DAY 2 of Our Anniversary Celebrations!

Let's Talk About Shopping....

Hello, hello! Thanks for spending another day with us as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary. I can't believe the blog is 3 years old! It's been a whirlwind of fun for us and we hope for you, too!

Speaking of whirlwinds let's talk about another type of whirlwind that happens after Thanksgiving...Black Friday shopping. Are you a shopper? Are you knocking down the store doors way before the crack of dawn on Friday? (Or Thursday night now....) I've asked my colleagues here for their answers to the shopping question. Some of us have also checked in with our characters.

LARA: My characters aren't big on shopping--they're more likely to buy stuff online and avoid the crowds.  Plus, they work so much, there isn't much time left for them to hit the stores!  In that respect, I'm very similar to my characters.  I'd much rather stay home in my flannel pants and shop online than brave the stores on Black Friday!

DONNELL: No comment...out shopping!

CLOVER: No Black Friday shopping for me. I avoid it like rat poison. Unless I had rats... And speaking of... Someone did go shopping with my credit card on Friday...in New York! Or so my bank fraud center informed me. And stopped it! Yay! My characters don't have much time for shopping either...except one who went to the black marketeering ogres for some hard-to-acquire herbs and ended up buying a shapeshifter. Talk about Black Market Friday! Ha!

E.E.: No comment...out shopping! 

ALEXA: I planned to get up early on Friday and participate in my 1st Black Friday shopping, but the bed was too warm. As for my characters in SIMPLE TREASURES, the hero is Scottish so he doesn't even celebrate Thanksgiving and my American heroine isn't crazy about shopping with big crowds so she'd rather stay home.

HEATHER: No comment...out shopping!

ANGI:  My characters never have time to shop in my books—unless it’s for clean clothes and hair dye. It’s funny, when I’m out of town I shop. Love the crowds, love the deals. But at home? I rarely shop. Instead I put up my tree.

LIZBETH: Absolutely no shopping for me on Black Fridays. The season has become commercial enough as it is without succumbing to the hot mess that is all crazy the day after Thanksgiving. I started Black Friday with a two-hour group cycle class at the Y, then went with hubby to cut our Christmas tree, and headed to see a movie in the late afternoon ("Catching Fire"--excellent!).  As for Rio and David, the characters in my new novel--frugal Rio would rather avoid the crowds, and she and David would much rather be in the barn with the horses, dogs, and cats or taking a trail ride in the crisp fall weather.

JILLIAN: My characters live in NYC and are tireless sale shoppers. Me? I prefer Black Friday online sale shopping! 

MAUREEN: There are no real stores in Glory's, my main character's, world, so shopping isn't a concept she understands, at all, until someone in Management takes her to a mall in Compliance, book 2 of my trilogy. But I'm not saying who takes her or what they buy. :)

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What's your favorite birthday surprise or gift?


GLIAS is 3 !!

It's such a thrill for us to be celebrating GLIAS' third birthday during this after-Thanksgiving weekend.  To celebrate, we're the ones giving away birthday presents -- you can see the Rafflecopter listing below or leave us a comment to join the drawing..

Louisa May Alcott
It's also amazing how many very famous and beloved people and events we share our birthday with.  For your enjoyment here's a listing of some of our birthday mates through the years.

1832 - Louisa May Alcott--Author of "Little Women" and "Little Men." 
1898 - C.S. Lewis--author of the Narnia series (and many other books.)
1918 - Madeleine L'engle -- author of "A Wrinkle in Time"
1715 - Bonnie Prince Charlie's army moves into Manchester & occupies Carlisle.
1825 - "Barber of Seville" open in the U.S.
1962 - Beatles release "I Want to Hold Your Hand."
Mark Twain

1667 - Jonathan Swift -- author of "Gulliver's Travels"
1835 - Mark Twain -- beloved author of "Huckleberry Finn" and "Tom Sawyer"and many others.
1874 - Lucy Maud Montgomery -- author of "Anne of Green Gables."

