JC Harroway - Talking About DARE-ing Heroes and Heroines!

Ready for a little more Harlequin DARE? I’m so happy to have my fellow DARE author and all round fabulous New Zealander, JC Harroway with me to talk about her latest DARE, One Night Only!

About JC Harroway

Lifelong romance addict JC Harroway lives in New Zealand. Writing her very real obsession with happy endings and the endorphin rush they create. You can follow her via her website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The romantic vs the cynic. 
Chemistry is all they have in common!

New York lawyer Ash has moved to London to escape his demons – and one red–hot night with gorgeous stranger Essie is the perfect distraction! He's ready to forget about her entirely...until she walks into his office for her first day at work. She's a romantic, seeking her happily–ever–after – he's a distrustful cynic who can't commit. Could a sexy fling be the best mistake of their lives?

Read a little…

Essie slipped her hand into the back pocket of his jeans, her fingers pressing into his tightly toned backside. Where had her uncharacteristic bravery come from? The desire for something more than the dribs and drabs she’d tolerated from her no-good ex?

Her ex’s idea of foreplay had been a mandatory squeeze of the boob. And to her shame, she’d accepted such lazy, shoddy attention.

All the more reason to explore a one-night stand with the drool-worthy, confident American. She’d gain some much-needed experience in the one-night-stand stakes, and hopefully score herself the kind of orgasm that only existed in her world as a mythical will-o’-the-wisp, and afterwards they’d move on having both had a good time. Unless Ash was a serial killer, it was a win-win situation. She absorbed the foreign, heady thrill of his big warm body next to hers. Not that it was cold—her shivers originated purely from anticipation.

The best kind of shivers.

She sucked in a stuttering breath—she’d never felt more reckless. And, if she was honest, she also felt a little embarrassed. There was no law that stated that, before her twenty-fifth birthday, she should have experienced at least one night of no-strings sex, but, as she touted herself as something of a relationship expert, didn’t she owe it to the readers of her relationship psychology blog to experience what all the fuss was about?

Ash’s hand looped around her shoulder. She reached up and clasped his fingers. They grinned at each other, Essie’s belly jolting in time with her excitable pulse.

No serious scientist could rely solely on academic theory. She could finally verify her years of extensive research with some cold, hard, scientific data.

Surely he must be able to hear the blood whooshing through her head?

Because in practical terms, what did she really know about relationships, especially the functional kind?

Her face fell at the momentary wobble. Her one serious boyfriend during uni had left her practically swearing off the opposite sex for good on the grounds she clearly couldn’t spot a decent relationship candidate if he was stark naked in front of her wearing a pick me, I’m a safer than houses bet hat.
A trait she’d inherited from her mother perhaps… The woman had, after all, procreated with Essie’s lying, cheating, deserting father and spent many years playing second fiddle to his actual wife, his real family.

Not that Essie had known all that back then. She’d simply been a girl who desperately missed her beloved father while he’d worked overseas for long stretches of time. Clearly she and her mother shared a desperate-for-love vibe that usually sent men running.

But Ash wasn’t running.

And she wasn’t looking for a relationship. Just sex. She’d gleaned from Ash’s subtext that, like her, he was only interested in a one-night thing. She shoved the buzzkill thoughts from her mind, focussing on the specimen of manly perfection beside her. Exotic Ash. A gentleman. Funny, intelligent, and interested in what she had to say.

So different from her ex, and she’d wasted two years in that flawed relationship.

Her throat tightened.

Perhaps she was ready for a change. It was, after all, the eve of a brand-new chapter of her life—her new job working for her until recently estranged half-brother began tomorrow. Or perhaps it was just charming, sophisticated, sexy-as-sin Ash with his crinkle-eyed smile, his quick wit and his tales of New York that earned him a place at the top of Essie’s bucket list.

