Get Lost with Alanna Lucas!

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Alanna Lucas grew up in Southern California. From an early age, she took an interest in travel, incorporating those experiences into her writing. When she is not daydreaming of her next travel destination, Alanna can be found researching, spending time with family, or going for long walks. Alanna Lucas is a member of the Romance Writers of America, East Valley Authors, The Beau Monde, and Celtic Hearts Romance Writers.

Miss Eva Kenward does not want to spend another Christmas alone. Leaving Queen Victoria’s England, she journeys to America in search of an uncle but finds herself on the rugged frontier of Montana. And with no money and no acquaintances, the rudest man she has ever met is the one she must engage. Especially considering the precious bundle in her arms.

“Hunt” Strauss has been fooled before by beauty. So when the ravishing young woman arrives on his doorstep, he suspects her of ulterior motives. But perhaps the baby she holds truly is his kin...and when Miss Kenward finds herself stranded after a hotel fire, he reluctantly agrees to help. Bringing her to his sprawling ranch, Hunt tries to keep his distance. But the enticing woman and her enthusiasm for the season soon prove that fairy tale love stories—and holiday wishes—really can come true.        

            “Oh! It’s here!” Eva heard Aunt Carol bellow from downstairs. She gathered Lily in her arms and went down to see what all the fuss was about.

            Eva arrived downstairs just in time to see Hunt and Mr. Walker carry a large crate into the house and place it beside another.

            Aunt Carol’s face was bright with excitement. “Oh, dearie, you are just in time.”

            “Just in time for what?” Eva said as she edged closer to the crate.

            “Christmas decorations, tinsel, and treats from my brother in Germany!” As Aunt Carol explained about the contents of the crates, Hunt and Mr. Walker pried them open, revealing wrapped packages and tins full of fragrant spices.

            Eva sat down on the floor with a very curious Lily on her lap. When she opened a tin with the embossment of a German landscape, the scent of cloves filled the air. The next package Eva pulled contained a smooth wood block engraving of a Christmas tree. “This is beautiful,” she said as she admired the engraving.

            Eva was surprised when Hunt began to explain the significance of the wood engraving. “It’s a cookie mold. We use the molds to make decorative Lebkuchen, a type of spiced cookie, and ornaments for the Christmas tree. It has been a tradition in my family for many generations. My Oma taught my siblings and I how to make them.”

            She could hear the pride in his voice. Despite his tough exterior, underneath it all was a sensitive man. Not for the first time, Eva wondered what had hardened him.

            “Did you have any family traditions, dearie?”

            Eva did not know how to answer that question without raising sympathy from Aunt Carol. Her family was not close and they would never dream of sitting on the floor, rummaging through crates. She could hear her stepmother now: “That is why we have servants. Let them get their hands dirty.” Looking away, she shook her head without a word, and continued on with unpacking their traditions, wishing desperately she had some of her own.


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Alexa: How often to you get lost in a story?

Alanna: All the time :-) I have a very active imagination and can visual scenes easily (which is not always a good thing). And yes, at times I do put myself in the heroine’s role.

Alexa: Where do you read and how often?
Alanna: I've been told it is a bad habit, but I like to read every night in bed when everyone else has gone to sleep.

Alexa: Do you write while listening to music? If so what kind?
Alanna: Yes, I need music to drown out the sound of my kids! I love to listen to classical music- especially Beethoven- while writing.

Alexa: If you couldn’t be a writer anymore, what profession would you take up?
Alanna:I would like to be the Stig on Top Gear UK. It would be awesome to be able to drive all those supercars.

Alexa: What’s your favorite cartoon character?
Alanna: I love Snoopy- he is so cute!

Alexa: What do you do to unwind and relax?
Alanna:Reading historical romance. I love being swept away to another time period. Add a glass of red wine and dark chocolate, and I am very happy.

Alexa: What will always make you smile, even on a bad day?
Alanna:Being with my children. They have such great imaginations and interesting little quirks- there is never a dull moment.

