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If You Give a Rake a Ruby by Shana Galen—in stores March 2013



Fallon, the Marchioness of Mystery, is a celebrated courtesan with her finger on the pulse of high society. She’s adored by men, hated by their wives. No one knows anything about her past, and she plans to keep it that way.



Warrick Fitzhugh will do anything to protect his compatriots in the Foreign Office, including seduce Fallon, who he thinks can lead him to the deadliest crime lord in London. He knows he’s putting his life on the line . . .


To Warrick’s shock, Fallon is not who he thinks she is, and the secrets she’s keeping are exactly what make her his heart’s desire . . .


Today I am so pleased to welcome back Shana Galen to the blog, this time to celebrate the release of the second of her Jewels of the Ton series! Shana not only writes fabulous books, but she’s mom to a toddler affectionately known across the internet as Baby Galen, is active on Facebook and Twitter, as well as is a contributor to blogs such as The Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills and Peanut Butter on the Keyboard…in short, she exhausts me just thinking about all that she does (and does well)!


I’m so thrilled she’s found time to come visit us here today.


More about Shana:


Shana Galen is the bestselling author of fast-paced adventurous Regency historicals, including the RT Reviewers’ Choice The Making of a Gentleman. Her books are published all over the world and have been featured in the Rhapsody and Doubleday Book Clubs. She taught English at the middle and high school level off and on for eleven years. Most of those years were spent working in Houston's inner city. Now she writes full time. She’s happily married and has a daughter who is most definitely a romance heroine in the making. Shana loves to hear from readers: visit her website at www.shanagalen.com or see what she’s up to daily on Facebook and Twitter.


And now, the GLIAS interview…


Heather: What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Shana:  Sliding Doors, featuring Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah. Gwyneth Paltrow’s character is fired and we see what happens if she’d caught the train and if she hadn’t. Love the parallel storylines.


Heather: I adore that movie! I knew I liked you for more than just your writing… Okay, next question: What’s your favorite kind of story to get lost in?

Shana:  Not surprisingly, I most often get lost reading historicals. I love the language, the gowns, the balls, and the rules and manners. I also enjoy young adult literature. I read quite a bit of it when I was a middle school teacher.


Heather: What’s the first book you remember reading?

Shana:  It was The Black Stallion by Walter Farley. I was in first grade and on vacation with my parents. I couldn’t put it down, even to go swimming in the lake or play outside.


Heather: What’s your favorite fairy tale?

Shana:  Definitely Beauty and the Beast. I love the idea of the heroine taming the beastly hero. Most of my heroes are beasts in one way or another. Some of my heroines need a little taming as well.


Heather: What turns you off like nothing else?

Shana:  Prejudice. I can’t stand it when someone stereotypes another race or ethnicity.


Heather: Where do you read and how often?

Shana:  I read in bed or while I’m sitting outside gymnastics or swimming or soccer class. I read every night before bed, if I can keep my eyes open.


Heather: What’s in your refrigerator right now?

Shana:  A lot of fruit and a lot of microwave meals. I am trying to cook more, but I hate cooking and only manage dinner three nights a week. And, of course, my daughter only likes three or four foods, so most of the time my efforts are an exercise in futility.


Heather: Dog person or cat person?

Shana:  I love all animals, but I have always had cats. Right now I have two kittens, Mickey and Maisy (my daughter named them after her favorite mice). They are incredibly sweet and very snuggly and extremely patient with my daughter.


Heather: How much money does it take to be happy?

Shana:  I need enough to buy a soy chai latte and get a pedicure. I’m perfectly happy with those two luxuries.




Heather:  I noticed on your website that one of your first attempts at writing was a Star Wars story (with romantic elements, of course!). Is there a close science-fiction/fantasy lover in you?


Shana:  I am a huge Star Wars fan. I used to have all the action figures, and I played with them endlessly. I knew all the trivia and every minute detail. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Men I’ve Dated was about a geeky girl who loves Star Wars, but she falls for a hunky guy and tries to impress him by acting like someone she isn’t. You can guess what happens next…





Shana:  If You Give a Rake a Ruby is a book about a courtesan and a spy. The Prince Regent dubbed her the Marchioness of Mystery, while her glamorous Cyprian friends are the Duchess of Dalliance and the Countess of Charm. If you had a nickname, what would it be?



Shana:  Yes.  I’d be happy to give away a copy of When You Give a Duke a Diamond to a random commenter (US and Canada only, please. Please enter via the rafflecopter widget below).
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If you’d like to learn more about Shana, you can find her on the web at:





Thanks for being here with us today, Shana.  If you missed Shana’s first visit to GLIAS and would like to know even more about this fabulous author, you can find it here.