Nothing at all to do with his muscular physique and his dark good looks, which were enough to attract smiles and stares everywhere they’d gone today. And she instinctively knew, as if it were stamped on her overworked ovaries, that Ash would be phenomenal between the sheets. High-calibre screaming orgasms—another experience sadly lacking from her rather pathetic repertoire.

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Let’s talk… 

Avril: Can you share with us how the story of One Night Only unfolded for you?
JC: Believe it or not, this story originated from a seed of true events. Last year I visited London and not only did I see a sexy stranger sitting in the sun with his eyes closed, my phone also died while I was trying to take a photo, and someone else kindly offered to take a photo for me. Put those two together and I had the seed for the meeting between Ash and Essie. Of course, this is also the third book of three linked books, so the story had to evolve from there. Ash is Harley from Her Dirty Little Secret's sister.

Avril: What’s the one standout JC Harroway trademark? 
JC: I'm not really sure I have one! I am passionate about promoting consent in a positive way in my books, so I consciously try to make the sexy times full of Yes, yes, yesses! And with my medical background, I'm all about safe sex, even when it's fictional! So My heroes and heroines always look out for each other.

Avril: What do you look for in a romance heroine?
JC: I love my heroine in One Night Only, Essie. She's such a fun character—bubbly and smart—and she doesn't take herself too seriously! Also she's not afraid to encourage Ash, our hero to laugh at himself either, probably what makes him fall for her! As a general rule, for me, heroines need to know what they want and not be afraid to go out and get it. When I'm creating my heroines, I think of the type of woman I would have as a friend— someone to have a glass of wine and a laugh with.

Avril: What’s coming up next?
JC: I have three DAREs out in 2019. My Faulkner Brothers series, which is set in Chelsea, London and based on three single brothers who run a hotel empire. Lots more yummy, suited, sexy heroes…

Avril: Can you give us five books in your TBR pile?
JC: The most recent five books on my kindle are….

Destroyed, Jackie Ashenden
Under Pressure, Lori Foster
Sinfully Mine, Kendall Ryan
True Refuge, Annabelle McInnes
Getting Lucky, Avril Tremayne

So romance, romance and a bit more romance!

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Meet Nichole Severn

Read a little, Buy the book.
Blackhawk Security, #1

Blackhawk Security Elite Protection Services—

Their business is your safety

But not hers. Former SEAL Sullivan Bishop refuses to work for Jane Reise. The JAG Corps prosecutor is hard core—and he never stopped blaming her for his brother’s death. But Blackhawk is Jane’s only hope in fending off a frightening stalker, and she’ll blackmail Sullivan to get it. Forced into her service, he soon realizes he was wrong about Jane. As bullets fly, Sullivan knows he’ll risk his life—and heart—to save her.

Award-winning author NICHOLE SEVERN writes dark paranormal romance and thrilling romantic suspense. She’s the grand prize winner of the 2014 Heart of the West Contest from the Utah Romance Writers of America Chapter and a psychology graduate from Utah Valley University.

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada where she spent most days at her grandmother’s house watching X-Men, Married with Children and The Simpsons, Nichole migrated to the Salt Lake City valley to live life as scandalous romance author. 

She resides with her very supportive and patient husband, as well as her terrorist of a toddler, in Utah. When she’s not writing, she’s constantly injuring herself running, rock climbing, practicing yoga, and snowboarding.

| Website   | Facebook  | Amazon | BookBub| Twitter @NicholeSevern 

ANGI: How often to you get lost in a story?
NICHOLE: This year I’ve made it a goal to pick up a book instead of switching on Netflix, but I’m still trying to get the hang of it! I try to read at least one book a month. Which, I know, sounds ghastly to a romance reader, but between a full time job and my babes, one book a month keeps my busy.

ANGI: What’s your favorite thing about your book’s hero?
NICHOLE: I love the hero of this book. If I had to pick one favorite thing about Sullivan Bishop, it would be when he loses his tightly-wound control. There’s nothing sexier than reading a hero who is absolutely awestruck when it comes to the woman he loves.