Alexa: How did you come up with the idea for your book?
Alanna: I was in a Lego store with my little man looking at a train set when all of a sudden I saw my heroine. She was standing on a dusty platform, cradling a baby, waiting for a train that would never arrive. From this vision, I started to imagine the trials and tribulations she would have to endure to achieve her goal. Before too long, a Christmas novella was born.

Alexa: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
Alanna: I don't have one favorite, but at the top of my list… The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston, The Great Race, High Society, and Pride and Prejudice.

Alexa: What’s the first book you remember reading?
Alanna: Go, dog. Go! I still love that book :-)

Alexa: Tea or Coffee? And how do you take it?
Alanna: Both. Coffee with cream in the morning and lavender or green tea in the evening.

Alexa: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?
Alanna: Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy Once Upon A Montana Christmas.

Alexa: What's up next for you, Alanna?
Alanna: Coming later this year from Boroughs Publishing Group…Face to Face.

Miss Penelope Ashurst wanted one night to shed the strict rules and proper decorum of Regency society.  While attending a forbidden masquerade, she meets the man of her dreams.  It is love at first sight.  His secret identity only adds to the excitement of the evening.  Before she discovers who the mystery lord is, a ruthless man who is only interested in her dowry kidnaps her. When Ranulph, The Earl of Monfort, first spies the goddess in a golden mask, something inside comes to life and stirs a deep longing.  The weight of responsibility that had been bearing down on him his whole life dissipates.   But before he can profess his love to his goddess, she disappears. In a race against time, Ranulph searches for Penelope.  However, their ordeal does not end once Penelope is rescued.  While trying to evade the kidnappers, Penelope and Ranulph find their lives in jeopardy.  But as they escape one danger, others lurk to destroy their newfound love.  Can their love conquer all, even death?

Alexa: Sounds like another great read! Thanks for visiting with us, Alanna! 

Folks, Alanna is offering an ecopy of Once Upon a Montana Christmas to one lucky commenter! 

She wants to know....
What was the first historical romance novel you read?


Get Lost With Lauren Smith

Folks, help me welcome Lauren Smith to our site!

Lauren Smith is an attorney by day, author by night, who pens adventurous and edgy romance stories by the light of her smart phone flashlight app. She’s a native Oklahoman who lives with her three pets: a feisty chinchilla, sophisticated cat and dapper little schnauzer. She’s won multiple awards in several romance subgenres including being an Amazon.com Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist and a Semi-Finalist for the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award.


The League of Rogues takes what they want—but have they taken on too much?
For too long Miss Emily Parr has been subject to the whims of her indebted uncle and the lecherous advances of his repulsive business partner. Her plan to be done with dominating men forever is simple—find herself a kind husband who will leave her to her books.
It seems an easy enough plan, until she is unexpectedly abducted by an incorrigible duke who hides a wounded spirit behind flashing green eyes.
Godric St. Laurent, Duke of Essex, spends countless nights at the club with his four best friends, and relishes the rakish reputation society has branded him with. He has no plans to marry anytime soon—if ever. But when he kidnaps an embezzler’s niece, the difficult debutante’s blend of sweetness and sharp tongue make him desperate for the one thing he swears he never wanted: love.
Yet as they surrender to passion, danger lurks in Godric’s shadowed past, waiting for him to drop his guard—and rob him of the woman he can’t live without.
Warning: This novel includes a lady who refuses to stay kidnapped, a devilish duke with a dark past, and an assortment of charming rogues who have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into.
Godric St. Laurent, the twelfth Duke of Essex, leaned back in his saddle watching the abduction he’d orchestrated unfold. Covering his mouth with a gloved hand, he stifled a yawn. Things were going smoothly. In fact, this entire kidnapping bordered on the point of tedious. They’d intercepted the coach ten minutes before it reached Chessley House. No one witnessed the escort of riders or the driver changing his route. Oddly enough, the young woman hadn’t shown any signs of resistance or concern from inside the coach. Wouldn’t she have made some protestations when she realized what was happening? A thought stopped him dead. Had she somehow slipped out of the coach when they’d slowed on a corner before they’d left town? Surely not, they would have seen her. Most likely she was too terrified to do anything, hence the silence from inside. Not that she had anything to fear, she would not be harmed.

