEATHER: What soundtrack or playlist do you recommend for your current release?

KATE: Well, Let It Be Me practically comes with a built-in soundtrack!  Listen to Beethoven’s piano sonata no. 23, Op. 57, the Appassionata.  And then listen to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, the Ode to Joy.

HEATHER: Tea or Coffee? And how do you take it?

KATE: Tea.  1 sugar.  No milk.

HEATHER: What color would you make the sky if it wasn’t going to be blue anymore and why?

KATE: On a clear day, the sky is blue because it is reflective of the atmosphere, scattering blue wavelengths from the sun’s light spectrum more than red.  The sky gets reddish at sunset because of the different angle the light hits the atmosphere.  So if it is going to be a different color than blue, that means that the sun and the atmosphere have somehow fallen out of their normal angles with each other.  Meaning the earth is falling out of its orbit.  Meaning we are all going to die.

I think it would be nice to have a green/purple sky, if that were to occur.

HEATHER: Which era would you least like to have lived in, fashion-wise and why? Most?

KATE: Fashion-wise, I don’t know the worst – anything with a full body corset seems horrific.  The best would easily be the Regency era.  I look good in an empire waist dress.

HEATHER: What’s in your refrigerator right now?

KATE: Half a left over turkey meatloaf and a lot of yogurt.

HEATHER: Is Elvis really dead?

KATE: Yup.  Sorry. 

HEATHER: Tell me how many hats you have in your home?

KATE: 23.  18 of which belong to my husband and are Boston-themed.

HEATHER: What would you do if you had a time machine?

KATE: Well, I’d be with the Doctor, so anything he likes.


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The Davis Mountains became a character in Protecting Their Child. The landscape presented as many obstacles to Kate & Cord as the men chasing them. I'm always inspired by visiting the story location and hope to write more books based in West Texas.

I get introduced to my daughter's friends and one of the first things she tells them now is to be careful about what they say...they may just end up in a book. And ironically, from all the people I know and have worked with that knew I was a writer, her friends are the only ones that have asked to have characters named after them.

I did. Can't wait to see if their stories sell and I return next year to the Davis Mountains and Valentine, Texas.

A BIG THANK YOU TO MY HUSBAND for the new Book Trailer.
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You're all readers...have you ever had a spark of a story idea? Care to share what you'd write about?


The Texas Ranger

Harlequin Intrigue, May

But that's coming tomorrow. (grin)

Cord McCrea is a sixth generation Texas Ranger. Like cop families that are encouraged to take up the shield generation after generation, Cord was raised to be a Ranger and doesn't believe he can be valued as anything else.  

Did you know that the Texas Rangers Division is the "oldest law enforcement body on the North American Continent" and recognized throughout the world? Volunteers were given permission from the Mexican government on August 10, 1823 to be exact.  So six generations of Rangers is very believable.

The Rangers no longer roam the 'range' scouting the movements of American Indians. Now they're a division of six companies and a part of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Their numbers are limited. And their primary duties (under their state charter) consist "primarily of conducting criminal and special investigations, apprehending wanted felons, suppressing major disturbances, protection of life and property, and rendering assistance to local law enforcement officials in suppressing crime and violence."

I hope my hero, Cord McCrea does the badge of the Rangers justice. 

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I have 2 $10 Gift Cards to draw from blog commenters the 25th-28th.  Winner's Choice: anywhere I have access.

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QUESTION FOR TODAY:  What happened first? The forming of the Texas Rangers or the battle of The Alamo?


Angi Morgan's Latest

"Littered with double-crosses and violent twists … Morgan tightens the coil until it springs forward in an explosive finale." 

Harlequin Intrigue, May

“Your wife is a dead woman.” Jorje Serna, as he left the courtroom a free man, pointed directly at Cord McCrea.

The evil words closed Cord’s throat in a moment of fear. Just a moment that pierced him as fast as the bullet that had broken his back. The ache around the scar was real enough. He recognized it. Fought it. Shoved it aside.

Free on a technicality after three years in prison. Short years for the crimes Serna had committed. Incredibly long years as Cord’s life as a husband and Texas Ranger unraveled.

“He’s serious, you know.” The lead prosecutor, Paul Maddox, tapped Cord’s shoulder with one hand, and dialed his cell in the other. “You and Kate should take extra precautions.

