We've got some if you're attending Booklovers Con 20!
And I have a couple for Get Lost in a Story readers.
Just leave a confession regarding your reading.
Don't forget to leave a confession
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Don't forget to leave a confession
regarding your reading.
Drawing on Sat, March 7th.



We've got some if you're attending Booklovers Con 20!
And I have a couple for Get Lost in a Story readers.
Just leave a confession regarding your reading.



Don't forget to leave a confession
regarding your reading.
Drawing on Sat, March 7th.


Through My Lens: White Sands


Following Faith & the Lonesome Hearts Series

What happens when you have a 4-book series, but book #2 is under exclusive contract in a multi-author anthology? A bit of confusion. But that's cleared up now. As of Feb 7th, I can share Following Faith (book 2 in my Lonesome Hearts series) with you as a stand-alone read. Hurrah! 

Lonesome Hearts Series - Western Historical Romance Adventure

It all started with my 2010 RWA® Golden Heart® award-winning book, Between Heaven & Hell (which also won the Chanticleer Laramie® for best Western Romance Drama in 2014). But then came...Faith, Bravery, and Raven. 

This 4-book series follows the frontiersmen and women who meet on the Oregon Trail and afterward. Each story features characters from the other books but is also a standalone read.

The scout & the wagon boss

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas – 1850

Hannah knows one thing the moment she enters Fort Leavenworth—she’s arrived in Hell. But inside the fort is the means to a new life, a position as a scout on a wagon train bound for the Western Territories. All Hannah has to do is convince the wagon master, Paden Callahan, she’s the right person for the job.

After his wife was murdered by the Comanche, Paden let his work as a Texas Ranger consume him. Now he wants nothing more than to forget his past and disappear into the West. Unfortunately, the one man he can’t refuse has asked him to guide a wagon train full of tenderfoots across thousands of miles of Indian land. But Paden’s greatest challenge turns out to be Hannah, a woman his heart won’t allow him to ignore even though she’s been raised by an enemy he hates.

On a trail full of danger, will he guide her to heaven or hell?

* Available on Amazon (eBook/Print) & Kindle Unlimited *

The schoolmistress & the Osage warrior

Oregon Territory – 1852

Labeled a harlot and expelled from a remote logging camp and her work teaching children, Faith Featherby embarks on a journey to return a stolen spirit horse to the little girl whose photograph was hidden in the horse’s riding blanket.

Orphaned young and stifled by a lifelong shyness, Faith has only her education as a schoolmistress and her memories of her mother’s stories. She’s not an experienced rider, but a Medicine Hat horse—alleged to have the sacred power to protect its rider—might be her best hope for surviving the wilderness… until an Osage warrior rides out of the mist.

Scarred by a brutal past, the Eagle Feather challenges Faith to follow a new path where belief in yourself and your partner, be they horse or man, can lead to a triumph of the heart.

Can a single day together on horseback change your life forever?

* Available on Amazon (eBook only for now) & Kindle Unlimited *

The wilderness guide & the fugitive tracker

The Cascade Mountains, Oregon Territory – 1868

After her parents vanished in the wilderness, Élodie Rousseau found a home with an Osage warrior and a logging camp schoolmistress who joined forces to return Élodie’s beloved spirit horse. With them as her teachers, she became the legendary mountain guide, Yellow Feather. She knows everything about surviving and thriving in the wild, but something is missing.

Legendary Far North fugitive tracker, Lachlan Bravery, is tortured by his failure to find the one person who mattered most—the mentor who taught him everything he once held sacred. Driven to repay a dead man, his hunt for a notorious band of outlaws brings him to Élodie’s mountain where they must join forces on a final quest deep inside a cave with the power to destroy not only their unexpected love but their lives.

When legends collide, will the sparks ignite their love or drive them apart?

* Available on Amazon (eBook/Print) & Kindle Unlimited *

The Lakota savior & the shotgun messenger

Deadwood, Dakota Territory – 1876

Raven wants to save one person. Charlie wants to save the world. Their warring nations thrust them together but duty pulled them apart—until their paths crossed again in Deadwood for a fight for love.

In a gold rush storm, can an unlikely pair rescue each other?

Rescuing Raven features a grown-up Charlie Jennings who was a young boy in my Oregon Trail story, Between Heaven & Hell (set in 1850). You’ll also get to meet real-life (and really complicated) Al Swearengen—one of the first men to set up a business in Deadwood. Al’s most well-known saloon was The Gem Theater, but his first Deadwood saloon (the one shown in my story) was The Cricket. 

* Available on Amazon (eBook only for now) or as a free read for my newsletter subscribers *

The Lonesome Hearts series (and the heroes and heroines in each story) covered a lot of ground (from Kansas to Oregon to the Dakotas) and that made them a lot of fun to write! 