He nodded to his friend Charles who was perched next to the driver. A bag of coins jingled as Charles dropped it into the jarvey’s waiting hands.

They had reached halfway point between London and Godric’s ancestral estate. They would go the rest of the way on horseback, with the girl sharing a horse with either him or one of his friends. The driver would return to London with a message for Albert Parr and a wild story that exonerated himself from blame.

“Ashton, stay here with me.” Godric waved his friend over while the others rode the horses a good distance away to wait for his signal. Abductions were tricky things, and having only himself and one other man take hold of the girl would be better. She might have a fit of hysterics if she saw the other three men too close.

He rode up to the coach, curious to see whether the woman inside matched his memory. He’d seen her once before from a window overlooking the gardens when he’d visited her uncle. She’d been kneeling in the flowerbeds, her dress soiled as she weeded. A job more suited to a servant than a lady of quality. He’d been ready to dismiss her from his mind when she’d turned and glanced about the garden, a smudge of dirt on the tip of her upturned nose. A butterfly from a nearby flower had fluttered above her head. She hadn’t noticed it, even as it settled on her long, coiling auburn hair. Something in his chest gave a funny little flip, and his body had stirred with desire. Any other woman so innocent would not have caught his interest, but he’d glimpsed a keenness in her eyes, a hidden intelligence as she dug into the soil. Miss Emily Parr was different. And different was intriguing.

Ashton handed the driver the ransom letter for Parr and took up a position near the front of the coach. Taking hold of the door, Godric opened it up, waiting for the screaming to start.

None came.

“My deepest apologies, Miss Parr—” Still no screaming. “Miss Parr?” Godric thrust his head into the coach.

It was empty. Not even a fire-breathing dragon of a chaperone, not that he’d expected one. His sources had assured him she would be alone tonight.

Godric looked over his shoulder. “Ash? You’re sure this is Parr’s coach?”

“Of course. Why?” Ashton jumped off his horse, marched over and thrust his head into the empty coach. He was silent a long moment before he withdrew. Ashton put his finger against his lips and motioned to the inside. A tuft of pink muslin peeped out from the wooden seat. He gestured for Godric to step away from the coach.

Ashton lowered his voice. “It seems that our little rabbit chase has turned into a fox hunt. She’s hidden in the hollow space of the seat, clever girl.”

“Hiding under the seat?” Godric shook his head, bewildered. He didn’t know one woman of his acquaintance who would do something so clever. Perhaps Evangeline, but then if anything could be said of that woman, it was that she was far from ordinary. A prickling of excitement coursed through his veins, into his chest. He loved a challenge.

“Let’s wait a few minutes and see if she emerges.”

Godric looked back at the coach, impatience prickling inside him. “I don’t want to wait here all night.”

“She’ll come out soon enough. Allow me.” Ashton walked back to the coach and called out to Godric in a carrying voice. “Blast and damnation! She must have slipped out before we took charge of the coach. Just leave it. We’ll take the driver back to London tomorrow.” Ashton shut the door with a loud slam and motioned for Godric to join him.

“Now we wait,” Ashton whispered. He indicated that he would guard the left coach door while Godric stationed himself at the right.

Emily listened to the drum of retreating hooves and silently counted to one hundred. Her heart jolted in her chest as she considered what the men would do if they caught her. Highwaymen could be cruel and murderous, especially if their quarry offered little. She had no access to her father’s fortune, which left only her body.

Icy dread gripped Emily’s spine, paralyzing her limbs. She drew a breath as anxiety spiraled through her.

I must be brave. Fight them until I can fight no more. With trembling hands, she pushed at the roof of the seat, wincing as it popped open. Once she climbed out, she brushed dirt from her gown, noticing some tears from the rough wood on the inside of the seat. But the tears held no importance. All that mattered was survival.

