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Today's Get Lost in a Story guest, two-time RITA winning Author Cindy Gerard, wrote a number of category romances for Bantam's Loveswept line and for Silhouette Desire before she plunged into the world of single title romantic suspense action adventures. That plunge gave her the opportunity to create bigger, bolder and grittier novels. Romance Junkies calls her "one of the best authors in the business."

And here's why: Excerpt from WITH NO REMORSE:

Luke Colter’s number one rule of self-preservation: Don’t ignore the itch.

The last time he’d blown off the warning, he’d ended up gut-shot and on life support in a San Salvador hospital. So when he felt that first infinitesimal tickle of unease skitter along the back of his neck, he shot straight to attention.

Nothing looked out of sync inside the gently rocking train as it methodically ate up the miles across the Peruvian Andes in the middle of a very quiet June night. Still, his heart had kicked up like a marathon runner on his last leg so from his seat in the middle of the dimly lit passenger car, he scanned for signs of trouble.

And saw nothing.

God, he was tired. Dog dead tired. He could use another week off but tomorrow it was back to Buenos Aires. Back to the trenches. He swallowed the acid taste of dread.

Suck it up, Nancy boy. It’s not like you’ve got a lot of options.

The military and then Black Ops., Inc. had been his life. The life he’d always wanted. And yet since San Salvador … well. Since San Salvador his backbone seemed to have gone the way of the dodo bird.

Was his mother right? Had he given enough? Had he had enough? Is that what this erosion of his nerve was trying to tell him?

Bleary-eyed, he stared toward the dust and fingerprint smeared windows and pushed back the memory of his mother’s heart-wrenching question and the guilt brought on by her tears.

Outside, the night scrolled by, star-studded and black. Iron wheels on iron rails rumbled and clacked and whined in a rhythmic static of endless white noise.

His hand moved involuntarily to his side. Close to a year later, he still felt the occasional twitch of pain. But it wasn’t the pain that bothered him. More and more lately he woke up in the night tearing at the sheets and drenched in sweat, reliving the shooting one more time.

Enough, all ready. He was so not going there tonight, because damn, it was too easy and too often that he let himself get dragged back into that sucking pit of quicksand. A sure way to get killed in his line of work was to think about dying. About almost dying. About being so scared you’re gonna die that you make promises you know you could never keep. Promises to God. Promises to the devil.

Promises to your mom.

At what point is enough, enough, Luke?

Yeah. Quicksand.


Well, that's a tough act to follow. Hi, Cindy, I've been looking forward to this interview for a while. Now, I know you're busy and want to get back to the bigger, bolder and gritty stuff you put in your novels, but today is all about letting readers get to know YOU. So put away the keyboard, pull up a chair and let's get down to it.

DONNELL: Big city or small town girl?

CINDY: Small town girl all the way. I grew up in a town of 750 people and now live on an acreage outside of a town of 2500. LOVE the city, though. Just got back from NYC and the RWA conference and had a blast. So much energy there! But it also saps a lot of energy so it’s great to be back home.

DONNELL: Morning or nighttime person?

CINDY: I’m kind of a middle of the roader. I’m generally up and at it by 7:30 at the latest but I like to stay up until around midnight and watch all the shows I’ve DVR’d during the week or read for a while before I go to sleep.

DONNELL: Favorite room in your house?

CINDY: Oh wow. That’s tough. I love my office. Put a lot of thought into the plans when we built it onto the house and in decorating it. I have north, west and south facing windows that I love! I’m constantly watching my bird feeders that I’ve positioned at each window – or watching the fat cats who loves to lay on the window sill (I had them made extra wide just for the two of them) and also watch the birds. So … I guess my office would be at the top of the list. Also love the sunroom and screen porch on the other side of the house where I can see all my hubby’s flowers. Wow, does he have a green thumb.

DONNELL: Which of your characters would you like to invite to dinner? Which of your characters would you least likely invite to dinner?

CINDY: These are tough questions! Man … let me think. I guess I’d like to have the entire E.D.E.N. and BOI crew over for a cookout, cut throat croquet and a poker game. Would love to see all those guys and their ladies interact with each other. Have a feeling there would be a lot of ribbing and trash talk going on. Least likely to invite would be Ryang Wong Jeong, one of the villains from With No Remorse. Did NOT like that guy!

Panster or plotter?

CINDY: Again, a little of both. I absolutely write an outline and use it as a road map. But, having said that, I'm always ready to take a detour along the way. There are a lot of blue highways to be explored on any journey and if I made myself adhere to a strict outline, then I'd miss out on a lot of 'off-road' surprises that add to the story line.

DONNELL: Do you read reviews of your books?

CINDY: Show me an author who doesn’t :o) Okay, maybe there are some authors out there who can resist but I’m not one of them. The good ones energize me and the not so good ones keep me humble. I figure it’s a good combo.