What's your favorite setting for a story? 

Jacqui ❤️ 🤠
~ * ~ 

Jacqui Nelson - Author Picture
Fall in love with a new Old West...where the men are steadfast & the women are adventurous. 

Website: JacquiNelson.com
Amazon: www.amazon.com/author/jacquinelson

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New from Harlequin Desire!

A new cover design launches six new books from Harlequin Desire! Have you added any of these great books to your TBR stack?

Texas Cattleman’s Club: Inheritance

Sophie Blackwood needs the truth to take back what rightfully belongs to her family. Working for media CEO, Nigel Townshend, is the way to do it. What she doesn’t expect is their undeniable attraction. Will her feelings for her British playboy boss derail everything?

Murphy International

After their night of passion, auction house CEO Carrick Murphy and art detective Sadie Slade aren’t looking for anything more. But, when she learns she’s pregnant, they must overcome their troubled pasts for a chance at lasting happiness…

The Heirs of Hansol

To keep his role as CEO, Garrett Song needs to find a bride and fast. And, Natalie Sobol is the perfect candidate. But, their marriage of convenience is rocked when real passion takes over. Can a bargain that was only supposed to be temporary last forever?

Blackout Billionaires

Nadia Jordan certainly didn’t plan on spending the night with Grayson Chandler during the blackout, but the bigger surprise comes when he introduces her as his fake fiancée to avoid his family’s matchmaking! But even a fake relationship can’t hide their real chemistry…

RULE BREAKER by Joanne Rock
Dynasties: Mesa Falls

Despite his bad boy persona, Mesa Falls ranch owner Weston Rivera takes his job very seriously — a point he makes clear to meddlesome financial investigator April Stephens. Stranded together by a storm, their attraction is searing, but can it withstand their differences once the snow clears?

HIS FORBIDDEN KISS by Jessica Lemmon
Kiss and Tell

Heiress Taylor Thompson never imagined her night would end with kissing a mysterious stranger — let alone her reluctant date’s older brother, Royce Knox! Their spark can’t be denied but will family and professional pressure keep them to just one kiss?

If you've read any of these wonderful novels, leave a comment and let me know!



The fate of the city rests in their hands.

When FBI operative Therese Ortis and Texas Ranger Wade Hamilton agree to team up, they have one goal in mind: find and stop an algorithm that could destroy Dallas—or worse. But going undercover in order to bring down a criminal organization comes with its own form of danger. If discovered, they’re bound to be torn apart. Then not only will their beloved city pay the price, but Therese and Wade will suffer unforeseen—and unimaginable—consequences.
~ ~ ~

Inspiration for Wade
Wade is my matchmaking Texas Ranger. The fourth book in my Company B series is hitting shelves next month. If you’ve read the first three in the series, you know that the hero of CRIMINAL ALLIANCE thinks of himself as a bit of a matchmaker for his buddies.

Inspiration for Therese

 Therese Ortis has been very illusive over the first three Company B stories. She pops in and out of Wade’s life, getting him in and then out of trouble. She risked everything to save his life in Ranger Protector. And it wasn’t until Criminal Alliance that I discovered what favor Wade actually owed her – the one that began the entire series.

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Recipe Share & New Release: One Day in Apple Grove

February can be really cold in our neck of the woods. Nothing warms you up like a hearty meal of Mama Jo's Meatballs and Red Sauce! Served over your favorite pasta or just meatballs in a bowl with lots of sauce and Italian bread and butter ;) You can see from the battered recipe in the sheet protector that it was well used over the years. And changed...depending on my mood and what was in the pantry. LOL!

Mama Jo's Meatballs ~ serves 5 to 6 hungry men 
(or 2 with leftovers)

My Mother-in-law gave me this recipe years ago and you can tell from the battered condition it's in that it was used often...but as Flora the Fairy Godmother from Sleeping Beauty said "Oh, I improved it." LOL! I never use plain breadcrumbs when the Italian breadcrumbs taste soooo much better. Who uses just one clove of garlic? Not me...always use 4 to 6 depending on the size. More Parmesan cheese, yes please! And then there's always "camper's motto"...what you don't have you won't use. You get the general idea.

3.5 to 4 pounds of 80/20% freshly ground chop meat (it's the size Shop Rite by me usually carries)
1 cup Italian bread crumbs *Note: I used Panko once because that was all I had, and they didn't hold together as well*
4 to 6 garlic cloves, minced (I like to use a garlic mincer instead of a knife)
4 tablespoons dried parsley
1 cup Parmesan cheese
4 tablespoons EVOO or vegetable oil if you don't have the olive oil
2 teaspoons of salt
1 teaspoon cracked black pepper
2 eggs, well beaten

Break up the chop meat into a large mixing bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients...and now comes the yucky part, getting your hands in the bowl and mushing it all together until combined. Roll into meatballs--any size you like--my guys like manly meatballs, our grandsons's eyes popped open the first time I served the manly meatballs to them. They're used to tinier ones LOL!