Beach House No. 9 = Love Shack

The Love Shack
Christie Ridgway

Globe-trotting photojournalist Gage Lowell spent carefree childhood summers in Crescent Cove. Now that he desperately needs some R & R, he books a vacation at Beach House No. 9—ready to soak up some sun and surprise old friend and property manager Skye Alexander. Their long-distance letters got him through a dangerous time he can't otherwise talk about. But when he arrives, the tightly wound beauty isn't exactly happy to see him.

Skye knows any red-blooded woman would be thrilled to spend time with gorgeous, sexy Gage. But she harbors secrets of her own, including that she might just be a little bit in love with him. And she's convinced the restless wanderer won't stay long enough for her to dare share her past—or dream of a future together. Luckily for them both, summer at Crescent Cove has a way of making the impossible happen….

Join me in welcoming guest author, Christie Ridgway. 

Christie Ridgway is the USA Today bestselling author of over forty contemporary romances. She's received a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, another for Best Contemporary Romance, and is a five-time finalist for the prestigious RITA award from Romance Writers of America. A native of California, she sets most of her books in her home state and is always hoping to make readers both laugh and cry. Though she has a degree in English Language and Literature, she spent years in the techy field of computer programming before trying her hand at her dream job—writing romance. Christie also pens a monthly column highlighting new romances for BookPage, a review publication with both a print and online presence. She lives with her college-sweetheart husband, two sons, a dog, a cat, and a tortoise in Southern California.1.

Jillian: How often to you get lost in a story?
Christie: I am always reading! I read books for my BookPage column, books by my favorite authors, books for my book group. I listen to audio books while I clean, cook, and exercise.

Jillian: What’s the first book you remember reading?
Christie: I remember reading Bobbsey Twin books...those must have been early favorites. But the childhood book that keeps popping into my head when I think of "first" is The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken. After I exhausted the Children's section of my local library, my mom, a mystery lover, introduced me to romantic suspense novels (she already knew my penchant for romance!). The first book I picked from the adult section all by myself (and that I adore to this day and read at least once a year) is These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer.

Jillian: Where do you read and how often?
Christie: As I mentioned above, I read all over the place because I'm listening to books while I vacuum, dust, do laundry. But my favorite place to read is propped up on pillows on my bed, our yellow Lab, Hank, softly snoring nearby. Sometimes our cat, Goblin, will gift me with her presence by my feet.

Jillian: Describe your favorite kind of hero to read/write?
Christie: I love a strong hero hiding a wound. He might be just a bit broody...until the heroine gets her hands on him and helps him lighten up! I like a hero with a dry sense of humor and a tender heart that he guards with everything he has.

Jillian: What was the first story you remember writing?
Christie: I wrote a story in third grade about gypsies. It was a love story, of course, and my mom typed it up for me so it looked "published." In eighth grade I wrote my first "book." It was a rhyming children's story (also illustrated by me) titled "How Jo Jo Jones Found Happiness or A Small Tin Box with a Fortune Inside." There was no love interest—just hapless Jo Jo Jones.

Jillian: Be honest, when reading 1st person...do you miss the hero’s POV?
Christie: I really enjoy writing the hero's POV. I'm married, I have two sons, and I think I know the way the guy-mind works...I have fun exploring that. But when reading...there is something to going without the hero's thought processes. It makes him more mysterious and is how we experience men in real life.

Jillian: What’s your favorite kind of story to get lost in?
Christie: A romance of course! I read all kinds of books, but it's romance novels that make me the happiest. I don't know why, but that's the kind of story I'd choose if I was gathering what I could for my stay on a deserted island.

Christie has a question for commenters: So, your ship is going down and you have just a few minutes to toss things into your lifeboat—it's a short row to the deserted island you see ahead. You have plenty of food, water, and stuff to shelter with. What's going to be your reading material? You can name an author, a title, or a genre. (I'm thinking I'll grab the entire Nora Roberts oeuvre.)

One commenter chosen by randomizer will receive Beach House No. 9, the first full-length book in the Beach House series.

How to contact Christie:
website: www.christieridgway.com
Twitter: @ChristieRidgway
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChristieRidgway

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An Interview with LACE

Ugly Stick Saloon
Samhain Publishing

She wants no strings…
but he wants it all.

After her philandering husband left her, Lacey Lambert found sanctuary, and a better class of friends, at the Ugly Stick Saloon. Where she learned that the best revenge—against her ex, and the “friends” who kicked her out of the Temptation Garden Club—is to live life to the fullest.