DONNELL: Introvert or Extrovert?

CINDY: If you asked my family and friends they’d tell you I’m an extrovert. I like to laugh, I like to make people laugh and I’m not afraid of drawing attention – MOST of the time. There are times, however, when I feel very much like just fading into the background and letting the stars in the room shine their light.

DONNELL: What’s in your refrigerator right now?

CINDY: Watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, apples, baby spinach, eggs, milk, cheese … maybe a little mold ???

DONNELL: What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you WISH more people COULD know?

CINDY: Yikes. You DO ask tough questions, lady. I don’t know … maybe that in another life I wanted to be a singer? Don’t let me near a microphone or you’ll find out if I’m any good or not :o)

DONNELL: My blog partners make me ask the tough questions and where did I put my my microphone ;) Cindy, what turns you on?

CINDY: Happy, honest people. I love knowing that when I'm with someone, I can count on them to have a positive outlook and that they are honest and sincere.

DONNELL: What turns you off?

CINDY: Unhappy, deceitful people. We all have our ‘issues’ to deal with. Life isn’t always fun or pretty but it’s what you make of the good times that get you through the bad. Bring your troubles to me, yes, but please, don’t expect me to wallow in them with you … instead be ready to put the best possible foot forward and make the best of a bad situation. And don’t ever lie to me. I hate that.

DONNELL: Dog person or cat person?

CINDY: Up until 6 years ago, I'd have said dog. We've always had a dog--sometimes more than one. Right now, Margaret, our Brittany Spaniel is our little girl. Nearly 6 years ago, however, 2 little cats (Sly and Buddy) found their way into our house through the doggie door. There was no keeping them out ... and we have grown to love them more than we would ever have imagined. They are special, magical, little creatures who have not only entered our home but our hearts.

DONNELL: What a terrific story. What question are you never asked in interviews, but wish you were?

CINDY: I can tell you what question I'm OFTEN asked ans wished I wasn't: Where do you get your ideas? LOL. Wish I knew. :)

DONNELL: What’s the first thing you do when you finish a book?

CINDY: Take a deep breath, pray for light revisions and start on another project. No rest for the weary ;o) NOT complaining. I’m very happy to have the work and the support of my fans and my publisher and my amazing agent.

DONNELL: What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?

CINDY: Oh, wow. So many! Because of the writing, I have traveled to places I never imagined I could have gone – just this past March, for example, I was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Australian Romance Reader’s conference and got to see New Zealand and Australia. But more than that, I never dreamed I’d meet so many wonderful people and make so many friends. I have friends all over the world as a result of my writing – and I consider that wealth of amazing new people in my life the equivalent of a dream come true.

DONNELL: If you had a chance to talk with someone, past or present, who would it be?

CINDY: My Mom and Dad. They’ve both been gone for a number of years now and I would dearly love to catch them up on what’s happened in my life since I lost them. They would be so in love with our grandchildren :o)

DONNELL: What a lovely sentiment. I know they would love their grandchildren, too.


I would love to ask the lovely people who visit the blog if they are a dog or cat person (love that question) and what do they love about their own special pet? I’ll give away a copy of "WITH NO REMORSE" to someone who posts.

To learn even more about the incomparable Cindy Gerard, check out her webpage at http://www.cindygerard.com/

There you have it, Readers, answer Cindy's question and make sure you leave an e-mail address so we can contact you. Join us tomorrow at Get Lost in a Story when Angi hosts ANGIE FOX!!!

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  1. Hey Cindy awesome interview.I keep hearing nothing but good things bout your books. I love all animals i cant pick dog or cat. i own 2 cats and 3 dogs and normally 2 of the dogs and one of the cats wind up sleeping snuggled against my side. i even pick up strays to help them either find there way home or keep them till i find a decent person.


  2. Hi Cindy!
    I am definitely going to keep your books on my radar. I love action thrillers, they are fast-paced and keep me on my toes, plus there are always strong, capable and protective males who I wouldn't mind saving me a time or two.

    I agree with you completely that attitude is everything. Everyone has issues, you can either complain and drown yourself in your sorrows or rise above it and keep your chin up. I'm going with the positive attitude :)

    I'm not a pet owner and would like to be one day. I like both cats and dogs, but I am more of a dog person. I love seeing pets in stories especially if they have distinct personalities.


  3. Congrats on the new release, Cindy. Can't wait to read Doc's book. I don't have any pets, but I'm more of a cat person. They're just so adorable.

  4. Cindy, welcome! What lovely answers to our questions. I can just picture those two cats walking through your doggy door. Priceless. I think that says a lot about their owners. Can't wait to read, WITH NO REMORSE. I think my favorite thing about your writing is you are so in your characters' heads and you place us write there. Well done!