Add vegetable oil to a large non-stick skillet, add the meatballs. Cover and cook on medium heat, browning on both sides. Check often to make sure they don't stick or burn. Using a slotted spoon, add the meatballs to pot of simmering Red Sauce.

~ ~ ~ 

C.H.'s Red Sauce
Serves 5 - 6 hungry men (or 2 with leftovers)

1 large can of Tomato Puree  ~ 29 oz. (no salt and no spices added)
1 large can of Crushed Tomatoes ~ 29 oz. (no salt and no spices added)
4 to 6 large garlic cloves, minced
1 medium to large onion, chopped
EVOO to coat the bottom of a Dutch Oven
Red Cooking Wine
3 heaping tablespoons of dried basil
2 heaping tablespoons of oregano
2 teaspoons salt *if it needs more salt when you taste it, add Seasoned salt*
2 teaspoons cracked black pepper

Add EVOO to the Dutch Oven sautee' garlic and onion in EVOO until tender and cooked through. Add basil, oregano, salt and pepper, stirring to combine. Add Red cooking wine (or Merlot or Cabernet Sauvingnon if you have it) to cover the bottom of the pan and hydrate the garlic, onion and spices. More if desired later *to taste* and bring to a boil.

Add tomato puree and crushed tomatoes, stirring to combine. Bring to a boil, cover and reduce heat. Stirring and checking constantly to make sure it doesn't stick or burn. Taste frequently and add additional spices or wine if desired. Simmer about 1/2 hour or 45 minutes.

Add the cooked meatballs and bring to another boil. Simmer for another 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to ensure the meatballs are cooked through.

Serve over pasta or in a bowl with Italian bread and butter.

~ ~ ~

Celebrating the release of the Sweet Version of One Day in Apple Grove, Book 2 in my Sweet Small Town USA Series!

This book is dedicated to Sue Grimshaw, whose vision, insightful edits and attention to detail gave new life to the residents of Apple Grove, Ohio ~ Small Town USA. The Mulcahy Family and I thank you.

I like to use family names in my books. My Grandfather's sister (my Great Aunt Margaret married Frank Mulcahy. My Mom used to have great stories about her uncles Frank and Joe Mulcahy. Years ago I connected with one of Great Uncle Frank and Aunt Margaret's granddaughters on Ancestry.com and realized we had the same picture!!! 

I wanted to give my heroines something different...and edge if you will...so I decided on handymen as their father only had daughters to pass the family legacy/business on to. If you have read my Apple Grove series already, this time around is even better! Too many cooks the last time... Love this new sweet version. Thanks to Sue!