Now that her best friend is moving out of her apartment building, she’s feeling a little lonely. And more than ready for a little commitment-free sex with the hot new downstairs tenant.

Freshly divorced, Nick McBride isn't looking for another failed relationship. But when the luscious brunette offers no-strings sex—he can’t come up with a good reason to refuse.

After he gets over the shock that she likes it loud, long, and in front of an open window, he finds himself wanting more time with her. Maybe even on a permanent basis. But it’ll take every ounce of his cowboy charms to convince her to let him sweep her off her feet.

REPORTER: Why do you work at the Ugly Stick Saloon?
LACEY: I was one of those stay-at-home wives, devoted to my husband, gardening and making a happy home for my man. Until he screwed around with a younger woman. I found myself out of a home, out of a marriage and in need of a job. Audrey Anderson offered me work and helped me find a place to live. She brought me out of my funk and into the fold. At the Ugly Stick, I feel like I’m with family.

REPORTER: Audrey Anderson is a former stripper. How is it to work for someone like that?
LACEY: (bristling) Exactly what do you mean by ‘someone like that?’ Audrey is one of the nicest, most genuine and loving people I know. She takes in strays like me and give us a sense of hope. There is no better boss or friend.

REPORTER: We understand you've been known to give love lessons. How does that work?
LACEY: (winks) only for very close friends and my sex education lessons are pretty exclusive these days.

REPORTER: Do you believe in love?
LACEY: I like to think it exists, even though I wasn't lucky in love with my first husband. It will take a knight on white horse to convince me this time.

Myla Jackson spent twenty years in South Central Texas, ranching horses, cattle, goats, ostriches and emus. A former IT professional, retired Army and Air Force Reservist, she’s proud to be writing full-time, penning intrigues and paranormal adventures that keep her readers on the edge of their seats or laughing out loud. Now, living in northwest Arkansas, she’s given up wrangling cattle and exotic birds to wrangle her muses, a malti-poo and a yorkie. When she’s not at her computer, she’s traveling, out snow skiing, boating, or riding her four-wheeler, dreaming up new stories.

 Twitter @MylaJacksonAuth
Previous GLIAS Interviews


On Lacey's behalf, one blog commenter will win an electronic copy of Myla's book Sex Ed.

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LACEY WANTS TO KNOW: Could you work at the Ugly Stick Saloon?


Get Lost with Author Alan Cupp & Malicious Masquerade

Readers, I love a good mystery, I love masquerades even more. Our guest today writes about both. Please welcome Alan Cupp to Get Lost in a Story as he answers our fun questions.

About Malicious Masquerade: 

Chicago PI Carter Mays is thrust into a perilous masquerade when local rich girl Cindy Bedford hires him. Turns out her fiancé failed to show up on their wedding day, the same day millions of dollars are stolen from her father’s company. While Carter takes the case, Cindy’s father tries to find him his own way. With nasty secrets, hidden finances, and a trail of revenge, it’s soon apparent no one is who they say they are.

Carter searches for the truth, but the situation grows more volatile as panic collides with vulnerability. Broken relationships and blurred loyalties turn deadly, fueled by past offenses and present vendettas in a quest to reveal the truth behind the masks before no one, including Carter, gets out alive.


DONNELL:  Hello, Alan:  Your novel sounds like my kind of read.  So we’ll get right to it.  Have you ever attended a masquerade party?  What was your costume?

ALAN: Hi Donnell. Thank you for having me on today. No, I haven’t attended a masquerade party. My wife and I did attend a mystery dinner once, but it was regular dress attire. No costumes, but it was fun.

DONNELL:  Your protagonist is a Chicago PI.  Close to home?  Any reason you set your book in Chicago?

ALAN: I typically am not a big city guy, but I do like Chicago, having visited there a few occasions. I’ve always described it as big city with a small town feel, if that makes any sense. When I started the story, that’s just where my mind happened to go.

DONNELL:  Is mystery your first love?  Who influenced your writing career?

ALAN: I don’t know that I’d say mystery is my first love. I tend to just think of a good scenario and start writing. After I’m into it for a little while, that’s usually when I start thinking about what genre it fits into the best. As far as influences, I really like John Grisham.

DONNELL:  Poor girl left at the altar.  This is a work of fiction, correct?

ALAN: Yes, definitely a work of fiction.

DONNELL:  And will we see Carter Mays in future novels as in a series?

ALAN: As of right now, I don’t have anything further in mind for Carter, but there’s always a possibility he may return.

DONNELL:  Alan, what’s in your refrigerator right now?

ALAN: Cheese, yogurt, milk (white & chocolate) We’re big on dairy at my house.

DONNELL:  How many hats do you have in your closet?