“Get her protection. The local sheriff can get to the ranch faster.” Cord pulled his phone from his uniform pocket. “We may already be too late.”
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My May contest is open just for GLIAS commenters. Here's a chance to enter before anyone else. I'm giving away a special necklace on June 2nd.  Register through RAFFLECOPTER

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Angi Morgan writes “Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love.” She combines actual Texas settings with characters who are in realistic and dangerous situations. Angi is a finalist in the Bookseller’s Best Award, Romantic Times Best First Series, Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and the Daphne du Maurier.
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CHAT WITH ME TODAY:  Do you like the opening line? You'll never guess what my copy editor wanted to change it to...


Draconia Tales

Draconia Tales
The Wild Rose Press

In a world where men can
become dragons . . . 
“You don’t mind leaving?”

All brawn, no brain obviously. Hadn’t she just said that downstairs?

“That’s right. I want to leave. You want to take me. It works out well for both of us. Now, how much can I take?”

“You do not feel a need to take your entire shop, do you?” A small wrinkle appeared between his brows.

“As you noticed earlier, there’s not much to take. I have clothes and personal items. A couple of bags, maybe.”

“One bag. Thoren travels light. Insists we do the same.” He glanced to the bed and back to her, grinning. “Besides, the less time you take packing, the more time we’ll have for pleasure.”

Lily’s whole body stiffened, as blood pounded in her ears. Oh, Goddess, not now. She hadn’t left the town. Now she’d never leave. He’d crush her before she could be free.

He took a swaggering step toward her, cupping her face in his hand. “Don’t be frightened. I won’t hurt you.”

Sure you won’t, look at the size of you.

Bending forward, he placed his lips against hers, pressing gently. And just like that, her nervousness vanished.

As a Watcher, a guardian warrior of the Draconi, Enar has never fit in with his kind. When he sees Lily--the ideal Watcher's woman--he instantly claims her, believing she will bring him the acceptance he craves. Falling in love with her was not part of his plan.

As her town's outcast, Lily wants nothing more than to escape. When Enar locks a necklace around her throat and declares she belongs to him, she jumps at the chance to leave. Her excitement soon becomes trepidation when Enar won't tell her what to expect in his world. But even her worry can't overcome her growing attraction to him.

Soon Lily learns what life as a Watcher's claim entails, and refuses to submit. To keep Lily, Enar must turn his back on everything he thought he wanted. Will he choose his people? Or the other half of his soul?


By day, Karilyn works in the research department of an oncology clinic. By night, she tells the stories of her imaginary friends.

Karilyn and her most wonderful, ever-patient husband share their home in the great state of Texas with two partially psycho dogs and a handful of colorful fish.


ANGI: What's the biggest difference in our world and Enar's?
KARILYN: Dragons! I’ve yet to see a shape-shifting dragon on earth, but if you have let me know! <g>

ANGI: What’s Enar's favorite “love” word?
KARILYN: Enar has trouble pulling out the big “L” word. He’d rather offer to kill anything bothering Lily. Being gruff is how he shows he cares.

ANGI: What did Enar do as a child?
KARILYN: A Watcher’s childhood was filled with learning to fight and kill. They also met their Draconi wards, the male Draconi they were to guard. That’s how he met his best friend Thoren. Together they got into a lot of trouble when young. <g>

ANGI: What’s your favorite secondary character from WARRIOR LOVER?
KARILYN: The dragon Fafnir. He’s the hero of the third book (which I’m still writing!). But I’m also fond of the boy Jamie. Or as Enar describes him: trouble comes in small packages.

ANGI: What do you like best about Enar?
KARILYN: He starts off out of touch with his emotions, but learns to love and express that love by the end of the story.

ANGI: Are there books in Enar's world?
KARILYN: There are, but he’d rather fight than read one. Unlike me. <g>

ANGI: If Warrior Lover were an Action film, which one would it be?
KARILYN: Oh wow, that’s a tough one. Entrapment comes to mind, but maybe it’s just appearing b/c I like the movie. <g>

ANGI: Who’s your favorite villain in the Draconia Tales?
KARILYN: The masked Draconi. He’s the nasty villain that keeps appearing in each of the books.

ANGI: What is Enar's biggest vice?
KARILYN:  He keeps things from Lily in order to protect her from the truth. Which, of course, drives her away.

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: Why shape shifting Dragons? When I picture a dragon, they aren't extremely sexy and easy to cuddle… What made you fall in love with dragons?
KARILYN'S GOTTA ANSWER: I’ve always found dragons fascinating. They’re huge, scaly and pretty much the biggest, baddest things out there. Plus they have wings and can get places faster than walking. My dragons perform magic and turn into sexy men. Who doesn’t want a sexy man flying them places and protecting them from harm? <g>   


I’m currently writing the third book in the Draconia Tales trilogy, Dragon Lover.






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KARILYN wants to know:
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