Emily looked out the coach window. Nothing stood out in the darkness. Only the faint glimmer of moonlight touched the road with milky tendrils. Stars winked and flickered overhead, pale lights, distant and cold. A shudder wracked her frame, and Emily hugged herself, wanting so much to be at home. She missed her warm bed and her parents’ murmurs from down the hall. It was a comfort she’d taken for granted. But she couldn’t afford to think about them, not when she was in danger.

Were the men truly gone? Could it really be this easy?

She opened the coach door, and stepped down onto the dirt road. Strong arms locked about her waist and yanked her backward. The collision with a hard body knocked the breath from her lungs. Terror spiked her blood as she struggled against the arms that held her.

“Good evening, my darling,” a low voice murmured.

Emily screamed once, before she bit down on the hand that covered her mouth. She tasted the smooth leather of fine riding gloves.

The man roared and nearly dropped her. “Damn!”

Emily rammed an elbow backwards into her attacker’s stomach and began to wrestle free until he grabbed her arm. She swung about, striking him across the face with a balled fist. The man staggered back, leaving her free to dive inside the coach.

If she could get to the other side and run, she might stand a chance. She scrabbled towards the door, but never made it. The devil surged into the coach after her. Turning to face him, she was knocked flat onto her back.

She screamed again as his body settled over hers.

The dim moonlight revealed his bright eyes and strong features.

He caught her flailing wrists, pinning them above her head. “Quiet!”

Emily wanted to rake his eyes out, but the man was relentless. His hips ground against hers and panic drove her to a new level of terror. Her fears of being forcibly taken surfaced as his warm breath fanned over her face and neck. She shrieked, and he reared back away from her, as though the sound confused him.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” His voice vibrated with a low growl, ruining any promise his words might carry.

“You’re hurting me now!” She yanked her arms uselessly against his hold.

The man eased off her somewhat, and Emily took her chance. She tucked her knees up, and with all the power she could summon, she kicked. Her attacker stumbled out the open door and fell onto his back. Emily barely registered that he was winded before she turned and exited the other side of the coach.

The moment she emerged, another man lunged for her. To escape him, Emily fell back against the side of the coach. Rather than grab her, he held his arms wide to keep her from slipping by him, like he was corralling livestock.

“Easy, easy,” he purred.

Emily whipped her head to the left and pleaded with her mind to think, but the man she’d bitten rounded the corner and pounced, pinning her against the coach, his arms caging her in. His solid muscular body towered over her. His jaw clenched as though one move from her would trigger something dark and wild. Emily’s breath caught, and her heart pounded violently against her ribs.

The man was panting and angry. The intensity of his eyes mesmerized her, but the second he blinked, the spell broke and she fought with every bit of strength she could muster.

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Alexa: What’s your favorite fairy tale?
Lauren: Sleeping Beauty. I normally don’t like passive heroines, but there’s something about a young woman being raised away from home, living a simple life and never knowing she’s doomed to fall into eternal sleep on her 16th birthday. I think I love the drama behind knowing that no matter what, she’s going to touch the spindle. Then it’s up to a prince to fight through hell to save her, and he’s going off just a chance encounter in the woods. That says a lot about a man who’s willing to do that for a woman he just met. I love that whole idea.

Alexa: What sound or noise do you love?
Lauren: There a wind chime that the house behind me has hanging on their porch and it’s a large metal shape. When it swings in the wind, it doesn’t actually chime, but rings like a bell. It sounds like those old brass bells that were on ships that sailors used to ring every hour during their watches. I loved reading Horatio Hornblower books in high school and when the movies came out on A&E, they always had those bells ringing on the ships and I adore that sound. It takes me back in the past every time I hear it.

Alexa: What was the first story you remember writing?
Lauren: I was 11 when the movie Titanic came out and when Leo DiCaprio’s character died it just killed my 11 year old crush so I decided to re-write the entire story to have a better ending. I watched the VHS tape until it broke and then I handwrote the entire story just like it happened in the movie except at the very end, where of course Leo doesn’t die, but manages to get back upon the wooden door with Rose and they lived happily ever after in New York.