ALAN: Five or six, but I seldom where hats. I’m just not a hat guy.

DONNELL:  Complete this sentence.  If I’m not writing, you’ll find me . . .

ALAN: playing. I’m still a big kid who enjoys active competition. My favorites include Ultimate Frisbee, softball, and volleyball.

DONNELL:  True or false:  I’m extremely organized.

ALAN:  True. I am organized, but to someone who doesn’t understand my methods, it may not appear that way.

DONNELL:  Money’s no option and you’re planning your vacation.  Where are you going?

ALAN:  Maui! It’s my favorite place I’ve ever visited.

DONNELL:  If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be, and why?

ALAN: Kris Kristofferson. He’s lived such a diverse an interesting life, risking everything to pursue what he was truly passionate about. He passed up an opportunity to teach at West Point and worked as a janitor to pursue his song-writing career. Obviously, it worked at quite well for him. That’s inspiring.

DONNELL:  Great answers.  Thanks for letting us get to know you. 


What would be the title of your life’s story?  And for a commenter, he'll give away an Advanced Reader Copy of MALICIOUS MASQUERADE.




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Kimberly Kincaid

As soon as Noah got behind her, the smell of coconuts and warm sand filled his senses, delivering a crystal clear image to his brain. His heart slammed in his ribcage, and without thinking, he cupped Violet’s elbow and swung her around, so tight to his body that he felt her gasp as much as heard it.

“You were in my hospital room yesterday. Before I woke up.”


But he barreled on, the memory as bright and vivid as if it had just happened a minute ago. “Your hair was braided, on your shoulders, and you were wearing a…a bracelet that sounded like wind chimes. You said the doctor was coming. It was you.”

The fan of her gold-tipped lashes fluttered wide, and the warm puff of her breath heated his cheek as she nodded. “I didn’t mean to intrude. I was looking for Jason, but I didn’t think you’d wake up.”
Noah shook his head to quell her apology. “It doesn’t matter,” he said, his resolve locking into place, and Violet went utterly still against him.

“It doesn’t?”

“No. You’re the first thing I’ve been able to remember since I got shot in the first place. In fact, you’re the only thing I can remember since I got shot.”

Curtis Brown Digital

Violet Morgan puts the personal in personal chef, catering to clients who want the full cooking experience rather than a culinary drop-and-dash. But when her brother’s police detective partner is injured in the line of duty and needs help during recovery, she makes an exception. Violet lost her father to the job seven years ago, and worries for her brother’s safety every day. The last thing she wants is to get up-close with her brother’s career-cop partner…again.

For Noah Blackwell, being a detective isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s a legacy. So when he’s forced to take mandatory leave and deal with the trauma amnesia keeping him from identifying his shooter, it’s a literal case of adding insult to injury— and now he’s got to deal with an unwanted culinary caregiver on top of it. Never mind that he and Violet shared a steamy, secret kiss last New Year’s Eve. She rejects everything related to the job, and Noah’s not about to be distracted from recovering his memory and getting back to what he does best. No matter how pretty Violet is.

Despite their differences, Violet and Noah share a surprising bond in the kitchen that grows into something neither of them expect. But as Noah heals and their feelings for each other extend from the kitchen to the bedroom, Violet knows she must make an impossible choice. She may wear her heart on her sleeve when it comes to food, but can she risk it all to put love on the line?

Writing contemporary romance novels that split the difference between sexy and sweet, taking the traditional idea of boy-meets-girl and infusing it with a sassy magic all her own. She believes in fiery yet flawed characters destined for a crash-course in falling in love-- usually the hard way-- and injects her trademark humor as well as poignant touches into her writing to create her stories.

Kimberly's writing journey has led down some bumpy roads (that first manuscript is under the bed, where it is very likely to stay), but there has been some fresh pavement too (her second manuscript earned her very first contest final, and landed the fantastic Maureen Walters at the Curtis Brown Literary Agency). One thing is certain -- the wild ride of being a writer is a lot richer in both its ups and downs because of friends and readers along the path.

When Kimberly's not sitting cross-legged in an ancient desk chair known as "The Pleather Bomber", she can be found practicing obscene amounts of yoga, whipping up anything from enchiladas to eclairs in her kitchen, or curled up with her nose in a book. She resides in northern Virginia with her wildly patient husband and their three daughters.

ANGI: How often to you get lost in a story?
KIMBERLY: Definitely every day! Usually they’re of my own making, but I read like hungry people eat! I have so many favorites, it’s hard to keep track.

ANGI: What's the first book you remember reading? 
KIMBERLY: The first romance I ever read was Judy Blume’s Forever. But in college, I read Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, Jackie Collins…you name it, and if it was romance, I read it!