  5. Cindy and Donnell: This is great fun! Cindy I have read all your books and am looking forward to each new one as it comes out.

    As for cats versus dogs- I'm definitely a dog kinda gal. My two Golden Retrievers are at this moment asleep at my feet. They hear the computer bing as I turn it on and that calls them from where ever.

    Thanks again for the great reads!

  6. Great interview. Love Cindy's books. I am definitely a dog person. Right now daughter and dog are playing in my office :) We've only had Holly 6 months and most of the time she's really placid, but then, once a day she goes crazy and races loops around the garden. I've had to protect certain flowerbeds, but it's hilarious to see her rip around the place. I'm allergic to cats. Weird, but true.

  7. Hi, Cindy!
    I'm a dog person all the way. Mostly because I'm super allergic to cats:) Cute from a distance but that's about it! I've always had dogs growing up. My fav was Sam (Pit Bull). She was my baby; there's such a negative vibe with them (Pits). She was a honey; had her for 13 years.
    We currently have 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks that we adopted through a rescue. They have a lot of energy..well, the male does. So, the 2 dogs and 3 lil' boys (7,6, and 4)..I'm tired:)

  8. I grew up with cats, and could never figure out why I was so sick until I went to college sans cats. Turns out I'm allergic to anything that sheds. We now have a poodle. He's a complete character as well as being hypoallergenic. Favorite thing would probably be how he likes to sleep under the covers. Oh.. .or how he throws his own ball for himself when he gets bored.

  9. Loved the interview!

    I am currently reading With No Remorse and LOVING it!!! (so I'll withdraw from being an entry but have to answer the question!)

    I am definitely a dog person! I do like cats but I am very allergic to them.

    Dogs just have a way of making you forget all the bad stuff for awhile. My dog Clover helped me immensely after my mom passed away last year. They just have this sense of when something's going on and when you need comfort. There is something very therapeutic knowing you're listened to even though the listener can't even talk back!

    Every Saturday I take Clover to her favorite store where she's spoiled rotten (okay she's spoiled everyday ;) ) and loved by the staff there too.

    She's a lab mix and has been known to get pretty crazy so I was worried after my sister had her baby last year (niece will be 1 next month!) how she'd do with her, but Clover has been really great with her and loves to give her kisses!

    I like to show these pics to anyone who thinks dogs and kids don't mix -> http://alturl.com/58vc3 and http://alturl.com/ph9i7 and http://alturl.com/33az4



  10. I am in love with dogs. I know your a big cat person and see your pictures of your cats every time you post them. I've had so many great dogs with many talents and great mannered. My one dog Sophie alerted my grandpa who was in another part of the house when I had my first seizure. He wouldn't have found me actually during the seizure, and just would have found me on the floor where I had fallen off the couch. My other dog Lexis was a mother to any dog we had, she was a rot and was great to my two little dogs that were 3x times smaller than her. They would actually sleep on top of her.

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150383080290436&set=a.10150383054315436.619264.529785435&type=1&theater -Sophie who found me during my first seizure 3 years ago.

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150383080140436&set=a.10150383054315436.619264.529785435&type=1&theater -Lexis the mommy


  11. I am a dog person always have been! I have a 10 year old min pin that is "my little girl".
    Can't wait to read this book!

  12. Hi Cindy.... I would have to say I am a mix of a cat and dog person... I really love my kitties, but my puppy that we just lost was the apple of my eye.. best dog I have ever had and I have had a LOT of dogs....

    Would love a chance win your book... Heard many good things from my pal Kellie Stubbs....

    *fingers crossed*

    Kelly M

  13. Dogs!! I love my 2 Akita girls so much, if I had to pick just one reason why... Their unconditional love. They are so happy to just hang out or go for long romps in the woods. I cannot wait to read Luke's book, I love all the BOI's.

    Thanks, heather

  14. Cindy, I am looking forward to this book. I've loved every single one in this series, and need another "fix". :)

    I'm not really a pet person, in real life, but I've managed to finish writing a story with a cute dog in it, and another story with a devious cat. LOL So I guess I'm more of a "fictional pet" person. :)

  15. I am a dog lover. I have a poodle named Taz who is totally spoiled.

    I am a total fan. Waiting on pins and needles for your next book to come out.

    Keeping fingers crossed,

  16. great interview! love those BOI's and can't wait to read Doc's story. I was a cat person growing up, but my adult years have been filled with both dogs and cats. I absolutely adore golden retrievers, they are the sweetest dogs!!