ANGI: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
NICHOLE: Now, here me out. It’s not the best movie in the world, but I love it and will watch it a million times in a row if I had the chance. Pacific Rim. Yeah, I felt you all cringing at that one. I’m a huge Godzilla and Transformers nerd (I love the sound the Transformers make in the movies, I seriously get goosebumps) and Pacific Rim put them together in epic battles!

ANGI: What’s your perfect day?
NICHOLE: Every Saturday my husband makes an effort to gather up the kids in the morning so they don’t wake me up and I can sleep in. It’d be even better if it worked, but I love the thought he puts into making sure I have my rest. Because it’s not pretty when I don’t. That’s pretty perfect to me.

ANGI: Salad or soup?
NICHOLE: You don’t make friends with salad.

ANGI: Would you put yourself in a Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
NICHOLE: Action! I want to kick down a door, chase down a suspect, and carry a gun!

ANGI: Favorite TV rerun you watch every time you channel surf? 
NICHOLE: The Office. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it all the way through (hence, the bad Netflix habit). I got to the point when I was pregnant last year, I’d put it on to fall asleep because it’s just so comforting.
ANGI: Favorite date night…fancy or at home? 
NICHOLE: Funny you bring this up because my husband and I were just talking about how we’d rather put the kids to bed and watch TV every night than go out. At least then I don’t have to get dressed.

ANGI: Champagne or Soda?
NICHOLE: Diet Coke is my life.

ANGI: Geek or Jock?
NICHOLE: Put those two together!

ANGI: The most daring thing you’ve ever done… Care to share?
NICHOLE: I love taking risks in my personal life, with my business, but I’ve got to tell you, I’m probably the most boring person in the world. But I did just visit Bryce Canyon national park and decided fences weren’t going to stop me from getting a great picture. So I climbed out on a fenced off 300+ foot ledge for this shot. (attached)

ANGI’s GOTTA ASK:  Where is your favorite writing space & why?

NICHOLE’S GOTTA ANSWER: I’m going to be honest. I hate where my desk is right now, but we ran out of bedrooms making babies. So, as of right now, my desk is shoved into the corner of my bedroom and I die a little inside every time I have to sit there to work. 

Blackhawk Security, #2
February 2019

She walked away from him once. Now she needs him to keep her alive.
Leaving Anchorage was the hardest decision CID Special Agent Glennon Chase ever made. Now her partner, armed with key intel to bring down one of the largest criminal organizations on the army’s radar, has gone missing. And someone’s put her in the crosshairs when she starts investigating his disappearance. There’s only one man she trusts with her partner’s recovery, but his refusal to help means Glennon will have to reveal a truth about herself not even the military has uncovered.
Blackhawk Security weapons expert and former Ranger Anthony Harris has trained for every contingency. Except for the return of his ex-fiancée. Even after all these years, he can’t refuse her plea for help. He’ll do anything to keep her safe, but as the investigation unfolds, he discovers the secret she’s holding close to the vest could get them both killed.
When the bullets start flying and the truth about her partner’s disappearance becomes clear, Anthony and Glennon must choose: will they solve the investigation or get their second chance at happiness?
Me Duet,  #2
Read a little, Buy the book

Read a little, Buy the book

Me Duet, #1
Read a little, Buy the book

Afterlife, #1
Read a little, Buy the book

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E.E. Burke's Best of the West with award-winning author Peggy Henderson

Ben Ferguson faces each day as it's handed to him. Assigned to a position in the newly formed Yellowstone National Park, life seems like it couldn't get any better. But patrolling for poachers is fraught with danger, and he soon finds his future looking bleak. Images of a blue-eyed guardian angel are the only thing he has to pull him from the edge of death.

Crazy. Weak. Worthless. Demon-possessed. Clara Youngblood has been labeled many things by people who cannot understand the challenges she must confront every day within her own mind. Without the support of family or friends, she is terrorized daily by fear and impending doom. When all seems dark, a glimmer of hope appears in the form of a retired soldier.