ANGI: What's your favorite “love” word?
KIMBERLY: Oooh, this is tough! I think my favorite love word is “respect”. For me, they must go hand-in-hand for an HEA to happen.

ANGI: Can you tell us about a real-life hero you've met?
KIMBERLY: I know it’s very “awww”-worthy, but my husband is totally hero material. From making our girls dinner so I can squeeze in extra writing time on deadline to answering my unending questions (“What kind of guns do cops really carry?” “How do you pick a lock, anyway?” “Can this bad guy really hack into the heroine’s email like that?”) Total hero!

ANGI: What's your favorite fairy tale?
KIMBERLY: I’m partial to Hansel and Gretel because they used their smarts to outwit the witch. To me, smart is sexy!

ANGI: What's your favorite cartoon character?
KIMBERLY: I really wanted to be Wonder Woman when I was growing up. Give me an invisible plane and a hot pair of boots and I am good to go!

ANGI: What do you like about the hero of your book?
KIMBERLY: Oh, he’s such a broody thing! I AM A BIG FAN OF Alpha brooders, and Noah definitely fits the bill. I made sure the circumstances were just enough to really knock him off-kilter, too. But he’d definitely the tall, dark, silent type.

ANGI: Is there a playlist you'd recommend for reading your latest release?
KIMBERLY: I listened to a lot of Matchbox 20 (especially “Overjoyed”) for this one, as well as Matt Nathanson’s “Room at the End of the World”, Vicci Martinez’s “Come Along” and Saving Jane’s “Sleep On It”. I’m very inspired by music!

ANGI: Where do you read and how often?
KIMBERLY: I read as often as possible, almost always snuggled in my bed. There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by comfort when you lose yourself in someone’s words.

ANGI: What sound or noise do you love?
KIMBERLY: Each of my girls has a very distinct, very awesome laugh. I also love the sound of food sizzling in a skillet, and when I meditate, I listen to recordings of wind chimes and water.

ANGI: Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
KIMBERLY: I am a go-go-go girl. Love adventure! But mine always has a happily ever after, so it might be a blend of both!

ANGI: What was the first story you remember writing?
KIMBERLY: My first book was a cardboard classic titled “When I Got Stuck”. I wrote it in kindergarten, about getting stuck on a swing. My mom actually saved it (it’s been a LONG time). But it still makes me grin to look at it.

ANGI: What's your favorite movie of all time?
KIMBERLY: This is a really hard question for me. But I could watch Shakespeare in Love on an endless loop and never ever get tired of it. I have a huge soft spot for Old Bill. Oh, and also, Joseph Fiennes. Yeah.

ANGI: Who's your favorite villain?
KIMBERLY: I love this question! Baddies have to be memorable. Hannibal Lecter still scares the pants off me. And I loved Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

ANGI: What is your biggest vice?
KIMBERLY: I wish I were more patient J

ANGI: Is there a “Blooper” in your story (it may have been changed before printing)?
KIMBERLY: Not really a blooper, but I had intended to add more about Noah’s brothers, maybe have them show up at some point in the story. The opportunity just never presented itself, but I still wish I could’ve done it. Four hot cops all in one place? Priceless!

ANGI: How is it working with hot guys and sexy women all day?
KIMBERLY: It’s the best job ever! I wouldn’t trade it for anything, not even a lifetime supply of calorie-free cheesecake! That is how you know it’s good.

ANGI'S GOTTA ASK: I read on your website that you picked up a handful of books for a vacation and wrote to one of the authors and it helped you realize you could be an author. What was it about the story that made you want to tell your own? 
KIMBERLY'S GOTTA ANSWER:   Oh, I will happily answer this one! It was Wendy Markham’s Hello, It’s Me. Wendy also writes terrific thrillers under her “real” name, Wendy Corsi Staub, and she and I still keep in touch and get together at RWA Nationals once a year. She is an amazing lady, and I fully credit my kick-start to her answering my fan mail!

Contact    Website    Facebook    Twitter @KimberlyKincaid     
Goodreads    Blogs  

Jason (Violet’s brother)  will have a story and it’ll be out in late May. No title or cover yet…stay tuned.

Kensington’s Christmas Anthology
with Donna Kauffman, Kate Angell
"What a blast!"

KIMBERLY IS GIVING AWAY  a digital copy of Love On The Line Internationally
It’s a digital copy, so it can go to anyone with Kindle-ready capability or the free conversion app from Amazon.

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KIMBERLY WANTS TO KNOW: Have you had a mentor or someone inspire you to keep trying?