  17. Fantastic interview! Totally enjoyed finding out more about you, Cindy. Since I write romance and just have to include dogs in every book, I'd say I'm definitely a dog person. My family and I volunteer at animal shelters, and I’m donating proceeds from the sale of my books to help abused and homeless dogs. We have two dogs, one of which was abused when we rescued him. He is only five years old, but has started having seizures because of the abuse. Sad, sad story.
    From one Cindy to another, congratulations on all your success. ")


  18. Fun post. I'll have to look for your books.

    Even though I have my sweet "puppy cat" (acts more like a dog than a cat) on my lap right now, I'm first and foremost a horse person.

    My retiree is still a bright-eyed, loves-to-have-fun character, who greets me loudly each time she sees me. "New trail? Let me at it!"

    My elegant dressage horse is a sweet, reserved but lovey girl, who likes to show her stuff and have people admire her.

    It's amazing how horses connect to your heart.

  19. Welcome to GLIAS, Cindy. Awesome interview. "Life isn’t always fun or pretty but it’s what you make of the good times that get you through the bad." Excellent advice and something I'm trying to remember every day.

    I am a complete dog person. I didn't own a pet until 13 years ago, and didn't think a person's who life was so full could ever become attached so completely...but it happened. Twice. The best thing about Logan (who's gone now) was how he knew it was a bad day and managed to get all 60 pounds of himself snuggled next to me or in my lap. No words needed.


  20. Wow. You guys are great!! Thanks for all the comments and I love your stories about your pets and and if you're not a pet person, your comments are still great!
    Thanks also for the great words about my books. I soo appreciate it. And for those of you who have bought With No Remorse already - THANK YOU!!! It's at the tops of several lists on Amazon and B&N! Love you guys!!
    I'll stop back later and check out the rest of the posts. I'm on a deadline right now - as in the book is due NEXT Friday and I have miles to go before I sleep so I'm scrambling!!
    Off to write a scene where a G-550 gulf stream has to land in a snowstorm. Gulp. Wish me luck!! wh

  21. I've been reading so many good things about this book and enjoying the excerpts.

    Technically, I am a lover of all animals. I have had two wonderful dogs but after a mama cat and 3 kittens showed up on my porch over 16 years ago, I've been caring for ferals and strays ever since. I've fed, fixed, found homes and cared for many cats and kittens since then. At the moment I have 4 inside cats but I've had 7 at one time and 2 permanent females outside (was 3) and lots of males that come and go. I wish I could take them all in. My fondest memories are of a small kitten that I took in after he and his mother were covered in motor oil and she left him on my doorstep. I fed him with a babydoll bottle and he turned out to be my alpha male. He use to hide in my hair and sleep on my shoulder lol. He passed last year and I miss him dearly.


  22. I love both dogs and cats. Right now, I have 1 cat and 2 dogs. My larger dog (a medium sized mix breed) thinks she is a little toy puppy. I call her my little pocket puppy and she wags her little stub of a tail.

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  23. Forgot to mention that we have horses too! They are mostly the hubsters but i do enjoy watching them in the pasture. And we feed tons of birds at the feeders outside my office windows and off the sunroom. Just love watching them flit from feeder to feeder and flower to flower. I have a photo of a hummingbird posted on my FB page. Caught her feeding on the little nectar feeder hanging on the window right by my desk. I think it's still scrolling at the top of my page. very sweet.

  24. I like both but don't have either right now. Use to have a cat but my son has an alergy to them so we can't have them now. I have also kept birds before and they are nice pets. The only thing we have right now are fish. We have fish in a tank in the living room and a fish pond in the back yard. The fish in the pond will eat out of your hands and they all have names.

  25. Hello Cindy!
    I am actually a cat person but my husband is allergic to cats so I have a puppy. She is a tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Geisha. I adore her. She is very loving and clever. She isn't afraid of any person or animal. She wants to play with everyone. She is also my twitter avatar, my name is @GeishasMom73.

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  26. fish. We've thought about getting fish but have worried that the cats will go after them :o) Also thought about birds ... but again, same issue.

    And Stacie: CKC spaniels are so cute!

  27. Hi Cindy, I am 100% a cat person all the way. My gray guy, Riley, is the smartest cat I've ever known. He is so verbal! If I put his favorite toy away in the cat toy basket, he goes and gets it back. Riley is a rescue-- hand fed by a foster mom, and he misses nothing! So many people think cats are cold. Not the Riley. I swear he kissed me on the mouth to welcome me home from Ireland. He escorts me up to bed each night. He opens every cabinet door in the house. LOL He rules over Katie and Molly-- the two emales.

  28. Hi Cindy,

    I am a dog person with no dogs and three cats (my husband and daughter are cat people, so I am letting them get their way) We did have 2 dogs, but after they passed away, we got the cats from a kitten rescue shelter.

  29. I really loved all the posts today, ladies. thanks for sharing and telling me about your critters - or lack of :o)
    Had a fun time!