Alexa: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?
Lauren: I believe the best stories are about people with flaws, and people that have to change from the first page to the last. If you want to see heroes who aren’t perfect, who may in fact come off as arrogant jerks but who truly change by the end of the book due to falling in love with the heroine, then my stories are for you!

Alexa: What’s the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?
Lauren: I drink a glass of wine, and feel a little sad that such a fun story was over, and then about an hour later, I’m so excited about the next book that I’m flipping to a crisp white page in my notebook and starting a new book!

Alexa: What is your favorite tradition from your childhood that you would love to pass on or did pass on to your children?
Lauren: Reading out loud. My mother and father read me stories from the time I was little, so I have a good appreciation for listening to stories and also for teaching children to read aloud and gain good oratory skills.

Alexa: Which of your characters would you most/least to invite to dinner, and why?
Lauren: I’d invite the entire league of rogues which is made up of six rich, influential men from Regency London. They are all rakishly handsome, incredibly charming, funny as heck, and their sense of friendship is so familial that I’d feel right at home hanging out with them.

Alexa: What does it mean to love someone?
Lauren: It means to love everything about them, even their flaws, knowing that they might never change but you want them anyway. It also means to sacrifice things that matter to you, to make them happy, or to let them go if that’s what it takes. You must care about them and their needs above your own.

Alexa: What is your hero’s “kryptonite” – in other words, what will bring him instantly to his knees?
Lauren: For Godric, the hero of Wicked Designs, it’s Emily, the heroine’s tears. When she cries, it wounds him to his very soul because he wants more than anything to make her happy. Which considering that he’s a Regency era bad boy, is both charming and cute.

Alexa: What will always make you smile, even on a bad day?
Lauren: My brother sends me funny video .gifs of animals doing silly things and for some reason, animals being funny ALWAYS makes me laugh.

Alexa: What drew you to write in the genre(s) you do?
Lauren: I have been writing love stories for as long as I can remember. I think because my parents have such a strong love and that all of my family member have strong love based relationships, that love is important to me. I was writing romance before I even knew what it was. I started writing fantasy and young adult, but a friend pointed out to me, that I was really actually writing romances because everything always came back to the two people falling in love. Each story I write tries to approach problems couples may have and how they overcome those obstacles to be together. I think love is what gives life true meaning and I couldn’t imagine writing anything else.

Alexa: What has been your most rewarding publishing moment?
Lauren: When readers email me and tell me that they read the book in one sitting and have to know which rogue in the league is next in the series. This are complete strangers who email me and it means everything to me to see my characters have touched people deeply.  I love knowing that the story resonated with them. I even had two people tell me they dreamed about the book that night when they were reading it, which was an absolute joy to hear!
Alexa: What's up next for you?
Lauren: The Shadows of Stormclyffe Hall (coming Sept 22 2014) and then His Wicked Seduction, book 2 in The League of Rogues series (coming Nov 11 2014)

Lauren, thanks so much for joining us! It was great getting to know you better.

QUESTION: Do you tear up when someone is moved to tears?


Get Lost with R.S.A. Garcia

On one of Earth’s planetary outposts, a young woman dies–and is brought back to life by a mysterious alien.

Inside a military starship, a wounded soldier is stalked by an unseen enemy.

When Lex reawakens in a clinic, she doesn’t remember who she is, or who killed her. All she remembers is a phrase she does not understand. Lex Talionis. The law of revenge. Stripped of her past, Lex focuses on the only thing she can. Retribution. She will find the people who murdered her and she will make them pay.

What Lex doesn’t know is that she’s being hunted. The alien who saved her and the soldier fighting for survival are the keys to her past…and her future. She must discover what they know before the hunter finds her. Every clue brings her closer to owerful enemies. Everything she learns draws her nearer to the person who almost destroyed her.

The only man she has ever loved.

R.S.A. Garcia lives and works on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean with a large family and too many dogs.
RSA Garcia
She decided to be an author when she discovered that Louisa May Alcott had been published at the age of 8. Determined to waste no more time, she finished her first collection of stories at 10. She has not stopped writing since, and indulged herself in a deep love of all speculative fiction despite the best advice of every English teacher she has ever had.