1913 - Mary Martin -- actress and singer, "Peter Pan," "South Pacific," "The Sound of Music." -- also mom of actor Larry Hagman's.
Hans Christian Andersen
1936 - Woody Allen -- actor and playwright
1835 - Hans Christian Andersen publishes first book of fairy tales
1887 - Sherlock Holmes first appears in "Study in Scarlett"
1929 - Game of Bingo invented by Edwin S. Lowe
1955 - Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to move to the back of the bus.

So, you can see we are sharing these auspicious dates with some pretty big names and events. We hope you'll be inspired by this short list, and support your favorite authors and books.

without presents?
The crew has several things to give away on Sunday. There are several ways to get your name in the hat. Register through Rafflecopter: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do you remember what you got on your third birthday?


10 Wishes for Thanksgiving


Take a break this busy holiday shopping weekend for the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of Get Lost in a Story. Instead of getting presents, we're giving away free books. You won't want to miss this.

#1  Fill your days creating memories that last you a lifetime. ~Angi

#2  Have a wonderful start to the holiday season with people you love. ~Alexa

#3   May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. ~Clover

#4  In the words of Rascal Flats, but the bottom of my heart,  “I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow, and each road leads you where you want to go.”  Wishing you and yours a blessed and memorable Thanksgiving. ~Donnell

#5  May you be surrounded by family and friends and lots of love. ~E.E.

#6  My Thanksgiving wish for all of us is a year of peace and mindfulness. In my own life, after three years of deadlines with young children, I'm working very hard to learn/relearn how to just be present in each moment (or as many as I can manage!) without worrying about what I have to do next. I have a long way to go! But I'm hoping the change of mind will bring more joy to next year, and I wish the same to all of you! Happy Thanksgiving~Heather

#7  I have three wishes for all our authors and readers. Drive or fly safe. Enjoy all your relatives, even the annoying ones. And leave room for pie! ~Jillian

#8  May you have a comfy chair, a great book, and uninterrupted time to read! ~Lara

#9  I wish you the unparalleled blessings of stuffing and sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie or whatever treats make your Thanksgiving wonderful and decadent. But most of all, I wish you the joy and love of being wrapped in the warm patchwork quilt that is your family.  ~Lizbeth

#10  I wish everyone good health and the company of close friends or family. ~Maureen

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MAXINE MANSFIELD--Back With Her Super-Fun Adult Fantasies

AUTHOR: Maxine Mansfield
Title: Tamed by the Fire
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

I’m so happy to welcome Maxine Mansfield back to Get Lost in a Story. You might recall from previous visits that Maxine writes the most fun adult fantasy you’ll ever find. She has sweet love stories, she has hot, hot, hot love stories. She features humans, elves, barbarians, magic, wizards, and gnomes (she’ll definitely mention the gnomes). And she definitely has fun. So sit back and enjoy Alaska’s own Maxine Mansfield!

Hi, my name is Maxine Mansfield, and I write fantasy, erotic romances. I live in the far northern state of Alaska where the summer days are long and the winter nights even longer. I have one very special man, his three equally special children, and our six delightful grandchildren in my life. Not to mention a very bossy African Grey parrot named Gabriel. Oh, and Gnomes! Many, many Gnomes!
Visit me at:  www.maxinemansfield.com 


Kitrina Dragonheart is a hunted woman, but the last thing the savvy rogue wants is to partner in a quest with the arrogant but oh-so-sexy prince who deflowered her. But when the threat extends to her legacy and her loved ones, she has no choice but to accept his skills as an extraordinary warrior. Now if she can just get past the distraction of his touch.

Barbarian Zander Hammerstrike vowed to protect Kit with his life. But who's going to protect Zander from the sensually sassy human? She's playing havoc on his sanity—as well as his libido—and she's on the verge of stealing his heart...again. He can't let that happen. As future ruler of Alaria, Zander must take a barbarian wife to keep the bloodline pure, and Kit being human...