Ben and Clara wouldn't have chosen the circumstances that brought them together, but they soon discover their importance in rescuing each other. Strength of heart and mind are not always visible in outward appearances, but love and support can overcome the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Here's an excerpt:

“Shooting a dog is about as cowardly as a man gets.”
“Mind your own business, mister. The damned mutt attacked me.”
Clara’s breath caught in her throat. The familiar voice of Ben Ferguson came from somewhere close by. Tentatively, she opened her eyes and raised her head. Her hair fell into her eyes, obstructing her view, but not before she caught a glimpse of a horse and a man in the saddle, pointing a rifle at Max.
Tears flooded her eyes, and her heart continued its fierce pounding in her chest. Instead of being relieved that Ben had shown up, shame overtook her. This was the second time in the same day that this man had come to her aid when she’d been too weak and feeble-minded to fight her own battles. Why couldn’t she simply be like other people and stand up for herself without shattering into tiny pieces?
Terror gripped her like an icy vice around her heart. The coldness spread throughout her entire body. While she’d fought off the panic all day, keeping it simmering just below the surface, she couldn’t hold it back any longer and it erupted like the geysers she’d seen months ago.
She stumbled to her feet and ran. Ran as fast as her legs could carry her until her lungs burned and she couldn’t run anymore. She tripped over a protruding root from a nearby cottonwood and fell to the ground. Instead of getting up, she crawled beneath the tree’s branches to hide from the world.
She huddled against the trunk, drawing her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms tightly around them. Her heart raced faster with each passing second, and her insides turned to ice.
Clara closed her eyes and rocked back and forth while the familiar terror engulfed her. Her addled mind had long overtaken any rational thought, convincing her she was going to die. The fear of dying swooped over her like a dark cloud, and the urge to get up and keep running as far and fast away from her own body gripped her. Pain squeezed her heart as if someone sat on her chest, and the sensation spread throughout her limbs. She fought for air, as her throat seemed to close off.
Not even Scamp could offer comfort at the moment. Many times, the faithful pet’s presence was enough to ward off the intense fear that claimed any lucid thoughts she possessed, but not this time.
Clara shivered as tears streamed down her face. Biting into her knuckles to keep from screaming for help, she rocked faster. No one would come to her aid. If she called out, her uncle and cousin would only find her and yell at her to snap out of it. Or worse.
Her body stiffened when something warm and solid wrapped around her. Arms drew her into a protective embrace. Had she died and was finally in Mama’s loving embrace again? It had been so long. She shuddered, then her rigid body relaxed against the comforting touch of another human being. A gentle hand held her head against a broad chest, stroking the length of her hair while holding her tight and shielding her from any harm.
“It’s all right. It’ll pass. You’re going to be all right.”

IN HIS THOUGHTS will be published soon. In the meantime, you can pick up other books in the Blemished Brides Series.

Amazon Author page: http://amzn.to/1QhIzXX


Meet Peggy

Peggy L Henderson is an award-winning, best-selling western historical and time travel romance author of the Yellowstone Romance Series, Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series, Teton Romance Trilogy, the Blemished Brides and Wilderness Brides Western Historical Romance Series, and others. When she’s not writing about Yellowstone, the Tetons, or the old west, she’s out hiking the trails, spending time with her family and pets, or catching up on much-needed sleep. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart. She and her husband make their home in Yellowstone National Park.

Find out more: www.peggylhenderson.com
Follow Peggy:
Amazon Author page: http://amzn.to/1QhIzXX

E.E.: What sound or noise do you love?

Peggy: I love the sound of thunder in the mountains. It just sounds different than anywhere else. I don’t necessarily want to be outside when there is thunder and lightning, but I do love the sound, then followed by raindrops hitting a forest floor.

E.E.: Is writing or storytelling easier for you?

Peggy: Writing is definitely much easier for me. I would be a horrible storyteller, lol. I’m very much an introvert, and get tongue-tied when I have to speak in public (or to more than one person at a time. Even then, I get tongue-tied sometimes.)