Her debut novel, LEX TALIONIS, a science fiction mystery, is out now and has received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly and advanced praise from award-winning author, Elizabeth Bear.

CLOVER: How often to you get lost in a story?

R.S.A:  Every time I read a good book! Of course, the hard part in today's world is finding the time to read a good book while writing one. But every once in a while I still manage to stumble onto some gem that will not only absorb me completely, but turn me green with envy at the author's skill. After all, if you managed to get lost in a story when you're a writer, there's always a tiny part of you that wants to rend your garments because you just know you'll never be that good.

CLOVER: Be honest, when reading...do you put yourself in the heroine’s role?

R.S.A:  If the heroine is strong and interesting. If she's not, I'll be fine following the hero on his adventures instead. But let's face it--we girls want to be in the heroine's perfect skin a whole lot more than we want to be in ours sometimes. After all, the heroine's hair is always fetching, she never has PMS and she most likely snared the sexiest man alive with naught but a searing look.

CLOVER: What do you do to unwind and relax?

R.S.A:  What is this unwinding you refer to? Clearly you must be talking about a time-piece and not me 'cause God only knows I'm so tightly wound, the last time I went for a massage I was so tense the masseuse got one right after I left.

However, I do occasionally manage to come to an extended halt for a good movie or tv show, a book and a cocktail.  

CLOVER: R, you are so funny! I know what you mean though. Okay, so no unwinding. In that case, what’s your favorite movie of all time?

R.S.A: Oh no, not that question! I can never just pick one! Argghhh! You see, I'm a huge movie buff and I have categories for the movies I love. You will get at least a top ten list for everything from musicals to horror. I have no one movie that rises head and shoulders above the rest.

I do, however, have movies I've watched so many times, I can say the lines along with the actors. The top three on that list, from three to one, are The Terminator, The Sound of Music and It's a Wonderful Life.

I know...I have no idea what the T-800 model 101 is doing in there either, but it probably doesn't mean anything good for the poor Von Trapp children.

CLOVER: What are the next five books on your ‘to be read’ pile?

R.S.A: Must you reveal my shame? Some of these books have been waiting patiently for months. ::Sigh:: Fine, I'm currently reading--or planning to read--Under the Dome by Stephen King, Shadow Over Avalon by C.N. Lesley, Hellstrom's Hive by Frank Herbert, A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin and Beloved by Toni Morrison.

CLOVERS GOTTA ASK:  Describe an absolutely perfect day.

R.S.A’S GOTTA ANSWER:  That would be one during which everyone in the world forgot to make war or hurt each other for 24 hours--and I could eat my fill of desserts and savoury meals and LOSE the equivalent weight the next morning.

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WHAT’S UP NEXT FOR YOU? Hopefully a sequel to 'Lex Talionis', but that depends on my publisher. *Gazes soulfully at her publisher*


A lot of popular books now feature strong female protagonists. What does that mean for your as a reader? What are you looking for when you hear that phrase? Do you need such a protagonist to be likable?

R.S.A. is offering a copy of Lex Talionis to one lucky commenter.

Note: Please leave an email address for notification. Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North America addresses only unless specifically mentioned in the post. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants. Winners of drawings are responsible for checking this site in a timely manner. If prizes are not claimed in a timely manner, the author may not have a prize available. Get Lost In A Story cannot be responsible for an author's failure to mail the listed prize. GLIAS does not automatically pass email addresses to guest authors unless the commenter publicly posts their email address. 


Thrilling Suspense...Heartfelt Romance

Love Inspired Suspense


Researcher Dr. Lily McAllister has dedicated her life to finding a cure for a family disease and now, steps away from a promising new treatment, Lily is attacked. Only the training of army physician James O'Reilly can save her. As the would-be CEO of his family's pharmaceutical company, James's secret dream is to reenlist. But he can't leave Lily with a bull's-eye on her back. Nor can he stay and stop her from pursuing her goal. No one can, including the stalker who shadows her every move. Still, James has lost too many people he's loved—and this time he refuses to lose Lily.