Destined from birth to follow different paths, their love seems impossible, but does the Dragon Heart Opal have other plans in store for the pair?(

For an excerpt from TAMED BY THE FIRE click  HERE 



LIZ: How often do you get lost in a story?
MAXINE: All the time. I love to read. It was because I do get so lost in the stories that I became a writer. Those stories took me away from day to day worries and stress for a little while, and I wanted to be able to do that for others.

LIZ: What are the next five books on your ‘to be read’ pile?
MAXINE: I have the next Grace Burrows book ANDREW bought and ready to read as soon as it goes live. I just finished her book Gareth. But while I’m waiting for ‘Andrew’ I have been salivating over Lizbeth Selvig’s RESCUED BY A STRANGER. I’ve been saving that one for a long weekend without interruptions. I wouldn’t want to hurt someone for getting between me and Selvig’s hunky heroes. Also, I have Sarah MacLean’s NO GOOD DUKE GOES UNPUNISHED waiting to go live. And right now I’ve been enjoying a couple of older books by Lynsay Sands, THE KEY and THE CASE.  

LIZ: What is your favorite tradition from your childhood that you would love to pass on or did pass on to your grandchildren??
MAXINE: When I was a little girl, my mom would send one of us six kids outside with a big aluminum pan and a soup spoon. She’d have us fill the pan with pure white fresh snow, and bring it back to her. She’d take it, mix in sugar, vanilla, and cream, stir it all up and serve the snow-cream to us in the living room around our pot-belly coal stove where it was toasty warm. It was the only time we were aloud to eat somewhere other than the kitchen table. It was a wonderful coveted winter treat, and the very best vanilla ice-cream ever.

LIZ: What is your hero’s best trait? What is your heroine’s most beautiful quality?
MAXINE: Zander is an honorable barbarian. If he gives you his word, he’ll keep it, even if what he has promised to do might hurt him and break his heart even more than it can help you.

Katrina is feisty shape-shifter. She doesn’t realize being petite, or being female, or being human or even the fact that all she can shift into is a worthless black house cat makes her vulnerable. Her spirit is bigger than her common sense, but then, so is her heart.

LIZ: Which of your characters would you most/least to invite to dinner, and why?
MAXINE: Lumpy… I mean Pierced Shortz, (he changed his name) is probably the character I’d be least likely to invite to dinner. Not that I don’t like Pierced, because I do. How could anyone not like a rambunctious, little, goth gnome? But, Pierced is rarely seen without his dark-elf boyfriend, Steve, and his blow-up sheep cousin Baabette. Not that I don’t like them either. It’s just the three-some can’t seem to act appropriately when together.    

LIZ: What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately?
MAXINE: The second Thor movie! And why was it the best movie I’ve seen lately? Because I got to ogle Chris Hemsworth’s bare-nakey chest and back for at least 60 seconds. I am old, but not dead yet. 

LIZ: What is your biggest vice?
MAXINE: On line video games! I am an addict. I love playing World of Warcraft, Everquest, Star Wars, etc. I can spend hours and hours in other worlds. But on a good note, they’ve given me so many more ideas for characters and quests than I can even say.

LIZ: What’s your favorite kid joke?
MAXINE: “Knock knock”
                   Who’s there?”
                   Orange who?”
                   Orange you glad I said knock knock?”

LIZ HAS GOTTA ASK: What’s the most fun research you’ve ever done for your books?
MAXINE: I live in Alaska, but when I went to visit my very good friend, and fellow author, Lizbeth Selvig, a couple of years ago, she took me to The Gnome capital of the world, Dawson MN. It was amazing!!!!

Maxine has a question for her fans and readers:
If you could shape-shift into any animal, what would it be and why?

She’s also excited to be giving away an e-copy of both Tamed by the Fire and the bundle The Academy Volume One ( which includes the first 3 books of the series) to 1 commenter in whichever format they would like.