E.E.: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?

Peggy: The book I’m currently getting ready for re-publication, IN HIS THOUGHTS (Blemished Brides, Book 5), is about as close to me personally as I can get. I often get asked which one of my characters is most like me. I try not to write any characters to be like me at all. Of course, some will have a few of my characteristics, but that is never intentional. I strive to make my characters as different from me as possible.
   In this current book, however, I explored something that I don’t talk about much publicly – my struggles with anxiety and depression. The main character in the story, Clara Youngblood, suffers from debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. I didn’t give the poor girl depression as well, even though it often comes with having anxiety, although she’s frequently sad about her condition (sadness is not the same as depression). Mental disorders were not well understood, and definitely not treated correctly, in the nineteenth century when the story takes place, and it takes a special hero to help her with her struggles.
   This book was both easy and difficult to write because Clara’s internal thoughts and struggles as she deals with her anxiety and panic attacks are described from my own personal experiences.

 E.E.: If you could interview one person (and it doesn’t have to be a writer) who would it be?

Peggy: I would love to interview Lee Whittlesey. He is the recently retired park historian for Yellowstone National Park (where part of IN HIS THOUGHTS, as well as my Yellowstone Romance Series, take place.) He has written several books himself, and probably knows the history of Yellowstone better than anyone. His best-known book is called Death in Yellowstone, a book that should be required reading for anyone planning a trip to the park.

E.E.: What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you WISH more people COULD know?

Peggy: I touched on this already in a previous question. As I’ve said, I don’t mention my struggles with anxiety and depression very much. I just recently started talking openly about it. I’ve struggled with social anxiety all my life, and more recently I have had to deal with anxiety about my health, ever since my father passed away in front of me. I’m perfectly healthy (except for my mental health) according to my doctors, but my twisted brain wants me to believe otherwise, and I’ve struggled with panic attacks since my dad’s death. I’ve also dealt with depression since I was a teenager. Anxiety and depression play a constant tug-of-war with a person’s mind. So, if I’m not the most bubbly and outgoing person you’ll meet, it’s because of my mental health issues. 

E.E.: What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?

Peggy: My biggest dream has been realized this year – living in Yellowstone National Park. How many people can say that this is their home? The reason I get to live here is because my husband works as a Historic Preservation Craftsman in the Old Faithful district, a position created for him this past year. 
   If it hadn’t been for my writing, and specifically my romance series that takes place in Yellowstone, I don’t think we would have had this opportunity. My husband would not have been able to take a year off several years ago from a job he didn’t like very much if I hadn’t been able to support us with my writing. During that year, he stumbled across a job posting in Yellowstone for a seasonal historic preservation crew member. He got the job, we packed our things and headed for Yellowstone for the summer last year. That job turned into a full-time position. Having been in love with Yellowstone since my first trip to the park the year I graduated high school, this is certainly a dream come true. 

E.E.: What drew you to write in the genre(s) you do?

Peggy: I write primarily western historical and western time travel romance. I have always loved the American West, even as a young girl living in Germany. Everything “cowboy and Indian” fascinated me. When I first decided to write, there was no other setting that was more interesting to me than the old west, and I took it back even a little further to the early explorers in the Rocky Mountains – the fur trappers and mountain men. Bringing the past and present together with time travel is fun to write because I love exploring how two people from such vastly different life experiences get together. I compare it a little bit with having to adjust to different cultures than what you’ve grown up with, but much more extreme.

E.E.: What has surprised you the most about being published?

Peggy: Hahaha…. I guess the most surprising thing is that people enjoy my books! I never thought anyone would want to read about an adventurous young woman who time travels two hundred years into the past to the Yellowstone wilderness and falls in love with a trapper. That book has led to over thirty more, and my adventure as an author continues!

Today, Peggy will give away a copy of IN HIS THOUGHTS. Just answer the question and enter the raffle below:

If you could travel to any time, any place, where would you go and why?

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