Read a little, Buy the book

 ALISON STONE left Buffalo, New York and headed a thousand miles south to earn an industrial engineering degree at Georgia Tech in Hotlanta. Go Yellow Jackets! She loved the South, but true love brought her back North.

After the birth of her second child, Alison left Corporate America for full-time motherhood. She credits an advertisement for writing children's books for sparking her interest in writing. She never did complete a children's book, but she did have success writing articles for local publications before finding her true calling, writing romantic suspense.

Alison lives in Western New York with her husband of twenty years and their four children where the summers are absolutely gorgeous and the winters are perfect for curling up with a good book--or writing one. Besides writing, Alison keeps busy volunteering at her children's schools, driving her girls to dance, and watching her boys race motocross.

ANGI: What’s the first book you remember reading? 
ALISON: I’m embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t a big reader as a child. I  didn’t discovered the joy of getting lost in a story until after I graduated from college. I was very studious, but reading only included text books and required reading. However, I do remember receiving a book for Christmas from my mom when I was maybe twelve. The main character’s name was Alison (spelled the same and everything!) She was teenage athlete and she was in a boating accident and suddenly couldn’t compete because she broke her leg. Hmmm? I can still see the cover, but I can’t recall the title. I wonder if I still have it packed away somewhere. Other books I remember reading (but not my first books) were by Judy Blume, specifically Forever. I must have been in seventh or eighth grade. It was my first experience reading about sex in a book. It made an expression. Forever was pulled from our little Catholic school library after our teacher, Sister Melanie, read it. I can still see her pinched expression as she made the announcement. My re-discovery of a good romance would have to wait until after college graduation when I finally put aside text books and studying for the pure enjoyment of reading.

ANGI: What’s your favorite fairy tale?
ALISON: I love all variations of Cinderella. It’s fun how Hollywood has done a gazillion movies on the theme. One of my favorite is Hillary Duff in Cinderella Story. (Can you tell I have young daughters?)

ANGI: Where do you read and how often?
ALISON: I read most nights curled up in my bed with my Kindle until I can’t keep my eyes open. In the summer, I also love to read on my back patio while supervising the kids in the pool. When I go on vacation, I love, love, love to read on the deck overlooking the ocean. I always say a perfect retirement would involve a book, a deck and the ocean.

ANGI: What sound or noise do you love?
ALISON: I absolutely love the sound of waves crashing onto the beach. (You might have guessed that from my last answer.) My ideal vacation is renting a condo on the ocean. Falling asleep and waking up to the ocean is heaven.

ANGI: Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
ALISON: Action Adventure. I tend to gravitate toward reading romantic suspense. I love the danger and the romance combined.

ANGI: What was the first story you remember writing?
ALISON: When I first started writing, I targeted the children’s market. At the time, I was a new mother. I remember writing a story about a boy who wanted to buy a stroller with big wheels for his little brother, but when he went back to the store to buy it, it was already sold. Ohhh…conflict!  I believe the short story was titled “Boom buggy, doom buggy.”  Surprisingly, it didn’t sell. LOL. I soon realized my talents didn’t lie in writing for toddlers.

ANGI: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
ALISON: One of my favorite movies is Dirty Dancing. I will stop channel surfing every time it comes on TV. There’s something about the “coming of age” of a young woman and the sexy older man.

ANGI: What is your biggest vice?
ALISON: My biggest vice is procrastination which usually involves surfing the web. I am working hard to break this habit. But on the bright side, I’m usually well versed in current events. Oh, and I also stumble upon great story ideas. So, it’s not all bad.

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: Hey Alison, you live in New York. What's your most favorite thing to do in your state?

ALISON's GOTTA ANSWER: I live in Western New York, outside of Buffalo, NY and close to Niagara Falls. Every time we have an out of town visitor, we visit the Falls. I highly recommend it. However, since I live here, my favorite thing to do this time of year is sit on my patio and read. I’m wild like that. We have the most beautiful summers. 

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Read a little, Buy the book

Read a little, Buy the book

Read a little, Buy the book

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