Website: www.maxinemansfield.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorMaxineMansfield
Twitter: https://twitter.com/
Blog : http://www.maxinemansfield.com/blog.html
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/snowangel4u2002/boards/
E-mail:  maxine-mansfield@hotmail.com

WHAT’S UP NEXT FOR YOU?  I'm in the middle of Book 5 of The Academy series. TESTED BY THE NIGHT, which should be out in the summer of 2014

Touched by the Magic, 
Tempted by the Storm, 
Taken by the Passion, 
and the bundle The Academy Volume One - Containing all three great stories. 
Check it out on Amazon


Get Lost in R. Ann Siracusa's latest release, All For A Blast Of Hot Air

ISBN: 978-1-77101-176-1
E-Book only
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A secret prenuptial honeymoon, a hot air balloon safari, and a plot to kill the US president all come together at a Vatican wedding. 


     The hiss close to my ear and an unpleasant odor sent a spike of adrenalin tingling along my nerves. Gagging and shuddering with revulsion, I opened my eyes to an open maw full of sharp, yellow teeth and long incisors surrounded by a nimbus of grayish hair a few inches from my face.
     A blue and red nose surrounded by a thick mane. Close-set beady yellow eyes. Stinky monkey breath.
     With a screech of alarm, I jerked backwards, the sudden motion wrenching my body out of the crotch of the tree. I tumbled, ass over teakettle, down the trunk, bumping and scraping my arms and legs along the rough bark.
     I hit the ground with a resounding thud and remained there on my stomach, whimpering while the baboon peered down from the high branches grunting and hissing in triumph.
     Above me, high in the distance the red, green, and black balloon drifted farther away. My heart pounded with fear as I watched it diminish in size. Then I dragged myself into a sitting position and struggled to free the backpack which had twisted around me in the fall. In my mind, I replayed what had happened, step by step.
     I had been foolish to lean out of the basket. No question there. But as I thought about it, I reached the only possible conclusion.
     Peter tipped me out of there on purpose. The realization left me breathless and without resources.    Why would he do such a thing?
     I blew out a long breath and fumbled in the backpack for my water bottle. I took a deep swig and swallowed my panic along with the tepid but refreshing water. Even if my cell phone, which had preceded me in reaching the ground, had died a premature death in the fall, even if I couldn't find it, the internal GPS would continue to send its signal.
     Whatever Peter's motive, before they'd gone far, Will would force him to land the balloon whether he wanted to or not. Will would come looking for me. Until then, I needed a somewhat safe place in the vicinity, out of the sun, where I could hang out for a while. Encouraged, I recapped the bottle and put it away.
     A loud screech from nearby caused my breath to catch. My head jerked, and I shifted my gaze across the meadow. There, about fifty feet away, two dark-brown baboons tussled in the undergrowth, one smaller, one much larger. The small one screeched and clutched something in one hand, trying to fend off the other. The bulky aggressor smacked it in the head. With a cry, the little one skittered away, loping toward me with the large male in hot pursuit, both of them howling.
     Holy poop. They're coming right at me.

R. Ann Siracusa is a California girl who earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from UC Berkeley, then went immediately to Rome, Italy. On her first day there, she met an Italian policeman at the Fountain of Love, and the rest is history. Instead of a degree from the University of Rome, she got a husband, and they've been married going on fifty years. In Rome, she worked for as an architect and planner for a land development company for several years until she and her husband moved to the US.

Now retired, she combines her passions—world travel and writing—into novels which transport readers to exotic settings, immerse them in romance, intrigue, and foreign cultures, and make them laugh. Her most recent release from Breathless Press, All For A Blast Of Hot Air, is the fifth book in a five book romantic suspense series, Tour Director Extraordinaire.