One Day in Apple Grove
Small Town USA Book Two
Excerpt from Chapter 2

Dusk lent a certain mystical quality to the air. Driving past the newly planted fields she let go of the day’s troubles. If she squinted, Cait could just imagine faeries flitting about waving magic wands over the earth, pond, and trees as vines, flowers, and buds burst into bloom. Letting her imagination wander, she almost didn’t see the car parked at the side of the road until she was just about to pass it.
Recognizing the jeep as Jack’s, she slowed down.
Why had he stopped?  Was someone hurt? She pulled off the road in front of his vehicle, got out, and started to look for him.
“Hey, Jack—where are you?”
The silence had her gut icing over before she chastised herself that people only parked their cars and disappeared in the moves—like the one she’d watched last night trying to unwind after a long night in her woodshop. “No more late-night horror movies for you, Cait.” 
She called out again, “Do you need help?”
When he still didn’t answer, she pulled out her cell phone. If anyone had gotten sick out on Eden Church Road, Peggy would have heard and would let her know. She was about to hit speed dial when she heard a deep shout coming from across the road.
Turning toward the sound, she was knocked off balance by a small, black, fuzzy missile. Wrapping her arms around the animal so it wouldn’t get hurt when she landed, her backside took the brunt of the impact—so did her phone when it hit the pavement and skittered across it. Luckily, it was still in one piece.
“Hey,” she said, as she looked down at the quivering puppy in her arms. “Where did you come from?”
The puppy’s tiny pink tongue bathed her face and nipped the end of her nose. When Cait laughed, the puppy did it again. She snuggled him close and bent to pick up her phone.
“Don’t let go of him!”
The deep voice grabbed her attention and had her relaxing—it was Jack. Cait looked up and watched the familiar tall, broad-shouldered figure moving across the road toward her. He was limping but ignoring the fact. Had he aggravated one of his injuries? 
She remembered the way the town seemed to hold its breath when the letters Miss Trudi and Mrs. Gannon took turns reading at the diner stopped coming. Remembered the depth of Meg’s worry for her childhood friend—adding her own when Reverend Smith started the prayer chain. Though Jack was the same age as Meg—a half a dozen years older than her—Cait had always watched the way he and Meg were with one another…the best of friends…wondering what it would be like to confide in a friend like Jack.
Jack’s voice coaxed her back to the present and the man towering over her. His height drew her eyes upward, but it was the odd combination of the worried expression on his face and his commanding presence that held her attention. He vaguely resembled the teenager she remembered all those years ago—especially those deep blue eyes. She’d noticed the difference in his build the first time he’d come home on leave—he’d added muscle to the broad expanse of his chest and tall frame—and she’d dreamed of him. 
Just like always, his strong jaw and rugged good looks had her heart fluttering and tongue tying itself in knots. It was mortifying. Cait wondered if it was because he’d always been larger than life being six years older than her, or because even though they greeted one another every time they saw one another, he was still a veritable stranger.
Wasn’t it time to conquer her reaction to the man and change their status from acquaintances to friends…or maybe if she dared to admit it…more than friends?
Coming to stand beside her, he stared down at her for a moment before holding his hand out to her. “Are you all right?”
The depth of his voice did funny things to her insides as she stared up at him. But he seemed unaware of her plight as concern filled his eyes.
When she remained silent, his brow wrinkled. He frowned down at her.
She had to clear her throat to answer, “Yes, but why are you chasing this poor little puppy?” Gotta get over being tongue-tied around you.
He chuckled and the rusty sound of it only added to the man’s appeal. “The little rascal ran out in front of me,” he explained, pulling her to her feet. “I had to swerve not to hit him. I’ve been chasing him for the last fifteen minutes. Thanks for catching him.”
“I didn’t exactly catch him,” she looked down at the bundle in her arms and sighed. “He knocked me off my feet.”
He smiled and a dimple winked at her. Caitlin was charmed all over again by that touch of sweetness amid his rugged good looks.
“You’ve grown up on me, Caitlin.” He pulled her to her feet.
She felt the blood rush to her cheeks. “I doubt I’ve changed all that much in the few years you’ve been back, Jack.”
His gaze locked on hers, and he’d yet to let go of her arm. When she shifted slightly, he dropped his hand and took a step back. “Sometimes we get stuck in a holding pattern—seeing what we’ve always seen and not really looking.”
Cait wondered if he was thinking of the time he’d spent on the other side of the Atlantic or the years before he’d left. She had a feeling it was a little of both. Unsure of how to continue, she looked up at the sky. “They’re saying we’ll have rain by midnight.”
He tilted his head to the side and his features softened, not quite a smile, but no longer frowning. The last few rays of sunlight glinted off his high and tight military haircut. Auburn? She’d forgotten he had the same hair color as her dad. Maybe he was right about seeing what you expected to. How many other things had she forgotten over the years, or not paid attention to?
He cleared his throat and said, “I heard about your grandfather’s truck.”
“Everyone makes mistakes—” she began only to be interrupted.
“When you’re in the service, you’re not at liberty to make poor decisions, you need to do the right thing, at the right time—second chances aren’t always an option.”
The bleak look in his eyes darkened their hue to midnight blue. Was he remembering something from his time in the Navy? Without thinking, she asked, “Is that why you’re limping?”
Anger flashed in the depths of his gaze, warning her she’d either hit the nail on the head, or was completely off the mark and had insulted him. Before she could ask, he ground out. “No.”
“Sorry.” She didn’t want to antagonize the man, maybe Jack didn’t have time to talk to her. She could always try again another time.
She nuzzled her face in the soft fur of the little one she’d been neglecting. The puppy sighed. Life was full of change—so much had changed after that drunk driver had taken her mother away from them. But life was also about taking chances. She decided not to wait until the next time she saw him. Who knew when that would be?
She asked, “Did you twist your ankle chasing after this little cutie?”
The dog chose that moment to lift his head and stare up at her. His head was cocked to the side, making his ears flop to the left, but it was his under bite and little black lips that had her forgetting all about Jack’s flinty-eyed stare. Melting into a warm puddle, she kissed the tip of the puppy’s nose. 
Startled by the hard edge in his reply, she looked up in time to see a mix of anger and anguish before he blinked and she was left to wonder if she’d imagined it. It was definitely time to change the subject. “What are we going to do?”

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