Jillian: How often to you get lost in a story?
Ann: I'd say about fifteen percent of the books I read keep me enthralled. Writing has spoiled reading for me a little, since I tend to edit and analyze everything now. When I don't do that and read right over the errors and problems (if any), I'm lost in the story.

Jillian: Who’s your favorite cartoon character?
Ann: As far as comic strips go, I always liked Hagar the Horrible and Pogo [I'm really dating myself, aren't I?].

Jillian: Where do you read and how often? 

Ann: My favorite time and place to read is on a rainy day when I don't have to do anything or go anywhere, sitting in front of a fire in the fireplace with a glass of wine (or hot chocolate). 

Since this doesn't happen often enough, I most frequently read in bed, in waiting rooms of Doctors' offices, or in the bathtub [at home – not in the doctor's waiting room].

 I read in spurts; sometimes I read book after book in rapid succession, then not at all for a week or two. It depends a lot on whether I'm reading for relaxation or information and what else is going on in my life. When I'm judging finalists in writing contests, for example, I don't have the energy to read for pleasure.

Jillian: What sound or noise do you love? 

Ann: Soft rain and the waves moving in and out at the beach are among my favorites.

Jillian: Describe your favorite kind of hero to read/write?

Ann: I tend to like the Alpha males when they have some inner vulnerability; men who are slightly over-the-top toward the unbelievable side.


Personally, I believe that women—no matter how good they are at writing the male point-of-view—still create male characters the way women want them to be, not how they are. Men just don't think the same way, and it always shows. But...who wants to read about men who burp, fart, think about sex every six seconds, and can find the mayonnaise in the refrigerator even when it's right in front of their eyes?

Jillian: Who’s your favorite villain?  
Ann: Anthony Hopkins as Hannible Lecter

Jillian: What’s the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?
Ann: If we're talking about a first draft, I put it away for a few weeks to a month (during this I'd start the next book), then print it and read it straight through in print without stopping or commenting [for continuity and pacing and thematic statement]. Then I read it through a second time, marking up the manuscript, and start rewriting and editing.

Jillian: What question are you never asked in interviews, but wish you were?
Ann: Easy. Heh-heh! How do you stay so beautiful? LOL I'm sure you can figure out why it's never asked.

Jillian: Tea or Coffee? And how do you take it?  
Ann: These days, it's hot coffee with sweetener and creamer, but I never drank it until I was in my mid-thirties. I like both hot and iced tea, also, and take it with nothing in it.

Jillian: What does it mean to love someone?  
Ann: To me, it means putting that someone's welfare and best interests before your own. You've got that person's back, and you'll do anything for that him/her.

Ann has a question for commenters: What foreign country or other culture would you like to read about? Leave a comment and your e-mail address, and you'll be entered in a drawing for the first two e-books of the Tour Director Extraordinaire series: All For A Dead Man's Leg and All For A Fist Full Of Ashes.

Website:  http://www.rannsiracusa.com  
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1358230809  FaceBook Link  
Google Circles Google Circles Link  
GoodReads GoodReads Link http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2993012.R_Ann_Siracusa

***Note: Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North America  addresses only. If an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) is available, the author may utilize that option for International participants. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.


A closer look at what's under those hoods, capes and masks...

If you enjoy hooded antiheroes, you really
need be watching Arrow, CW Network.

As I prepare to write the spin-off series to the Gentlemen of Scotland Yard, I've been working on a perplexing character, Detective Inspector Flynn Rhys, CODENAME: DRAGON. Flynn works as a double agent for Scotland Yard. He is the go-to gentleman for covert ops, and the occasional nasty bit of business. These unsavory jobs utilize his skills as an undercover operative, up to and including womanizing (scandalous sexual high jinx), as well as torture and assassination. His work for Her Majesty's government is of such a sensitive nature, he enjoys multiple identities and often wears disguises, or masks. Quite a character I'm working on. Is he a hero, an antihero or villain? I've come to believe, he's all three. 

In between writing contemporary erotic romance novels, I have been studying the intriguing nature of masked men: superheroes, heroes, antiheroes, villains. I suppose, like the Greeks and Romans, we must have our minor gods and mythical archetypes, even if they are only entertainment for our leisure. But there is something else that's been bugging me. Why are these characters so easy to relate to? So archetypal?  Maybe it is because, like these masked creatures, we often have different roles to play in the world––mother, wife, lover, writer––in essence we all wear several masks. A big part of the fascination is also that no one knows the identity of the masked hero/heroine. Perhaps it's easy to believe for a moment, that the masked man or woman might be you...or me...

Personally, I love an uncommon hero who is virtuous, skillful, cunning, as well as a devilish reprobate. Do you have a favorite masked hero, antihero or villain, if so please leave a comment. I will be giving away a copy (ebook or print) readers choice, any book from The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series or the Phaeton Black, Paranormal Investigator series. 

Take for instance, Arrow (photo above). After being stranded on a hostile island, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home to fight crime and corruption as a secret vigilante whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrows.

Zorro (Spanish for fox) is the secret identity of Don Diego de la Vega, a California nobleman during the era of Mexican rule. Dashing black-clad masked outlaw who defends the people of the land against tyrannical officials and other villains. He is too cunning (foxlike) for the bumbling authorities to catch, and he delights in publicly humiliating them.

Lone Ranger, is a former Texas Ranger who fights injustice in the old west with his Native American friend, Tonto. This masked hero is an enduring icon of American pop culture.

Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy, industrialist, and philanthropist. Having witnessed the murder of his parents as a child, he swore revenge on criminals, an oath tempered with the greater ideal of justice.  See a pattern here?

And who could forget the upside down Spidey kiss? 

Lots of comic book heroes, and still very few heroines. Except for maybe...

 ...the unmasked, reluctant heroine, Katniss Everdeen, who lives alone with her mother and younger sister, and is forced to represent her district in the fight to the death, Hunger Games. 

 Do you have a favorite masked hero, antihero or villain, if so please leave a comment. I will be giving away a copy (ebook or print) of readers choice: any book from The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series or the Phaeton Black, Paranormal Investigator series. 

***Note: Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North America  addresses only. If an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) is available, the author may utilize that option for International participants. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.


Get Lost in Morgan Hannah MacDonald's Spirits Among Us


A serial killer loose in Paris, a woman threatened by a mad man and an ex-FBI agent with a haunting secret. 

After she's black listed by the fashion industry in New York, Angela Henderson moves to Paris, France. Designing clothes is in her blood and she'll stop at nothing to realize her dream. 


Cajun bad boy, Jon-Luc Boudreaux is an ex-FBI profiler with a secret. He sees the souls of the recently departed. They can't communicate with him in words. Instead, they point to clues he must decipher on his own. That's how he's achieved the highest rate of solved cases in FBI history. A fact that did not win favor among his superiors or fellow colleagues. So, after years of enduring questions, rumors and innuendo, Jon-Luc has left the FBI. 


In an effort to determine his next course of action, Jon-Luc heads to Paris to visit an old friend. The moment he arrives, he's asked to assist with a case. It’s fashion week and the bodies of mutilated models are being discovered all over the city. 


Now Jon-Luc is on the hunt for the most diabolical killer he's ever encountered and Angie's next on the killer's list. 


       Jon-Luc Boudreaux stared at the woman standing before him. Some might call her beautiful, if you liked your women emaciated, which he did not. The naked woman's clavicles, ribs and hip bones protruded. He preferred his women with curves. Her sleek, jet black hair cascaded over her shoulder, hiding one breast. 
      He had to admit, her deep green eyes and high cheekbones were a lethal combination. This exotic looking creature had long gashes running down each arm. Blood oozed from the wounds dripping down her hands, landing on the floor. 
      The puddles spread wider as each drop splashed up as if in slow motion. By Jon-Luc’s calculations, half her blood pooled at her feet. She stared at him, her expression grim. His eyes locked on hers as tears of blood began dripping from her eyes.
      Ruby lips parted as if to speak. “Monsieur. Monsieur.”
      Her lips hadn’t moved with the words.
      Jon-Luc blinked and the vision disappeared.
     “Please, monsieur!” 
      When his eyes focused, he found himself being manhandled by a distressed looking airline stewardess.
       “Huh? What?” He blinked again, then remembered where he was. 
       “We are here, in Paris. The plane is disembarking. You go now, oui?” The moment his eyes met hers, the pretty blonde's face relaxed and she smiled.
       Jon-Luc searched the cabin and noticed he was the only one left in first class. A few passengers still filed out the door of the plane.
       “Oui, merci.” Jon-Luc stood, opened the overhead compartment, then grabbed his laptop and carry-on. The pretty blonde walked him to the door, still smiling. She had the greatest dimples. 
       “You will ring me for supper, oui?” Her cute little eyebrows raised.
       “Oui.” Jon-Luc patted the pocket where he'd stashed her phone number, then glanced at her nametag. “Oui, Jeanette. I will definitely ring you.” With that he was out the door.

Morgan Hannah MacDonald writes Romantic Thrillers that are NOT for the faint of heart. She has done many jobs leading up to her true calling; writing;  Photographer at Sears Portrait Studio,  Sales for Lancome cosmetics, Lead Singer in a few rock bands, Hair Stylist,  Tarot Reader for  the Psychic Friends Hotline,  Bank Teller (where her bank was taken over by two armed women!) just to name a few.  She was always  interested in writing,   but it wasn’t until she learned she'd dated a serial killer  that a true writer was born. She belongs to Romance Writers of America, the San Diego Chapter, as well as the Kiss of Death Chapter. She resides in San Diego, California where she is busy working on her next novel.  She can be found at www.morganhannahmacdonald.com. or you can write her at morganwrites@yahoo.com. LIKE her on Facebook for all upcoming announcements-http://www.facebook.com/#!/MorganHannahMacDonald.Author.

Jillian: How often to you get lost in a story? 
Morgan: I read a new book on an average of once a week or two if I'm on a deadline. 
Jillian: What’s the first book you remember reading?  
Morgan: Carrie by Stephan King
Jillian: Is there a playlist you’d recommend for reading your latest release? 
Morgan: Anything by Édith Piaf (1915 - 1963) the most famous French singer known around the world.
Jillian: Where do you read and how often? 
Morgan: Nightly I read in bed before going to sleep.
Jillian: Where do you read and how often? 
Morgan: Nightly I read in bed before going to sleep.
Jillian: What sound or noise do you love? 
Morgan: The ocean, waves crashing on the shore.
Jillian: Describe your favorite kind of hero to read/write? 
Morgan: Cajun bad boy/ ex-FBI profiler Jon-Luc Boudreaux from SPIRITS AMONG US because he has such an interesting story. I see more books with him in the future. 
Jillian: What’s your favorite movie of all time? 
Morgan: Last of the Mohicans
Jillian: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans? 
Morgan: You are the best and I love hearing from you!
Morgan has a question for you: Which hero from my books do you like best? J.J. Thomas, the hot homicide detective from SANDMAN, or Doug Lindstrom the sexy fireman from SPIRITS IN THE TREES? Why? 

Commenters: If you haven't had a chance to read Morgan yet, name your favorite all-time romantic suspense hero, and tell us why! 

Morgan is giving away a free ebook of SPIRITS AMONG US to one lucky commenter. Drawing to be held no later than 3 days from blog date. Be sure to leave your email address if you wish to be included in the raffle.

How to contact Morgan: www.morganhannahmacdonald.com. Write her at morganwrites@yahoo.com. LIKE her on Facebook for all upcoming announcements-http://www.facebook.com/#!/MorganHannahMacDonald.Author